Bloodhawk jumped onto his bike, putting it into first gear immediately.  The bike jumped to life, with nice transmission to add to the dramatics.  "Gez, you and Mike check around the mall.  I'll check outside.  If she teleported, she couldn't have gone far with a partner." Cale barked to the other two.  Not waiting for a response, he accelerated the bike, zooming through the food court back outside.

Bloodhawk sighed.  This was gonna go nowhere fast.  "Ok, so obviously, if i move, i die, but your friend with me.  And since the girl is getting away, i suggest we work as a team to find her.  And don't ask me why, it'll slow us down."  Bloodhawk growled.  He sheathed the dart, standing up to face Gez.  "Well, chopchop, we haven't got much more time." He smirked awkwardly as he shoved past the "marine scout sniper", and retrieving his bike.

((hehe, bad move sev))

Bloodhawk was pissed.  He wanted to kill this guy, even if he was trying to help him.  Luckily, Cale didn't play by the rules. Unlucky for "Mimik".  But now he had a buddy.  This was going to be tricky....  and more than likely this "Gez" was a mutie, because they always travelled in packs.  As Bloodhawk went back to grab his bike, he was paying very close attention to Michael.  *I could always use the haitian dart if he gets out of hand..... but i only have one.... hmm...*  Austin thought, picking up the cycle.  The two buddies were making small talk now, and Mike was paying no attention to Bloodhawk.  Cale smiled, propping the bike up against a food court table.   He walked closer towards Michael, pulling out a dart and pricking him rather quickly.  His metal body faded to flesh.  As Michael looked at his body in confusion,Bloodhawk picked up a chair, hefting it slightly, and smashing it against mike's head.  The mutie crumpled to the floor, groaning in pain. Bloodhawk held the dart a few milimetres away from Mimik's neck.  "Do you know what this is?  This dart is coated in the blood of a.....certain mutie, like you, except different.  If you make the wrong move, I'm gonna drive this into your throat, and trust me, you won't be able to absorb THIS material.  The blood will negate all effects of your abilities, and I'm just going to assume that you trust me, as you aren't metal anymore.  And by the way, these darts are very hard to come by.  very.  So, are we gonna do this my way, or would you rather be pushing up daisies?"  Cale snarled.  He had the feeling that Michael's buddy already had his gun out and aiming at the weakest point of his body armour.  "And you, Gez, probably want your friend intact correct?  How about you tell him what to do."

A mutie.  Why did they always have to be muties??? Why couldn't he fight a teddy bear?  A pink teddy bear that gave out hugs instead of trying to kill him?  Ah well...  I guess a mutie who could absorb the physical attributes of his surroundings would have to do.  Bloodhawk had to find a way to get through his metal hide.  He barely managed to dodge the metal man by a hair.  He quickly jumped back a few paces to give himself more time to think.  Cale looked around looking for an advantage.  He saw a fire extinguisher in the corner of the room.  It might not do much, but the pressure would probably slow him down.  He hurdled towards the glass container, smashing it with a quick jab.  The mutie was coming at him again, he had to work fast.  Like mili-second fast.  Bloodhawk ripped the extinguisher out of the container, turning around letting loose with tha foam!

Screams.  They were one of the few things that could be heard in the mall, other than the mob of people running for cover or hiding in fear.  This didn't bother Bloodhawk.  Thonly thing on his mind was to save the girl so he could find out what happened at the Poulet.  Just before he could though, he heard a voice above the pandomoneom ,"Hey you!  Buddy!  Would you mind taking your joy ride outside?"  He turned around to see who said that.  It was some dude, wearing normal clothing, and didn't seem to fear.  Whatever, he can't do anything.  Cale thought as he looked back to his target... wait, where was his target?  He looked around, and couldn't see her anywhere.  *D@#N IT!* he growled.  She must've been a mutie.  Or the kid behind him teleported her.  Or the reporter was.  Or maybe they were all linked somehow.  *Well, now I can deal with the punk behind me without worrying about something for now...* he thought as he jumped off the bike.  He slowly began to stalk towards the man, making a sickening sound as he cracked his knuckles.  "Listen punk, I don't know how or why she just disappeared, but since you were the one who distracted me, you've put me in a very foul mood.  Get ready to dance."  Bloodhawk stated ((with his awesome batmanlike sound)), throwing a shuriken at the man.

