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drzclown wrote:

so guys my name is drzclown or aka messiah killer am new so if anybody wants am asking can you plz so me around

Real funny
I din invite you to call yerself "messiah killer" you clown (like the name BTW)
check out these links

Request an Avatar (picture) Thread

My Post about joining my Clan
http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 054#p53054

Then just surf around and see what topics look interesting.

BTW just ask around ppl are willing to help if you ask nicely, especially moderators like BFFC-Mel or BFFC- Admin

Awesome! keep it up vode! Here's the link for the learn Mando'a thread posted by Dageen Fett.


jump on and learn or help if you want...

vor'e vode! (thanx brothers/sisters/comrades...)

Fett_II wrote:

gah this is like learning italian all over again.

Don't worry, we'll help you out. Or you can start up your own clan that's not as Mando'a intensive. Although I don't think fluency will be a major requirement, just for ppl who want to learn.

I'm a huge Mando fan so I'm immersing myself completely as I can (book of Mando'a I compiled at my side as a reference of course, I'm not entirely fluent myself.)


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

You have to love Vader's style, appearance, and presence; but as Sith go I've begun to think he was accually weak.

He spent over 20 YEARS under the thumb of his Master!  A real Sith would have made a move to become the Master.  He did offer Luke a place as his apprentice to face the Emperor, but I don't think the offer was genuine.  I believe he was just trying to lure Luke into a trap and take him to the Emperor as instructed(though that would be one HELL of a alternate history: Vader and Luke vs. the Emperor AND the Rebels!!!)

Now, the new game coming out where you get to play as Vader's secret apprentice may explain why Vader never made a move against the Emp.; but until those questions are answered, Vader only gets style points from me

Poor tragic Darth Vader...Sidious knew he'd never have to worry about Vader overthrowing him. Vader was the perfect apprentice to a megalomaniac like him.

-Sidious was exploring the use of clone tech for himself, preparing to use Dark side techniques to transfer himself to a new body when his old one, crippled and rapidly deteriorating, failed him. He had no plans on being overthrown. When Vader turned on him, thanx to Luke, his spirit made the long journey to his clone lab on Byss, and he was reborn. Read the " Emperor Reborn" storyline.

-Sidious goaded Vader into going to Mustafar, knowing when he moved against the Jedi Temple, that the council would have Obi-Wan track him there, and that Vader would either kill Obi-Wan or be mortally wounded. (I think he held more stock in the latter outcome, personally.)

-Sidious forced Vader into further servitude, with extensive cybernetic parts (limiting his Force growth potential, and his ability to threaten Sidious), promising him more power but stringing him along. As Sidious was a follower of Darth Bane's teachings, he followed The Rule of Two: "There shall only ever be two to serve the Dark Side. One to embody it, the other to covet it's power." Sidious definitely kept Vader's appetite for the Dark Side sharp, even forcing him into situations that would anger Vader and force him to tap deeper into it. Of course he employed various methods to limit Vader's potential, as he sought greater power.

That makes him one of the greatest Sith Lords ever, in my opinion.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
virulent_messiah wrote:

BTW Check out my topic and lemme know what you guys all think...

Could you possibly provide a link? if not, I can find it later


how's that?


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BFFC-Mel wrote:
virulent_messiah wrote:

I'm still waiting for someone to help me with my avatar!

Can anyone drop me a message if they can design it for me?

Hi VM, Sev gave me this link and it's got some cool clone avatars: http://www.clonecommandos.net/graphics/icons/index.php

Hope that helps wink

Okay, so I'd been trying to get my Avatar for a week or so since Ive been in the BFFC. THE AVATAR REQUEST THREAD GOT ME NOWHERE, SINCE I'D BEEN MAKING REQUESTS ON IT SINCE DAY ONE. (I understand we all have lives), and I decided to jump in the chat room for a little "face to face".  Automatically Sev and Mel were very helpful, and Sev agreed to help me out (thanx, vode). So a couple days later I got my Avatar.

