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Years prior...

Granpappa Radd looked lost in thought. He paced back and forth as we sat in his plush office, his rightful domain as CEO  of VeyrdeTech Industries. As plush as you can get for Concord Dawn,  that is. Rubbing his hand through his silvery goatee, he turned to me and Uncle Barve, both seated on a nerf-hide couch awaiting my grandfather's reaction.

"The boy seems geared up for a one man war, Tann'ika. You sure that's what we want?"

Uncle Barve barely bats an eye at the affectation. A full grown warrior in his mid-forties, he wouldn't let anyone but his father, former Cuy'val Dar and veteran of the Clone Wars, get away with calling him Tannor, let alone,"Little Tannor." He shrugs, "The kid wants payback. So do I. We both know you do too, Buir."

Radd’ba'buir nods, then smiles. He walks over and gestures for me to stand and spin slowly for a full inspection. He pats me on the backplate, just between the built-in jump jet nozzles mounted at my shoulder blades, a look of full approval on his face. "How's it feel, Zul?"

I flex and stretch to show that despite the heavy coverage of the armored torso plating, I'm actually pretty comfortable. "It feels good, Ba'buir. Uncle Barve made it like a second skin. Prime calibration skills."

Granpappa Radd smiles and nods. He walks back to the wall behind his desk and reaches for the vault keypad.

Uncle Barve smiles at the compliments. "All pleasantries aside, what now? The trail of Jinn and Xyla's killer's growing colder and cold-"

"No Tannor. Vengeance is best served cold." My grandfather pulls three durasteel cases out of the vault.  One long one, about the length of my armspan and two square- box shaped, the third smaller than the second. He hands me the second box, big enough to fit a human head in. "Open that one first Zul'ika," he smiles.

I do as he says, and inside even with dramatically different colors and symbols, I can still recognize my father's rare buy'ce design: the hybrid ComMando. I feel a lump form in my throat and the heat of falling tears, as I pull the newly gold and black helmet from the box. I feel a sense of awe staring at my father’s helmet, which seems to follow the same detailing patterns and colors of all the Aliit Veyrde buy’ce, the Mandalorian mythosaur skull emblazoned on the T-visor’s faceplate.

"Osik...Radd'buir...I don't know what to..." I stutter, my voice a hoarse metallic whisper.

"Don't say anything, kid...Here." Radd's eyes are wet with tears as well, and I swear I hear a sniffle from Uncle Barve's direction.  I take the smaller box and open it. It's a one of a kind VeyrdeTech Custom Heavy Blaster- The GVPG-MFP01. I recognize the unique lines of the vertically mounted double barrel blaster nozzles housed in the single box frame, as well as the side mounted micro rocket launcher. Xyla Konshi’s favorite colors, stark black and vibrant gold, adorn the surface…a pure work of art.

...Mom's blaster...

I remember as a kid asking why no one else had a blaster like hers. She used to tell me how Uncle Barve gave it to her as a wedding gift, which surprised her because when she and dad had first met, it was because Barve and Jinn Veyrde had been hired by Sheyf Tinte Vos of Kiffu to kill her. She used to be one of their Guardians, and must’ve karked the Sheyf off real bad to warrant hired Mandalorian assassins. My dad, despite Uncle Barve’s warnings, immediately fell in love. They married only a few months later. It seems fitting that it was kept painted black and gold...the colors of Justice and Vengeance.

Granpappa Radd smiles, having wiped his tears, and opens the last box himself. "This one's from us, Zul'ika. We had it commissioned by an old contact at Xamonet Weapon Labs. The plan was to celebrate your first successful mission as an adult warrior of Aliit Veyrde. Now, it's an instrument of Justice."

I smile sadly, accepting the black sheathed vibro sword with reverance.

The words flow from me without much thought, "Red for Honoring them...black for Justice...and gold... for vengeance..."