As citizens screamed and ran in fear as he skidded to a stop, Bloodhawk analyzed the crowd, looking for the girl in the black slacks, white blouse, and the red apron.  Not finding his target, he started the engine again, and motored down the mall hallway, barely avoiding bystanders, crashing through stalls set up throughout the store, and sometimes smashing through stores if it meant a shortcut.  Besides, it added that aura of fear that he needed in order to operate.  After about a minute of racing around the mall, he still hadn't found the girl from the diner incident.  ABout to get very frustarated, he turned into the food court, a very busy, and bustling place.  However, very  soon some people looked towards him just kinda not paying attention, then looking away, then looking back in horror and screaming.  Soon the entire food court had seen him and it became absolute pandomoneom, people running anywhere they could to escape becoming Norton Mall street pizza. 

A few secconds later, Bloodhawk caught a glimpse of his target, frozen with fear, but she was now with another, whom Cale recognized as a reporter that he ran into once, a few months ago.  Carmen..... He thought to himself.  This would end up trickier than he imagined.... reporters weren't exactly his best friends.

(( o ok, won't use it unless if forced to in extreme situations))

((hey ph34r, is your character's body vulnerable to bug spray? tongue ))

As soon as the engine came to life, Bloodhawk accelerated the bike and brought it to fifth gear.  He zoomed down the middle of the street with his cape flaring menacingly behind him, as he ducked and weaved between cars. The only thought that was going through his head was to save her, because he knew that she was the only witness to the murders, unless if she herself was the killer, in which case he had to apprehend her.  Both ways required him to get to her.

A few minutes later, he arrived at the shopping mall.  However, there was a limousine parked in front of it, which was a strange sight, due to the crime rate of Norton Peak.... ah well, he shrugged, he could worry about it later.    He put the machine at the peak of its speed as Cale did a wheelie through the front doors of the shopping mall, the glass instantly shattering around him.  He was in no mood for subtlety at this point.

Bloodhawk had finally broken a sweat. He had finally made it back to the diner Le Veux Poulet.  Unfortunately, the diner contained nothing needed to help his investigation, other than raw bones of the dead staff.  Realizing his mistake of letting the last witness be alone, with the murderer probably out there looking for her, he dashed through the door, running out into the street.  Looking around for the quickest form of transportation, he spotted a biker just getting off his bike across the street.  Using the opportunity, as soon as the biker entered the store, he flew across the road, and hopped on the bike.  Cale made a use of his hijacking skills and reved the engine.

A few minutes later, the woman ran into a phone booth by a shopping mall.  Curious, Bloodhawk turned on his sound amplification.  After a few seconds of tuning and extreme eardrum pain, he finally got it to the right channel, although the conversation was already underway.  He was only able to pick up " No Mum, I think someone got murdered there."   And an extensive lecture until the woman hung up the phone.  *Hmm. might have to check back at the Poulet... but not before leaving her with a trace...* Bloodhawk thought as he pulled out a tracer.  Unfotrtunately, she started towards the shopping mall, making it a much more difficult throw.  Austin drew back his arm, with the tracer in hand, and let it fly.  The miniature device sailed through the air , managing to snag onto the fringe of her black slacks.  With a sense of accomplishment in mind, he raced back to the diner...

*man, he can sure go for a little while* Bloodhawk thought as he hurdled from an apartment building to another.  he had been following this figure for a few minutes now, and from what he could gather going at this speed, it wasn't a guy, instead it was a woman.  Her running speed told him she was most likely in a hurry (no duh) but where to he couldn't guess......  however, before he had time to make an assumption, Bloodhawk heard the sound of a car speeding up just a bit, as if it were trying to catch up to somebody..... nah, Norton Peak was full of reckless drivers. so he shrugged and kept up his pursuit.

((k, this time i'm gonna focus a lot more on this rpg, so ill try my best to post regularily))

Name: Bloodhawk
Real Name: Austin Cale
Age: mid 20's
Affiliation: Anti-hero
Power: ....power??? what power?
Weapons: Various gadgets, his body (cuz in martial arts, you dont need a gun)
Personality: Very serious, sometimes has his moments of morbic humour, though hardly ever
Brief History: Was youngest of two brothers, had a very hard life, parents died when he was 10, and his older brother disappeared (real mysteriously) a few years after.  For the rest of his teenage years, he trained (like batman) so when he was ready, he could take on the criminal underworld (a lot like batman)
Appearance: imagine The Dark Knight batman body armour, except with some blood red body armour pieces, the bat symbol as a hawk, the cape is blood red, and there is no bat ears on his mask.  The mask has an hud implanted in it.