Lemme kno what you guys think.

After reading "I, Jedi" and coming accross Corran Horn's dual length design, made from a speeder bike handle. I thought it was awesome. I was playing a Twi'lek jedi in The Official SW RPG (tabletop) and made one from the throttle assembly of a crashed bike (had to steal it and crash it, while outrunning Imps.)

It was a blackish purple blade (unique crystal configuration required an impossible Difficulty Roll by the GM) at normal length. When I twisted the throttle assembly, the blade doubled in length and changed to a brilliant silver hue (to the surprise of one deceased Morba the ShellHutt.)

That's what I'd rock.


green helmeted fett wrote:

are blue lightsabers stronger than green 1's?

Terron wrote:

Who knows?

Luke defeated Vader in ep 6 with a Green one.
But Obi-wan defeated Vader in ep 3 with a blue one.

It's a tie smile

Color's got nothing to do with damage. The color comes from a specific arrangement, within the lightsaber's housing, of one of three different types of natural Adegan crystals, or any sort of synthetic crystals, like the Sith (or Corran Horn) used. That's why Red's considered a Sith color, being the unnatural byproduct of a synthetic crystal (easier to imbue with "Dark Side" energy, and in the past, more available to the Sith then harvesting from mines traditionally controlled by Pro-Jedi governments.)

Sorry I hope I didn't bug anyone being all know-it-all...


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Sev Fett wrote:

No.  Not really.  They could give you rep I guess...

ooh... good idea!

BTW Check out my topic and lemme know what you guys all think...

I think it would be kinda cool to have Clans, where members can join up and sorta rep with their peeps, y'know.

If you're down, lemme know.

Maybe we could come up with some friendly Clan competition based activities in the forums.

my clan would be "te Werda Verda" ( "The Shadow Warriors") and I proclaim myself, "Ni Adenn Kad te Werda Verda" ("I, Merciless Sword, the Shadow Warriors.")

If you wanna join my clan, proclaim "Ni (aspect of yourself, ie. Atin Sheb 'Stubborn Backside...LOL' ) te Werda Verda". If you don't know Mandalorian, maybe I could translate it for you.

I dunno, I was kinda bored and I thought it'd be a cool idea.


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my two cents:

Jango Fett (a derivative of 'Vhette' meaning farmer) wasnt born Mandalorian, but neither were a lot of Mando's in a culture that prided itself as gaining family strength through adoptive rites. Adoption was a formal rite of passage bestowed by a father onto his "son".

Mandalorians are a warrior culture, but home and family are just as important to the Mando'ade. No they don't keep slaves. I think they relish the work of building homes and farms and families.

As far as Conquering the galaxy, that time came and went with the passing of Mandalore the first, who in my opinion, almost caused the noble culture to plunge into extinction by making the mistake of teaming with the Sith, for Galactic Conquest.

Don't let that megalomaniacal warmonger's legacy be what you take from the Mando'a culture.

In my opinion Karen Traviss's recent portrayal of the Mando'ade has been the best Ive seen yet. Look it up if you havent yet, and please keep an open mind. I've seen too many ppl complain about her portrayal, just 'cuz it "makes Boba Fett less mysterious." Personally, I like to know what makes the Fett really tick.

...bunch of crybabies (not you guys, the KT and Mando-haters)...


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Zoncxs wrote:

ello every one im Hiram, im 19 and new to this world, but not the concept.

Welcome to the boards, Zoncxs.

Hey do I get credit for bringin' in new members?

Zoncxs and JediEd28, that's 2.

I guess not...


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If I wasnt paying rent and broke id soooooo be on that!



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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

(the wound wasnt from a lightsaber twas from a piece of durasteel)

(you got it right, Mandal. No Mel, DB got his arm severed by the durasteel cut out of the ceiling by the lightsaber Zett Jukassa (yep, the one and only) flung at them, not the lightsaber itself.)