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“So, tell me again how exactly you managed to get yourself stranded in the Unknown Regions,  and sealed up in a carbonite block… or how my vod’ika and his wife are dead, leaving you with a missing left arm that looked like it got scorched and chewed off by a firebreathing rancor? Huh,  Zul’ika?”

I can’t look Uncle Barve in the face right now. Maybe it’s residual hibernation sickness, maybe it’s guilt or anger, but I’m fighting the urge to throw up again. I’m looking at my reflection in one of the giant metal cabinets in his cybernetics maintenance workshop. My face still looks pale, a sharp contrast to the blue chevron qukuuf on my cheeks that mark me as a member of Kiffar’s Clan Konshi, at least through my mother.


“Stay still, chakaar, or I won’t get this thing calibrated right.” Uncle Tannor “Barve” Veyrde is a genius when it comes to machines, especially the beast of a cybernetic arm he’s currently adjusting to optimal performance specs. I wince as I feel the feedback of the newly formed nerve connections, a reaction to his precision fine tuning. He feels me fidget and puts his tools down, lifting the multi-lensed adjustable goggles from his sweaty face. He grabs his handkerchief from the breast pocket of his coveralls and wipes his bushy red eyebrows. He stuffs the cloth back into his pocket, shifts his workbench stool to face me, and stroking his long, braided red beard with hands that could palm my head as well as solder the wings off of a flitgnat, he looks at me with a sad smile.

“Never mind, ad’ika. I get it…I’m just surprised… and angry, I guess.”

“I tried to get ‘im, Ba’vodu. Karkin’ dar’jetti got the drop on me at the carbonite freezing station.” I feel my anger rise again, it feels stronger even than the fresh sense of loss right now. I don’t remember dreaming when I had the Kilian IV Agri-plant’s processing droid put me in Deep Freeze, but I’d like to think it was about revenge.

Uncle Barve’s massive hand pats me on the new arm, making me feel like I’m eight years old again, fresh into my apprenticeships with my buir’e. Normally, I’d be annoyed and shrug him off, but right now, it feels oddly comforting. “No worries, kid. At least you were clever enough to call me from Jinn’s comm and do what you had to, to survive till I got there. Once we get you fixed up, Papa Radd will want to see you. He wants to hear firsthand that his only grandson's going to be okay.”

I can’t help smile, “Yeah, I'll manage. Kilia IV’s a real long way from Concord Dawn. Glad you came and got me. Hoped I was worth the trouble.”

“Are you kidding?”  Barve offers his trademark gruff chuckle and knee slap combo; my knee, not his. He continues as I rub the newly sore spot. “Those prissie nobles wanted nothing to do with a pissed of Mando in full combat mode. They handed your parents and their stuff over right away. Seems they were embarrassed about a murder in their precious bantha slaughterhouse. Getting their sheb'la droid to convince the plant’s computer to release you was the biggest problem. Okay, let's finish this."

He pulls the goggles back down onto his face, adjusting the magnification as he opens a hidden maintenance panel in the cyber-arm, just before the wrist. He picks up one of his many micro-tools and makes a few adjustments to the internal workings. I can feel a couple of sharp twinges as I watch the servos and pistons make increasingly smooth motions while each of the arm's clawed fingers alternately bend to touch the thumb. I can't help smile at the ease of which I'm growing accustomed to the new arm. I find it equal parts  pleasing and unsettling.

"There," Uncle Barve says, satisfied with his cybernetic genious. " How's the respirator holding up, ad'ika?" He looks, somewhat concerned, at the ingenious armored chest and collar plates that house my new life support system.

I breathe in with a slight metallic rasp, afraid of any sign that my dearest uncle might see me as any less now. "Feels much better than the first bacta dip. The 'droid breath' is a lot less annoying."

He nods, eyes melting into a look of love and supportive approval.  I didn't realize how much I needed that. "I told you we'd get you back together, Zui'ika…collapsed lungs and all."

I can't help rub my chest with my right hand, flesh fingers tracing along the cable filaments embedded in the armor. My hand jerks away, as the thought of accidentally pulling something loose comes to mind.

