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sent you the Msg Val.

Feel free to revive it if you wish.

I'll check in periodically.

Enjoy ner vode!


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LOL Thanx Drakus.
Val, I got yer msg (empty your Mailbox ner vod). As for yours and AAs plan- sounds good. Carry on.

Ill check in once in a while if I can-even if its just to read the arc's progress.



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Oya ner vode!

I've been wicked busy. Zoncxs has informed me that ppl are into reviving this old behemoth. I say GO FOR IT!!! Not entirely sure how available I'll be, but you guys can feel free to continue on in my absense.

Oya Manda!

Im thinkin it looks cool so far...ive seen some of what theyve done for the Hunter class and Sith Inquisitor as well...

I dont really play MMO's but I may be interested in this one...

A friend of mine showed me the new trailer for this game, and I'm thinkin' damn that looks cool.

Has anyone else seen it?...

due to come out some time next year.

Look it up.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Anyway it great to see you here again V_M, real happy to see your doing well, and I hope things go your way with the marriage.

Vor'e Mandal.

were enjoying ourselves a nice little 2 year engagement. no rush...lol

Hope all is well...

Thought I'd update by asking how everyone else is?

Sound off like you got a pair!!! tongue


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Lets not consider this a double post, ner vode. Its a very wide gap...lol

Anyway, Ive been real busy as of late. Mainly Ive been writing three different works and painting my shebs off. My art was recently shown in a local show, and Ive been inspired to continue on...

As for ner cyar'ika...we got engaged earlier this October. We're hoping if all goes smoothly on the financial front (still looking for work in this difficult job market), for a Fall 2k11 wedding. The engagement ring was a total custom job by Shihoko Hirata @ greenlake jewelry works in Seattle. I even had it engraved with "mhi me'dinui an" in the inside. Shes not a Mando fan, but she loves the ring.

Anyway. that's whats going on with me. How about you guys report in and update...


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congrats to you guys, Mel.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Ditto, and not just because you mentioned two of my RPGs    tongue

I've never seen the big issue with posting on old dead threads to try to spur a little life back into them, but a discussion thread that's used to test the waters to see if anybody else wants to post on an old RP would be great - one single place you can check to see what RPs are getting attention

henceforth, the reasoning behind the establishment of this thread...

kudos to you all...


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"Attention! Green and Renegade Squadrons! This is 'Vornskr'. Defender Squadron has entered the field. We'll assist in targeting the suicide bombers, if you'll agree to give us a hand getting to the temple." I say via double encrypted transmission to both starfighter squads. I veer to my right to avoid a stray laser bolt from my wingmate, a Jensaraai in a heavily modified ARC-170 starfighter. His callsign is 'Nexu,' same as his armor design.

"Sorry, 'Vornskr' didn't mean to cut it that close," 'Nexu' chuckles. 'Nexu's' a rodian and he's very capable as a pilot, albeit a little on the reckless side. I watch as he executes a flawless barrel roll, and launches a pair of proton torpedoes into a pair of pursuing TIE Predators.

"Watch it 'Nexu', you vape 'Vornskr' and I may be next in line as Saraai-Kar" the deep voice of the Gammorrean, using the call sign, 'Reek,' grunts and snorts, translated by his helmet's built in droid vocoder translator. He's flying a Z-95 Headhunter that looks nothing like the original stock model, after all of his modifications. He pulls up hard, as a third Predator tries to imitate the maneuver. 'Reek' cuts his sublight engines and engages his repulsorlift coils to drop down on the unsuspecting pilot. I can't help wince as the TIE's shields flicker out and the canopy is torn apart by the collision with the underside of Reek's heavily shielded starfighter.

"SSsssssssssss," sisses the Barabel using the call sign 'Durgolosk' after the fearsome predator of her homeworld, Barab 1, "Thiz one thinkz 'Reek' would have a real fight on hiz handz... "  'Durgolosk''s G-59 Cannibalizer, similar to the Z-95, spat out a few shots from her Triple fire-linked blasters to cut down a couple of TIE's in our path as we made for the nearest Capital ship to provide cover from the suicide runners.

I allow myself a chuckle at that,


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always the pragmatist, ner vod


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Boba and Jango would team up and annihilate Mastercheif...ditching the dinky Airsoft guns and making judicious use of blasters and the flamethrower!

nuff said


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All available squads target TIEs moving towards the capital ships!  They are looking to ram the ships!  Take them down!

Dubbed Defender Squadron, we've placed ourselves just outside of the system to await the main push of the Rebel forces. Elements of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet are also awaiting their point of arrival in the battle. Mand'alor Fett and his fleet have also positioned themselves into place and are awaiting the right time of our arrival.

Glitch informs me that the Chiss flagship, Chimaera, has sent a transmission via double encryption. I have Glitch input the encryption key on our end to receive the signal. Having my helmet on allows me to hide a bit of the surprise I feel, having the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn's visage onscreen.

"Greetings, Saraai-Kar," he says in his smooth, classical speech, strangely at odds with the midnight blue complexion and fiercely burning red eyes. "It appears as though your former employee wishes to end this fight in the most brutally efficient manner possible. Permit me to suggest that Defender Squadron assist against their assault on the Alliance Capital vessels. Feel free to make your run as planned. We'll be right behind you." He smiles that eerily confident smile and nods his head. The transmission cuts off on his end.