Warchylde looks over at RC-01/42 and his HUD shows him this Commando's rank is Sergeant. He shoulders the recently cooled down HRB and snaps a salute. "Sarge, three of my squadmates were terminated by the enemy forces. RC-2150 was heavily wounded and gave me explicit orders to retrieve you and complete Zeta's very important, primary objective."

The Sergeant gave him an obvious look of curiosity, as if telling him to elaborate. "Where is RC-2150, Private?"

"Unknown, Sarge. I know he's heavily wounded and packing some serious demo kit, Sir. He may be planning a big surprise to slow down the Jedi, so I can finish my mission...ummm, our mission, Sir," Warchylde's unease was apparent by his posture.

"Do I make you nervous, Private?" asks RC-01/42.

"No, Sir. I just feel less sure of this mission, now that my squad's gone." Warchylde's glad for the moment that his helmet hides the tears welling up at the loss of his brothers.

"What does your squad call you, ner vod?" RC-01/42 asks.

"Umm... Warchylde, sir..." says as he uncomfortably shifts the HRB's weight on his shoulder.

"Demo specialist?" The Sergeant asks.

"P for plenty, Sir." Warchylde straightens with a burst of pride.

"Good. That's what we need. Let's go deliver this...this..." RC-01/42 trails off.

"Holocron, sir." Warchylde finishes.

A long whistle emanates from RC-01/42, "You're right, that is very important, Warchylde. Let's roll."

"Yessir" Warchylde steps in line behind the higher ranked Commando.

"Call me Gaunts, or Sarge."

"Yessir, I mean Sarge." Warchylde says.


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

I like the Mando popularity, however, I don't think I like how, well, peaceful they seem.  Call me a warmonger, I just can't help but imagine Mandos in battle, dominating the field.  Farming peaceably at home is not the first image that comes to mind.  I mean, I like the depiction of the Mando's as people behind the armour, but in some ways, it's the armour and the combat that makes them seem so cool for me.  I'm not a big fan of Traviss' interpretations on them.  But then, that's just me, I suppose.

Let's keep in mind that the Mando'ade are nomadic by nature. Not to mention that the name Fett is a derivative of the Mando word "vhett" which means farmer. Being a family oriented, adoptive society, I could see them spending time on the rugged plains of Mandalore, tending the homestead, then strapping on the beskar'gam and going off to kill for the creds...

...to each his own vod...

Sev Fett wrote:

Ha I could imagine it now.  Jango is about to shoot one of the Jedi but Boba calls on his com channel.  Dad! We were supposed to go swimming!


...that is pretty funny, Sev...


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(...sniff...RIP, BOY...)

Blood hammering in his ears and the weight of his overheated Heavy Repeating Blaster on his back, Warchylde takes point, leading Zeta Squad towards the next point between them and RC-01/42. According to his HUD, there were readings that suggested a couple of temple guards nearby.

<No games> Warchylde thinks to himself, <Games is how Boy got taken out by a lucky Jedi di'kut. It won't happen again.>

He hears a shuffling sound in a nearby corridor, and swing his DC-17 in that direction.

"You see something, vo-o-o-aaaaggggggkkkkkhhhhh..." Nek pipes in before an invisible hand yanks him off his feet like a ragdoll and slams him into the wall to Warchylde's right, neck at an unnatural angle that could only mean one thing.

Warchylde and DogBite unleash a hail of blasterfire at a young, but unnaturally quick Jedi running their way. Ponytail flailing behind him, he sommersaults over the two commandos and tosses his whirling lightsaber at the cieling. It doesn't take long for them to reorient themselves at the target, Deeces spitting out hot fire.

"Fierfek, I didn't know they could do that," Warchylde says as the kid Jedi seems to absorb blasterfire with his bare hands, lightsaber cutting a large circle in the cieling above him.

"Just keep up the shots, I think we're wearing him down" DogBite counters.