Uncle Barve smiles, as if picking up on the reason for my fear. "No worries. Kid. Those conduit lines are made of a durasteel and cortosis weave. They'll hold up fine."

I guess I looked as confused as I felt. "Cor...toe..sis?"

He chuckles again, "Cortosis...didn't have enough for full coverage...just where it really counts. Stuff's rarer than beskar right now. Trust me, you find that hutuun'la dar'jetti, and he beats his lightstick against even a small piece of that, he'll be in for a real shock."

I nod, getting up from my stool. "Let's go see Radd’ba'buir. I'm excited to see what he'll think."
"It's safe to say I've overstayed my welcome." The Kilian Renegade known as Sutekk Jors, muttered to himself. Kilia IV no longer held any allure for him. His failure in assassinating the Heiress of House Tionc left a bad taste in his mouth as he packed his few meager belongings, a few sets of clothing and the lightsaber he'd been given by his last client, courtesy of some unknown loose affiliation with a group of Mandalorian agitators who called themselves The Death Watch.

...Morbid... but perhaps appropriate, he mused. The dark side of the Force whispered promises of much to be gained by leaving this backwater planet. He had no desire to continue as a Renegade, not after the deaths of his brother and his squire at the hands of those Mandalorian mercenaries and their young whelp. He remembered the ferocity of the boy who'd engaged him. He was indeed formidable, but inexperienced, especially against the powers wielded by a fully trained Renegade. Sutekk was unhappy to hear that his younger brother had fallen to the child's blade, and surprised by the wounded Mandalorian boy's ability, but avenged his fallen kin by dispatching the boy as he had both parents. Of course he suffered injuries himself,  owing, in his opinion, to the prideful mistakes that came from the overconfidence he had felt in his dark side powers, wielded against the supposedly legendary Mandalorian combat prowess.

No, he said to himself. He couldn't put the blame on anyone but himself. He felt the anger as he remembered fleeing to the Renegade’s Lord for help, only to be cast out on his own for his failure to kill the Tionc Heiress as planned. He'd soon learned that another Mandalorian had arrived on Kilia IV to claim the dead family and that the boy had miraculously survived. Another failure. It was time to go...start a new life... no more failure...not again. He boarded a rare transport off planet, hiring the greedy pilot for passage as near to the Mandalore sector as possible.

Perhaps this Death Watch could use a new enforcer.

Sutekk Jors smiled.


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I'm posting my char concept based on my MMCC character, I plan on writing a story post later (maybe after work tomorrow.)

The idea is that he's just made his way home to Concord Dawn from the Unknown regions after being nearly killed by a dark side assassin known as a Killian Renegade, who had killed both his parents while they were on a job.

Kilian renegades are the dark-sider version of: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kilian_Rangers

For now, here's his basic bio:

[Expired link to Photobucket removed 1/2018. -- Admin]

