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verpine baster rifle or pistol silent deadly
and hard for most jedi to block


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post devin damn you post like you've never posted b4


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wat  RP ??? i liked my persn alot


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yess devin hurry b4 it fails post i tell you post !!!!lol


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true but ihave no idea when he mite get on and post agian cus this can be good but we lack alot of info so yea
idk it  could fail sad cus it could be really cool if it works out


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hmm i think we mite need to work on that


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( ok and then me behind you )


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( wait he already jumped after his first time ????  im sayn this is after his first jump from tatooine  on  (panet name here )   so yea if he already has then dis regard any thing i said )


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"well that SOB!" thought A'denla
as he checked and rechecked the vector the the unknown man was headed he finally settled an jumped


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Name: ~~~callsign: odens eye
age 31
Allegince: USA
Occupation: Ranger /sniper
Rank: 1st lutenant
Weapons:silenced  M14 socom 7.62 armor piercing rounds
357. revolver and 92Fs
combat knife

he peared through his scope to find down the street a seen of carnage broken down tanks and lots of dead enemy soldiers he decided to join in the fun but first he reached for his radio " this is call sign odens eye  any pne ecieving watch fire on the western roof tops  ackknoledge "

he didnt wait he heaed close to get a better shot
as he jumped to the next roof and landed hard almost breaking his leg he got up and limped over to the edge of the roof and started to look an see who was an enemy
he found a large group bathed in phopruse
he took aim at one firing from a closed postion and watched the rounds rip through him


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if we dont wanna be blades can uwe still use vibro blades ???


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the ringing inside his helmet intensified as he reached te 2 min warning . finally waking him from his coma like slumber. he planted his feet to the deck and felt the mag soles active holind him in place , he reached for his side and was comforted when he found his verpine shatter gun right where he laft it and ugly gun to most but the most beautyiful thing to a merc like himself he ran toward the next acess hatch hoping he would find air , as he arted through the door he found purchase after entering through the air lock his suit actived bringing in fresh air or semi fresh air and refilling his supplys

he made his way down the dark hall way thermo visor actived verpine at the ready he made his way to part of the next hall way when shots rang out and he dived around the next corner


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fianlly a respnse came " i am a'denla  mite i ask as to who you are im in search of a friend "
but before he sent his reply he listened to the message agian
"hmm mite you be mando'a ?? " he inquired


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A'denla awoke to the sound of his ship droping out of hyperspace near tatooine looking out the window he sees a small shuttle taking off
in trigued by this he goes in for a coser look an ping's them with the radio
"this is the comandeered craft HETTIR JETTI please respond " he said in a calm voice over the radio


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"hmm i think i know who your talking about but im not sure i thought he was dead  any way if you can try and contact evan but dont meet youll be like one huge target to who ever is after you"
spinning the dagger on his middle finger thinking *hmm who could be after devin *


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lol ok then it settled


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or maybe
he started shooting just as devin killed the trando
but hes misses and devin runs aboard the save in order to get out of the line of fire and took off to saftey knowning that he is in danger and that evan is as well



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i think he killed the trando and then got back on the slave to find out wat happened and maybe to tell evan


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(who me or devin ?)


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( lol oops im a guy )

sitting in the middle of hyperspace he wonders to himself who devin and evan pissed off to get in this much trouble all of the sudden a holo apears of devin
"geez devin i told u to stay low and not get to crazy and what do you do land yourself in the galaxys top 3 list of bountys?!?! and who is evan made grumpy this time ???"


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name: A'denla
armor: slighly modified red neo crusader armor with a more modern helmet and vibro blade gauntlets
wepons: vibro blade ganlets, dc-17 sniper modified to shoot heavy armor peircing slugs, dual dc pistols
ship: jedi starship (stolen)
home: Dxun moon

~beeop~ the holo of 2 merenarys came alive in the cab of the jedi craft "hmm  wat have you got yourself into thistime devin ??"


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Name: A'denla
Gender: Male
Rank: merc
Armor Color: red with blue trim
Weapon: Verpine M / sniper rifle
2nd Weapon: Vibroblade
Personality: quiet and understanding but cold and detached at the right moment lost his sons to jetti and is seaking revenge and takeing any contracts against them

his body alfoat the reck of the ship he had boarded to take his bounty alive. but inside his sealed suit  with only 4:30 min of oxygen left
unable to move but he was awake enough to hear the warning in his helmet of low oxygen
coaghing he tryed to concenrate.  remeber what had happned but nothing came to him then he heard  a loud thoud a ship docking maybe, but still couldnt concentrate enough to regian full consciousness as he fell back in to black slumber hearing only voices in his head at first of his sons but htne they sounded older then he heard his radio crakle but nothing else

well first jaster is jango adoptive father so my guess is that maybe jaster but it depends if jango took wat her learned then it could be close but i think  jango becuase he knows alot of jasters technique plus he most likey developed some of his own and his jet pack give him a great advantage to be out of range of jaster and to let him use hs mistols or nething else he has up his sleeves not to take away from jast he most likey has alot of tricks but i still think jango