As if he heard what DogBite said, the kid gives a wicked looking smile and, with a clenching fist and pulling wrist motion of his right hand, wrenches the remaining durasteel cut from the ceiling and flings both arms in their direction. The still smoking disk, edges glowing white hot hurtles in their direction. Warchylde dodges just in time to see the Jedi brat hurl himself up into the new opening, lightsaber and all. He swings his Deece at the hole, hoping to get a few shots off.

"Wait...let 'im go, vod'ika" DogBite sounds like he's in pain. Warchylde looks at him and sees him on the floor, clutching a bloody stump at the shoulder. The severed arm, and blood around him on the floor and on the durasteel disk tells the rest of the story.

"Osik, DogBite. We gotta get you to a medic." Warchylde can barely speak.

"No time, grab Boy, Nek, and my armor tallies. Take 'em to Kal'buir. Tell 'im I'm sorry." DogBite whispers.

"Fierfek, DogBite. You're not even that badly injured. We can get you new arms like mine and you'll be back in no time." Warchylde says.

"Look, vod'ika. You gotta get the holocron to Commander Appo, fast. Only way to pull that off is through who knows how many Jedi. I still gotta couple of thermal dets on me. That should be enough to slow 'em down." DogBite reaches into his pouch for the holocron and Boy's armor tally, and removes his  tally, placing them into Warchylde's hands.

"Fierfek, vod. Y'know Kal'buir's gonna kill me for letting you guys get killed. Then he's gonna have a med droid bring me back to life, just so he can watch Rav kill me." Warchylde pockets the holocron and Dogbite and Boy's tallies.

"Hurry up, Private. You got a wounded Commando counting on you. That's an order." DogBite gets up and wraps his shoulder, as Warchylde grabs Nek's armor tally. DogBite grabs a few more explosives, from Nek's body, then catches Warchylde staring at him.

"P for Plenty, Vod'ika." DogBite says.

"And I'm the crazy sheb?" Warchylde asks mockingly.

"Didn't I say move? Go. Now." DogBite says.

"Yessir," Warchylde switches back to his HRB, feeling the ghostly weight of his squadmate's armor tallies, and runs off in search of RC-01/42...


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

If they had character customization for Battlefront III, I would be SOOOO incredibly happy.

Amen, ner vod...


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Best of the SW RC series so far. I cant wait for the next one!


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

Yeah, I wasn't too incredibly happy with their portrayal of Fett there...

Don't get me wrong I thought the skit was hilarious, admittedly the gay part too. Sigh...that makes me a traitor doesn't it?

...Im sad now...

draco fett wrote:
virulent_messiah wrote:

I meant to say that lack of Jango's character motivation and reasons for some of his poor choices in the movie were limited by screen writer's portrayal. They had to focus more on other aspects, using Jango's termination of Zem Wessel as a plot device. Unfortunately, such unclear actions are judged by fans on these boards as grounds to knock on Jango.

That is true, but this discussion is in-universe, which means that writers are not concerned.

I understand. Don't get me wrong, I just felt like backing what I felt was a valid, intellectual opinion and not just some half baked "easy way out" comment . Sorry if I got a little crazy about it, especially to Sev. I meant no harm.

I agree that Jango made a poor desicion. Maybe he was in a rush to get home to little Boba?


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Though muffeled by two distant sets of doors, and a security shield, Warchylde picked up the unmistakable explosion of a thermal detenator. His heart was pounding, and his itchy cybernetic fingers were hovering on his Heavy Repeating Blaster's trigger.

"Sounds like trouble's getting closer, Warchylde. Keep your eyes peeled," DogBite says.

"If they were any more peeled, I'd be...ummm...never mind." Warchylde answers back.

"You think it's one of ours, DogBite?" asks Boy.

"Let us worry about who's flingin' dets around, Boy. You get ready to slice that shield comin' up for us." DogBite tells Zeta's security expert.

"Just don't let me get shot, or lightsabered, or anythin' guys, cuz that would really suck." Boy says.

"Where's the fun in that, vod'ika?" Warchylde quips as they're running down the last couple of meters of hallway.