Name: Zul Veyrde
Race: Kiffar [mother's side (Clan Konshi)]/Mandalorian
Born: 31 BBY
Beskar'gam: The armor is a cybernetic life support system designed to keep him alive and maintain him after the mortal wounds he's recently suffered.
Notable armor markings- Has Mando'a runes for "Aay'han" on the back, the right breastplate says "Shereshoya" and the backplate is inscribed with "Vencuyot."
Color scheme: Red with black and gold accents.
Medium Heavy-plate configuration:
-Durasteel with cortosis weave: Ab plate, Right arm: shoulder, and bicep plate, Cod, and Leg plates.
-Beskar: Chest and diamond plates, neck guard, and back plate (Cortosis shielded life support cables imbedded into the armor of the back plate and neck guard.)
-Cybernetic Arm: Zul Veyrde's left arm is Beskar and cortosis weave shield. The arm is cybernetic, with built in mini-rocket launcher, medium blasters, and a personal shield generator from a Shield Gauntlet**, as well as a built in personal holonet transmitter keyed into a private frequency which transmits to the offices of Tannor and Raddam Veyrde at VeyrdeTech Industries.   
**(via Wookiepedia: 'The Shield Gauntlet was a small personal shield worn on the off-hand which could be used to absorb and even deflect energy weapons and shots. The gauntlet accomplished this by projecting a small energy shield, similar in function to that of a Gungan personal energy shield. The shield's range was less than a meter, and typically took on the appearance of a concave disk of clear energy, having no real color'.) [This particular device was accquired from his parents' killer, a Kilian Renegade (a dark-side version of the Kilian rangers), a dark-side version of a Kilian Ranger, a group of Force Adepts found on the planet Kilia IV in the Unknown Regions. who had attempted to kill Zul when he had walked in on the aftermath of his parents' murder.]
Buy'ce- A custom designed helmet of solid Beskar, fusing traditional Mandalorian with Clone Wars Era Commando. This helmet belonged to his father Jinn Veyrde, who was the youngest son of a former Cuy Val Dar trainer named Raddam Veyrde. Growing up, Jinn became close friends with several clone soldiers who'd defected after Order 66 and been adopted into several Mandalorian Clans.
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5"9; 155 lbs.
Appearance: Tan skin; slim, athletic build; dark brown eyes; head shaved bald and adorned with tattoos, also bears the blue chevron markings of his mother's Kiffar Clan, Clan Konshi.
Personality: Can be friendly to those he considers close friends or family, generally is rash and headstrong, fueled by the desire to live up to the Mando'ad warrior spirit of his parents and to find their killer.
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, sometimes accepts bounty hunting or assassination contracts, especially if it gets him closer to the Renegade who murdered his parents.
Loyalties: To his Uncle Tanorr "Barve"' Veyrde. He and his uncle are unaffiliated with any of the major players in Mandalorian politics that are currently attempting to gain power. Tannor Veyrde runs VeyrdeTech Industries, an independent weapons and defense technologies manufacturer, also specializing in robotics and cybernetics. Tannor also has contacts at Xamonet Weapon Labs, a lucrative business that caters to the rich and elite of the galaxy.
Bio: Zul is the son of Jinn Veyrde and Xyla Konshi. Born and raised on Concord Dawn, he was trained in several forms of combat, including boxing and Teras Kasi, as well as Mando'ad beskar combat. Clan Veyrde has never been very large, but it is a close and tight knit group. They have always been staunch loyalists of the Mandalorian Resol'nare and its tenets. An only child, at the age of eight, he began working alongside both parents, enjoying especially when they both teamed up to take contracts. A recent job that the Veyrde family took on behalf of a Veyrde Tech Industries client proved their last fateful job together. Contracted to take a body guarding job for the heiress of House Tionc on the planet Kilia IV, in the Unknown Regions, Aliit Veyrde was seperated at Tionc Agricultural's carbonite processing station, owned and used by House Tionc to preserve Kilian Bantha meat and hides for transport off-planet. and ambushed by three Kilian Renegades before they could reach their client. Jinn and Xyla had managed to kill one of them, but were killed by the second, while Zul was in a separate fight with the third. He was able to kill his attacker and fled to join his parents- just in time to witness them die, and the killer flee. Zul was able to give chase, but already wounded was easily bested, his left arm was severed above the bicep, and he was left for dead. He awoke in time to activate his father's emergency commlink/ homing beacon which transmitted on an emergency frequency to his Uncle's private comm at the offices of VeyrdeTech Industries on Concord Dawn. Desperate to survive, he was able to perform emergency field medicine cauterizing the severed arm, and placed himself into Carbonite storage using a Processing Droid to calibrate it to human specifications. After his rescue, Zul was pulled from carbonite freeze and underwent emergency cybernetic surgery, performed by Tannor himself. Since his recovery, he has taken several mercenary and bounty hunting contracts, and has vowed revenge against his parent's killer, and those who hired the Kilian Renegades to capture the Heiress, thus killing Jinn Veyrde and Xyla Konshi (I'm thinking someone in Death Watch was responsible, maybe for several reasons, including the fact that the Veyrde Clan are very openly Anti-Death Watch.)
“Talyc Runi (Bloody Soul)”
Modified Rainhawk-class transport
Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering
Technical specifications:
20.46 meters
Quad laser cannons (2, Front and rear *can be fire-linked)
Laser cannons (1 front)
missile launchers (1 front)
Pilot (1)
Copilot (1)
Prisoners (1)
Usage Role(s)   
Transport Shuttle
WoC: His mother's GVPG-MFP01 Custom Heavy Blaster, a wedding present courtesy of his Uncle Tannor "Barve"' Veyrde, co-owner of VeyrdeTech Industries. Zul also carries a cortosis-weave vibroblade holstered in a phrik sheath on his left hip, produced and purchased by his grandfather from a family contact, an old Falleen woman by the name of Nyris, who is the current CEO of Xamonet Weapon Labs. The sheath itself has the words Ka'rta Tor "One Heart of Justice" inscribed on it. The blade has the runes for Gra'tua be Tal "Vengeance of Blood."