"Well, Defenders, you heard the Grand Admiral. Let's mop up the kriffing kamikazees and make for our run planetside." I say over the comm channel of my squad of Jensaraai fighters.

We make a quick insystem jump to close the gap and pop out just on the edge of the battle, just as one of the capital ships explodes violently.

I open myself to the force, "Defender Squadron mop 'em up." I say as the Wayward Soul starts vomiting a maelstrom of red lasered death.


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I walk into the meeting hall unnoticed, and hear the unexpected phrase of a known rebel collaborator.

“I’m here to seek assistance.”

"The Jensaraai will be honored to assist in the attack on Korriban. "

I couldn't resist this opportunity to present myself. I am absolutely shocked to see the rebel Calrissian here seeking help from the Mandalorians. Well, to be honest, considering the situation...not really.

The Mandalorians all shift uneasily, many of them reaching for weapons as I stroll in wearing my heavily battle-scarred, vornskr inspired  armor, accompanied by two Jensaraai in full armor, one modeled after a nexu and the other forged in the image of a kath hound. I can sense their tension in the force, and I telepathically assure them that the Mandalorians will not fire upon us.

I recognize a couple of Mandalorians, including Solus, Drakus, and even the legendary Fett.

"My name is They'da Starjammer. I am the Saraai-Kar of the Jensaraai."

********Feel free to continue using the Jensaraai. I'll do my best to participate, albeit somewhat sporadically.

mine, of course is AoS in the RPG section?

(shocked and surprised? Its ok...settle down, settle down...breathe... )


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<"All ships have reported in as ready, Grand Admiral. The Rebel Alliance fleet is prepared for the first set of jump coordinates as well, Sir..> The Captain of the Chimaera stood on the bridge, just beside the Admiral, seated firmly in his command chair.

<"Very good, Captain. Please inform the others that it is absolutely crucial that each battle group jump in and out of their assigned staging points exactly on schedule. There will be absolutely no room for error. I will not repeat myself in the future. All Captain's who deviate from the assigned plan will do so at their own risk."> The blue-skinned Chiss looked at the Chimaera's Captain, a satisfied yet grim appearance offset by deeply glowing crimson eyes. Grand Admiral Thrawn made a quick note of the current time on his holodisplay, then nodded to the Captain."Engage the Chimaera's hyperdrive. Let's give those traitors a reason to fight."


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I finish with my armor and items, even taking some time to do some minor repairs on some of my helmet's critical systems. Zoncxs informs me that I was unconscious for a few days. He'd managed to use the force to limit the damage of the Wayward Soul's crash. He then somehow was able to avoid a squad of Mandalorian Supercommandos stationed at the MandalMotor's Tower to recover my unconscious form, before they took the Soul into custody. I don't know if their Mandalore knows it was my ship or if Ralin Drakus was able to identify it. I know I've been gone for too long. The Jensaraai must be out searching for me.

My circuitry is fried. I can get a very weak signal out on my comm, but I don't know who might be listening. I have no choice but to try to get to the heavily fortified tower in the hopes that I can make it to the Mandalorian's Command Center. Then I can get to my people and organize some kind of restrategy.

This battle depends on it.


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chicken, or maybe it was pigeon...


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I'm in a lot less pain. It still hurts enough that it takes a moment to realize I'm not actually on Korriban.
It takes even longer to realize I'm not alone in this cave. Inquisitor Zoncxs looks troubled to see me. I begin putting my armor back on.

"Your ship is not far from here High Inquisitor Star-" he begins. I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

"Belay that title, I no longer serve the Imperial Order. For that matter neither does Skywalker, it's under the traitor Tho'un's control now. He's brought war to Mandalore. His pet Xan has made himself an enemy of the Jensaraai. I will be the one to correct his mistake."

"So who do you serve now, Starjammer?" Zoncxs asks as I fasten my final plate and begin gathering my helmet, lightsaber and other items.

"I serve no one, Mister Zoncxs. I am the Saraai-Kar"


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Congrats on the new ad'ika Mel.

Been really busy too...full time work, a Christening (the GF's nephew / godson), a funeral (close friend's grandfather), a retirement Ceremony (next week, for my uncle who's retiring from the his position at the USMC base near Quantico), and attempts to write my novel.

LOL...real life, neh?


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mortal enemy of Robo Celine Dione!


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here's my n my GF...


It's kind of an  old pic...


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

She served in the Territorial Army and the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service in Great Britain.  But she also was a journalist and defense correspondent, so she's had alot of other experience with the military outside of that.  Plus, like RealMcCoy posted above, she's got a lot of military friends that help her out with some of the more technical aspects, which is really cool.  I think that's why a lot of military like her books, because we're used  to using acronyms and slang like that all the time.  Plus, the RC books just read like something a military person nowadays experiences with their comrades and it has that mindset about it.  So, it's very good reading for us, you know?  I would imagine even more so, if you're in the Marines or Army.

Exactly my point, thanx Sadriel.

In conclusion...KT rocks!


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its not the size that gets me...its the sheer destructive force...awesome stuff


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hmmmm...SW horror sounds intriguing, but i don't know what's going.
Ill reserve judgment.