"Since you're point man through the door Warchylde, anyone left around to take potshots at us is definitely your fault, ner vod," Nek chimes in.

"Kiss my shebs, traitor," Warchylde says.

They stop at the security shield and Boy slices through the code, like a vibroblade through hot butter.

"Piece of cake," he smiles as the shield drops.

A purple lightsaber blade tears through the air and through Boy's armored chest, as he falls. Nek drops to his knees to administer emergency medical attention to the gurgling, smoking wound.

"Fierfek! Boy, stay with me, vod." Nek urges as he removes Boy's helmet.

"Piece of c-c-cake, r-r-r-ight, v-v-vo-o-o-ooooood?" Boy says with a sad smile, and a final sigh of breath.

The staccato thumping of Warchylde's HRB, pulls Nek out of his grief for the moment. He slings his DC-17 and cuts to the right flank, opposite DogBite who's just taken out the owner of the purple lightsaber with a direct head shot. His blood pumps to match his furious shooting as he replays Boy's last words in his head. Two more Jedi drop and the remaining four seek cover behind an alcove against Warchylde's blazing assault.

"Boy?" DogBite asks hesitantly.

"Sorry, vod..."

"Osik!" DogBite slings a thermal detenator at the alcove.

Flash of light and thunder and fire and smoke, then the HUDs visuals clear. Then silence.

"Warchylde?" DogBite asks.

"Running hot. HRB's gotta cool. How's Boy?" Warchylde asks.

The loud swallow from Nek tells Warchylde all he needs to know. He slings the HRB on his shoulder and flings his Deece into combat ready position, and DogBite hurries to grab Boy's armor tally. They both run back to Nek who's staring into the smoke.

"Think any Jedi survived that blast?"

"Dunno, let's keep moving." DogBite says, "Warchylde take point."


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I just got 2 reputation points for my posts on the RPG thread "Jedi Purge" by Commander Appo, by Nett-a-Fett and MandalShadowarrior!

(victory dance)

Thanx guys!


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(LOL, thanx guys...)

"RC- 01/42, this is RC-2150, of Zeta Squad. If you can make it, follow these coordinates I'm transmitting to your HUD," said DogBite in response to the call from Gaunts, "Let us know if you can make it. The vault's not too far from your position. Nek here, says it's about to get real hot, real soon. Seargent DogBite out."

"Got the target objective, Sarge," says Boy, tossing the precious holocron to DogBite."You think we should do a little 'asset denial', as those crazy Nulls call it?"

"No need, vod'ika," says Warchylde, "I don't think there'll be a Jedi left after Vader gets done with 'em."

"That's 'Lord' Vader, you nut job. Last I remembered, I was squad seargent. That makes 'asset denial' my call." DogBite's in rare form today. Extra nervous, Warchylde thinks.

"Well, make that call fast, Sarge. ETA for Jedi is less than five minutes by the sound of it. We gotta roll," Nek says.

"Well?" Boy and Warchylde ask in unison.

"Fierfek, leave it. Warchylde take point with that monster of yours and mow down anything moving, that's not us. Copy that?" DogBite slips the holocron into a belt pouch and secures it tightly.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me, Sarge," Warchylde unslings his Heavy Repeating Blaster and moves to point position, eager for some action.

"What about RC-01/42?" Boy asks.

"We meet him halfway," DogBite says, Deece priming for combat.

(Remember Zeta's clad in Black Katarn armor, Warchylde's the first person Gaunt should see, with a huge HRB held in front of him. Armor's black w/green and gold streaks on helmet and plates.)


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(oooh, I wanna play too!)