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

absolutely welcome, but make sure to post on the other site as well when searching for its members

Yep Thanx, McCoy.

I know I haven't been on in a while, but I've been crazy busy. I am just letting people know that I'm also on the Merc boards.

Here's a thread of my Beskar'gam WIP:
http://mercs.firespray.net/forum/index. … ic=39267.0

If you're on the boards, let me know what you think...


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I was wondering if we had any fans in the DE area. I'm hoping to get some troop worthy beskar'gam together to apply for membership in the Mando Mercs and I was wondering if anyone in DE was doing the same. Maybe we can start up a squad. I'm in no particular rush, but maybe we can help each other out?

Im on the site as Zul Veyrde

http://mercs.firespray.net/forum/index. … ic=38337.0

Wow... absolutely inspiring work, man. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

CKnBH EPISODE 6_ A MEETING WITH EEEE-VIL!! is now up!!! Enjoy!
http://captainkhaosnbuckethead.blogspot … e-vil.html


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Sorry dude. Thrawn was never a part of The Peacekeeper forces. He's an independent faction-sort of the remnant of the Imperial forces (pre- Overlord Skywalker.) He's actually allied with the Rebel Alliance Remnant.
Edit as needed. Im not sure anyone's even on this anymore...

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

sounds fun but man that is incredibly hard to read

The webcomic? If you click the img it opens up larger and the text is a lot more clear.

Try that.

Ep 5: The Bett-R Man is now up! It's got a new character; an homage to our mutual fan fave. Enjoy! (Leave comments on the site.)

Also join my group Fans of CK n BH on Facebook.



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OOC: Can we send PMs?
Either way...for everyone's benefit...

Korriban is THE Stronghold. Expect massive amounts of trouble, and post accordingly. I've been pretty busy with my current projects, so I'm sorry I can't be all in on this. I have been and will continue to be checking in periodically. Enjoy!

I'm glad you think so. Show some love on the website


New Cover art!


OH and I'm also opening up to suggestions for plots, so If there's anything you wanna see CKnBH do...lemme know. Enjoy!



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I just opened an online book store @ Amazon.


A lot of the books are Star Wars related. Some are a few others.

If you have any ideas for other books you'd like to see on the site for sale...lemme know.

Show some love, ppl!



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Still a bit exhausted from the exertion of telekinetic use against the volley of projectiles that threatened the reckless Drakus, I drew on the Force for strength and allowed some of my frustration at the cocky mandalorian who I'd once employed to subside. By now, the last of the kamikazee TIE fighters had been mopped up by Defender squadron, as they were preparing to open a corridor for our little surprise waiting on the edge of the battle.

"Thissss one feelsss the Saraai-kaar ssshould've told usss he had a thing for Mandossss," hisses 'Nasthah' as her V-19 flies into formation behind her wingmate.

That gets a laugh from a few of the other Jensaraai.