His cape made a muffled noise as he landed on a small ledge surrounding the roof of the Le Veux Poulet.  It was late night in Norton Peak, the perfect time for Austin to do his work. he pulled up the police scanner on his HUD, hoping to find some trouble, as his day-job had left him in a sour mood.  With nothing but small thefts and petty crimes, he turned it off and sighed in frustaration.  Cale jumped down to the sidewalk below, making sure to quietly slip into the alleyway beside the restaraunt.  Just before he was about to remove his mask, somebody burst from the door that led to the alleyway, and dashed around the corner, without even the slightest hint of seeing him.  Curious, he shot his grapple up to the roof of the building, shot up, and started roof jumping after the figure...


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Character Name: Leeroy James Jenkins
Occupation:  Ninja Puller
WOC: Blackhand Doomsaw
Personality:  Over-cockysuicidalmaniacalidiot
((Watch this video and you'll be amazed beyond belief))

Jenkins looked around the street of Moose City.  It seemed to be deserted, be that was only to the naked eye.  His cell phone started to ring...
"Hey man, hows it going?"
"....ok, you?"
"Yeah, uh, me and the guys are planning to attack this giant spider-like thing in the middle of town.... you wanna come?"
He hung up and took a taxi towards the middle of town.  A few minutes later, he arrived at what looked to be a full, 40-man group preparing to raid an immense greenish brown thing with 8 legs.  He walked over to the group just in time to hear.....
" Ok guys, uh this spider has given us a lot of trouble in the past, uh, does does anyone need anything from this guy or can we just by-pass him?"
" Leeroy needs those Devout.....Devout shoulders?"
"Yeah, would probably help out his healing."
" Hey Abdul, could you uh, could you give me a number crunch real quick?"
The man he was talking to pulled out a calculator and started punching in numbers.
"....Yeah, I'm coming up with 32.33....repeating of course, percentage of survival."
"Aw yeah, that a lot better than we usually do..."
Jenkins soon became impatient with the groups bickering, and decided to throw in a little twist to their attack....
And with that, Jenkins hurdled over a badly designed crushed car, and rushed over to the enormous spider being, Blackhand Doomsaw swinging wildly.  He soon heard the rushing of the group someone saying" O-Ok guys! Stick to the plan, stick to the plan!", and kept slashing and thrusting at one of its legs.  It then turned its head and spun a web which hit Leeroy right on, making him explode with really visible fake blood spewing everywhere.....the rest of the group wiped out too.

((Like it?))


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((He's back.....))
Character:  Sunburn
Afiiliation:  Heroes
Apperance:  Black and orange costume, red eye pieces, and symbol
Age:  Early 20's
Personality:  Usually energetic, uses sarcasm constantly.
Powers:  He can create and manipulate fire (think johnny storm from fantastic four) he is tied to the sun so old age cannot take him, but can die through unnatural causes (blades, bullets, etc.)

Sunburn flew on his usual patrol route, clearly bored.  There wasn't much happening in the city these days, not after Oni and company plotted against all of the super-heroes.  But something flickered out of the corner of his eye.... turning toward the object, it seemed to be a silver and orange blur zipping down the highway.... *wow, now that's something you don't see everyday!* Sunburn thought as he went to investigate...


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"Something's wrong..." Magmaw said to Ashaz through their mind talk. 

"Really? I don't feel anything." Ashaz replied. 

"That's because you're talking to the rider, and..... you're not a dragon."

" Oh, there's no need for a fight, Xan.  I'm not here to kill you.  Instead, I have a proposition for you.  Join me, and the ranks of the Forsworn, and you can get your share of gold AND power.  If you don't though, I will not hold it against you unless if you're part of the Order.  I'll come back to you in a few days, to give you time to make your choice.  Farewell!"  Ashaz explained as he and Magmaw flew past Xan and Xir.  Now, it was time to hunt an archer...


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( K )
As Ashaz flew down towards the forest, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye.... when he turned his head to see what it was, to his surprise it was a Dragon Rider, not another arrow sailing towards him.  Forgetting about his hunt, he told Magmaw to fly down to the Rider to see if he would join him as a Forsworn, or if he was a Forsworn.

" Greetings, my name is Ashaz, and my partner here is Magmaw.  What is yours?"  Ashaz questioned.


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(( Do you want me to notice you Adeptus?))