-Designation: RC-1121
-Nickname: Warchylde
-Rank: Private
-Armor: matte black, Phase 3 Katarn armor, dented and singed, with green and gold markings on helmet and armor plates.
-Class: Republic Commando, Demolitions specialist
-Squad: Zeta Squad
-Weapons: Heavy Repeating Blaster, DC-17m, thermal dets, flash bangs, various Demo kit. 
-Description: Like all his Commando brothers, but he boasts a pair of cybernetic hands, replaced at the behest of his training seargent, Rav Bralor (female Mandalorian from SW Republic Commando: True Colors), after a demo accident that happened while training on Kamino.
-History: Zeta Squad has been tasked with hitting the vault in the deepest levels, to recover target classified H-Zero: A holocron, to be delivered directly to the hands of Commander Appo himself.

"Fierfek, Warchylde. What's taking you so long to blow that door? Incoming reports give sitrep that it's getting real noisy up there," says Zeta Squad's Seargent, RC-2150, known as DogBite to his squadmates.

"Listen, DogBite, you want this done now, or you want it done right?" Warchylde quips as he carefully applies the det strips with his unfleshed, prosthetic hands.

"Watch yourself, Private..." Sarge warns.

"Yessir," Warchylde mumbles.

"What's that, soldier?" Dogbite's posture says he's all business right now. Warchylde knows that means he's nervous about the current situation.

"I said you da man, vod'ika" Warchylde quips, as he applies the last of the explosive tape. Then he steps back to admire his work, "Udesii, DogBite. Run of the mill op. Smash the door, grab the goods, report to the Commander, then back at the bunker in time for caf and cakes, no?"

"I dunno, Warchylde," pipes in Zeta's third member, RC-8019 aka Boy, "Doesn't look like a routine if we're fighting Jedi on their home turf. I thought we were on the same side. Besides, Smash n grab ops make us look like a bunch of chakaare."

"Chakaare or not, Boy- we got orders. Ready when you are, Sarge." Warchylde steps back as DogBite and Boy follow suit.

"Nek, what's our sitrep up at the junction?" DogBite asks Zeta's fourth squadmate, RC- 1340, Nek.

"Getting a lot louder, DogBite. Looks like trouble's comin'...real soon." Nek sounds a bit more nervous then all of them put together.

"You sure you got enough det to blow that thing, Warchylde?" Boy asks.

"You know what we always say, Boy..." Warchylde says, holding up his detenator trigger, finger hovering in an obviously exagerrated twitch, "...P for Plenty."

"Less talk, more Ka-boom, you crazy sheb," says DogBite.

Warchylde shrugs, "Fire in the hole, vod'ike..."

Their HUDs all flare a bright white before the compensators kick in. Stars shoot off under their eyelids and Coruscant itself seems to heave in agony, as the vault door is ripped from it's seams.

"Osik, Warchylde, you sure that was enough?" Boy asks sarcastically.

Warchylde smiles, satisfied by the gaping, smoking hole where a vault door used to be, "Enough isn't in my vocabulary, Boy."

"You guys should hurry with that Holocron. I hear the hum of lightsabers. I think we're in for a fight..." Nek says.

(Feel free to kill off Warchylde's squadmates if you really must, but keep in mind that his Heavy Repeating  Blaster is on hand, and I'd like to keep it intact. BTW: Lemme know what you think, guys...Thanx...)


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virulent_messiah wrote:

Im a huge fan of Boba Fett and the Mando'a culture, especially after having just finished reading SW Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss (Kandosii! BTW) Unfortunately my di'kut computer's too slow so I had to pull Photoshop and cant get my own image up...sigh...can someone give me do me a solid and design me a buy'ce (Mando'a for the T-visor helmet they wear) as my avatar?

I only know what three of the Mando'a representations for colors are and I'd like to include them in the design. The helmet's black (JUSTICE), with the trim spacing around the T-Visor in green (DUTY), and a gold (VENGEANCE) outline around the visor trim. I'd like the visor to have a lens flare effect (Photoshop) if you can.

If someone could do that it'd be awesome...

Im hoping to get my sheb on the move and have a functioning computer soon, then I'd be down to help out, ner vode...

Im still waiting for someone to help me with my avatar!

Can anyone drop me a message if they can design it for me?

check my edit...
And we're still on topic!

...'nuff said...