"Funny, when you dregs are done hazing your fearless leader, would you do me the honor of...I dunno...your jobs, maybe?" That gets a few more laughs, as the Soul's IFF confirm the squadron breaking away from our position to clear a path for our little surprise.


I can't help smile at what is about to happen. "Tell 'Hawkbat' that we're green to go. Drop cloak and fire at will."

"YESSIR!" Glitch salutes, as he sends the code to the waiting vessel.

"Captain Fuller, we have an unknown anomaly in our sensor range," said the ship's worried sensor officer. "No Wait! It's a ship! Looks like an old Recusant-class support destroyer. It's cloaked!"


"What?! A ship of that size? That's impossible!" Captain Fuller yelled angrily, suddenly ashamed by his lack of control before the ship's crew.

"Sir! Our starfighters are reporting the sudden release of an additional 200 Scarab-Class Droid Starfighters from the cloaked vessel! Your orders, Sir?"

Captain Orius Fuller was, for the first time in his long career, unsure. Why would the rebels be using oudated Clone War tech? Where did they get a cursed cloak? Are there more cloaked ships out there?
What the frack's going on?

"Sir! The Recusant has a firing solution on us! It looks like they're clearing an opening through our blockade! Fleet is requesting orders!"

Captain Fuller took a long, deep breath. "Hold the line, Lieutenant."

I saw this online and thought I'd share...

in case no one else has seen it, yet...




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who was anxiously awaiting Fett's arrival to make use of the five-fingered palm exploding heart technique.


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You can post some space battle and make your way groundside, ner vod.

Finally!!! Ep 4 has been posted.

Check it out!

http://captainkhaosnbuckethead.blogspot … l?spref=fb


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@ RD...sounds like a plan, ner vod. I trust your judgement.
@ Karson, what RD said...I really recommend you and everyone else interested, research this thread before posting. Otherwise it all just goes to crap.
@ Logan. Same as Karson.

PPL please read a few posts in. If you're going to be lazy then why even bother?...post on another thread.



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Thanx for the support you guys.
Here's a less serious article, one I wrote as a review of one of the many books I've recently read. Check it out. Hope all is well...

http://www.infobarrel.com/Storm_Front:_ … im_Butcher


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I know I haven't been on in a long while, but I've made periodic forays onto this site, and realize that a lot of us are going through some very rough times.

I wanted to introduce you all to an article I recently wrote on InfoBarrel.com. I hope it's inspirational.

http://www.infobarrel.com/A_Modern_stru … ng_with_it


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

"Negative negative, target not neutralized. "

Mu-4 leaned into the stick, looping his craft around, and with a quick burst of fire caused a fatal hull breach in the back of a shuttle. In the distance small figures tumbled out of the ship as it began to spin. He scanned the area  searching for his target. Mu squadron was assigned to defend the capitol ships as well as to target and destroy the Jensaraari and jedi pilots before they went planetside. The Jensaraari were priority, as Mu squadron was considered to valuable to be thrown against the jedi this early in the battle, however two pilots were tasked with harassing the Jedi known as Tanis and the wookie. Mu-4 caught sight of his target and began to trail him. He checked his sensor, the enemy ship danced back and forth, holding in his brackets for a millisecond. His tactical display trailed in, providing vectors of approach and velocities that would have been much more useful in a controlled environment. He hit the throttle and made his turn tighter, edging the ship into his crosshairs. They switched from blue to red. Mu-4 opened fire.

OOC: I'm assuming your pilot's targeting one of my Jensaraai fighters, AA. Hope you don't mind if I retalliate. big_smile

The call comes through just as Glitch registers enemy contact at the rear of our formation.

"I gots a bug on my tail, Defenders. Cameses out of nowhere!" This comes from Defender-8, callsign 'Bogwing,' after the repto-avians used by his native Gungan people. I manage to pull up an image from the Soul's rear cameras, and watch as he swerves to avoid fire from an approaching TIE fighter.