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When Ashaz woke up, he had a quick breakfast while Magmaw was out hunting.  When his dragon came back he re-mounted, and was about to take off, when he heard the whistle of an arrow.  He turned around just in time to see a thin arrow imbed itself in the meat of his arm.  He screamed out in pain, and fell off Magmaw squirming in agony.  A few minutes later, when the pain wasn't as bad, he pulled the arrow out of his arm, grunting all the while.  Then he bandaged it up with a scrap of cloth from his pack.  Finally, he was ready to fly again..... except he was really ticked off and decided to hunt whoever had shot at him.  He leapt onto Magmaw's saddle, and together they shot up into the sky, and from there flew over the forests searching for the scumbag who managed to lay an arrow into his arm.


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Ashaz and Magmaw flew through the night time skies, scouring the land for danger.  After a few hours of flying, the elf caught a glimpse of something below them..... and seemed to move towards them.... which could only mean it was a dragon rider!  Ashaz grinned and pulled out his claymore, ready for a fight.  The dragon rider must've been part of the Order, because he too, had his weapon drawn.  Ashaz felt a burning sensation, and told Magmaw to engage the other two.  The dark dragon and rider flew down upon the other, clashing with tooth, claw, and steel.  Ashaz knew he had the advantage in this fight, because Bloodfire had a longer reach than the other rider's sword and shield.  So, taking this into mind, he fiercely lunged at the rider, who barely managed to block the powerful blow.  Reeling back in his saddle, the dragon rider fell off balance, leaving an opening.  Ashaz immediately slashed at the weak spot and found his target.  The rider fell off his  mount, and fell to the ground below.  Sensing the pain of his partner, the other dragon swooped down to catch him.  Magmaw tried to give chase, but Ashaz told him to stay, since their opposition was probably going to die. And they kept flying for a while longer before finding a nice glade to rest.


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Name: Ashaz
Age: 70 (He's an elf)
race: Elf
appearence: Black Hair, red eyes, pale skin, well built (for an elf)
Class: Dragon Rider
Affiliation: Forsworn
Dragon (Riders and Forsworn only, also rouge riders)
--Name: Magmaw
--age: 70 (Been with him since birth)
--color: Blood Red
--type: Big Claymore
--color(riders only): Blood Red
--enchantment(riders only): Puts it's master into a blood rage, making him a berserker of sorts.
--Name: Bloodfire
--color: Blood Red and Black
--type: ( just type hero machine into google, and click on the first one, then copy and paste this hunk of stuff into the load screen)

(obviously, it all didn't fit onto the screen, so just double click it and then copy it.)

Michael heard the sound of a large vehicle smashing into a wall, and followed the sound to it's position.  There, he saw a korean woman running back to some cover, with bullets flying at her.  Mort decided not to join the fight quite yet however, as he didn't know who were vamps and who were..... the other side.

Michael instantly heard the sound of gunfire and instinctively ran towards the commotion.  After a few minutes of jumping roofs, he finally got to the Murk Motel, where this was all taking place.  He jumped down from the building and pulled out his revolver and closely examined the situation.  It seemed like werewolves had been here, if they still weren't here.  Suddenly, he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye, and it seemed to be a human wielding a pistol sneaking along the bottom of the wall.  Mort quickly made use of the dumpster right beside him, and hid behind it, but made sure to keep his eye on the human, or werewolf, or vampire.


Name: Michael Mort
Species: Vampire
Sex: Male
Age: Regular Vampire-45
Appearance: Looks to be in his twenties, wears a black bandana around his head, black pants, black boots, black sport gloves, black shirt, and has a black trench coat with a white cross on it (the cross keeps him in pain so he won't be concerned about feeding)
Weapons: A silver inlaid shoto, and a silenced revolver (with silver bullets of course)
Personality: Usually quite neutral, unless provoked, is quite sarcastic at times, and isn't 100% loyal to the vampire conclave.  In his spare time he hunts werewolves.

Michael woke up to the sound of the church bells, which rang at 9:00 p.m.  He quickly got on his coat, and immediately was felt with a surge of pain.... which was a good thing, if that makes any sense.  He walked over to his house nearby, and got himself a few pieces of toast to have for breakfast.  Once he finished eating, he decided to look around town for any werewolves to hunt.  He jumped from his house window to the building adjacent of it, and started to crawl up the side. When he got on top, he gazed into the forest, looking for any sign of movement.