"I got yer back, 'Bogwing'," I hear from his wingmate Defender-9, a Jawa known as 'Anooba,' named after a pack scavenger on his home planet of Tatooine. 'Anooba' spins his I-7 Howlrunner to starboard and moves along a head to head course against the pursuing TIE, flying swiftly before releasing a few shots from his dual-linked laser cannons. The TIE veers to the right to avoid the storm of shots, right into a well-placed ion-cannon blast from 'Bogwing's'  Koensayr Manufacturing Dianoga Assault starfighter. The TIE goes dead in space, falling prey to  blasterfire from 'Anooba's' Scavenger's Pride and exploding as several of the Defenders howl in delight.

"Don't get too happy, yet, Defenders" I say as Glitch gives me a confirmation. "Seems our new friend has some fellow squad-mates looking to keep us away from Korriban's atmosphere. Prepare to engage."

OOC: PS. I'm including a roster of members of Defender Squadron
(Jensaraai forces)

Defender Leader They'da Starjammer (Male Twi'lek)
http://www.theforceperu.net/files/2008/ … ncipal.png
Callsign 'Vornskr'
http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 … ornskr.jpg
Ship Wayward Soul Modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fir … SWGTCG.jpg

Defender 2 Gjorrg (Male Rodian)
Callsign 'Nexu'
http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/starw … /Nexu2.jpg
Ship Flying Huntsman Modified ARC-170 starfighter

Defender 3 (Male Human)
http://swx.gorillaninja.com/wp-content/ … wars-x.jpg
Callsign 'Kath'
Ship Defiance Modified A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

Defender 4 (Male Gamorrean)
http://th05.deviantart.net/fs70/150/f/2 … ngDork.jpg
Callsign 'Reek'
Ship  Punishing Fist Modified Z-95 Headhunter

Defender 5 Sskah Hsaraa (Female Barabel)
http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 … SWGTCG.jpg
Callsign 'Durgolosk'
http://starwars-exodus.wikia.com/wiki/F … golosk.jpg
Ship Barab's Revenger Modified G-95 Cannibalizer *No image available, I assume it's similar to its predecessor the Z-95 Headhunter in appearance.

Defender 6 Oryon Hudorra (Male Bothan)
http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt … s%3Disch:1
Callsign 'Skarkla'
Ship The Glitterclaw Modified R-41 Starchaser

Defender 7 Xora Xsiiss (Female Falleen)
Callsign 'Nashtah'
Ship Poison Raptor Modified V-19 Torrent Starfighter
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:V-1 … nt_TCW.jpg

Defender 8 Joota Tarpals (Male Gungan)
Callsign 'Bogwing'
Ship Deep Dark Sea Modified Dianoga Assault Starfighter

Defender 9 J'het Nkik (Male Jawa)
Callsign 'Anooba'
Ship Scavenger's Pride Modified I-7 Howlrunner
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:How … _negvv.jpg

Defender 10 Khykrrookk (Male Wookie)
Callsign 'Katarn'
Ship The Rrakktorr Modified Rogue Class Porax-38 Starfighter

Defender 11 Hexis (Male Dug)
Callsign 'Gundark'
Ship Havoc Modified Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber

(...and not yet in play, as he is temporarily cloaked on the outside of the battle, burning up a dwindling supply of ultra-rare stygium crystals, awaiting orders from the Saraai-kaar...)

Defender 12 Ryxus Sahdett (Verpine)
Callsign 'Hawkbat'
Ship Rogue Hive Nest One Modified Recusant-class support destroyer
http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 … ection.jpg
Equipped with:
Experimental Prototype cloak field generator
200+ Droid crew: modified B2 battle droids reprogrammed by Sahdett to crew the Rogue Hive Nest One
http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 … lineup.jpg
200 modified Scarab-Class droid starfighters (patchwork condition, but operational)
http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 … Scarab.jpg
Prow heavy turbolaser cannon (1)
Heavy turbolaser cannons (4)
Heavy turbolaser turrets (6)
Turbolaser cannons (5)
Dual laser cannons (30)
Dual light laser cannons (12)
Point-defense laser cannons (60)