Name: Cpt. Jack
Age: mid 30s
Gender: male
Nationality: English
Occupation: Pirate
Weapons: One flint-lock pistol and a cutlass
Ship:(If captain) Black Tide
Captain:(If not captain of ship) I am captain
Brief History:(Optional) Jack never talks about his past, it is a mystery to even his closest friends.


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Don't do it, Its Insane!


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(Cool, didn't mean to sound rude)


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Masterchief wrote:

appearance:He has blue eyes, brown jumpsuit gloves, wears green poncho and brown hair.
Class: Dragon Rider
Affiliation:Order of the Riders


--type: 12 inch dagger, smoke bombs.
--enchantment( riders only ) : SB= stuns and hurts eyes of enemy

--colour: Orange, with blue edges.
--type: Covers whole body , 79% defense

You can't have a gold dagger if you have a purple dragon, they must be the same color.


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I would have an E-11 Carbine rifle (Boba Fetts rifle) and Han Solo's pistol.


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(Way after Galbatorix was defeated, Eragon and Murtagh are Legends and The leaders of the council)


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(thats just what I call it when you look at someone emotions through magic)


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"Fine," said Arthas,sheathing his sword "but if you attack me..." Arthas slams his hands together, then said "Mithradirm(mind tunnel).", "I will invade you mind and destroy it."

"I would never" said the rouge in a sarcastic tone.


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"No." said Arthas, "you must give me your answer now."


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(I'll cut down on the spell usage=) (SRY for any inconviniences)


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(I was just speculateing through my characters eyes, and I got that spell that freezes people in their tracs from the book "Eldest" when he uses it on Vanir.)


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"They are to fast, lets slow them down!" said Arthas.
"Shivier Nihilus!"(Freeze them in place)"you may make an excelent team, but your mind has no defence!"
The rouge sat forzen in the air, squirming to move.
"You could be great, let me train you, become my apprentice..." Then he placed Vir'Roc at the base of the rouges immoble neck, "Or die."

Who would Win?

I think 007 would dominate=)


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both, im ambidextrouse


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"No dout they will be right behind us." said Nivavrel.
"Let them come." Said Arthas
"His Dragon was extremely small, it must have been very young." said Nivavrel. Arthas did not reply, he merely watched as the tunnel of color came to an end and they had arrived at the Orders entrence.
"He flew no colors, was he of us or the Forsworn?" said arthas in an undertone.
"I beleve they were rouges, untrained in magic or proper rideing."

Arthas and Nivavrel sat perched on one of the pillers of the Order's castle, Arthas held Vir'Roc in his left hand and had his legs strapped onto Nivavrel's saddle.
Then a black spot apeared in the sky. Arthas and Nivavrel took off at full speed towards the rouge, muttering a spell as they flew.
"Mezorgoth zem faremere!" yelled arthas just as Nivavrel unleahed a rage of flames. The spell instantly took effect, triple heating the flames and turning them blue.


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Arthas stared at the Dragon, a slight smile creasing his face.
"Nivavrel, ignore them, we have no time for them." thought Arthas through mental link, careful to keep his mind sheilded.
"Inginetem Van Thorum!" he shouted then clapped his hands together, creating a swirling mass of colors behind him.
Then he was gone.
"Coward!" Shouted the enemy rider.


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Nivavrel opened his gaping maw, unleashing a torrent of flames on a Forsworn rider. Arthas unhooked his legs from the saddle and dove off his dragon, Vir'roc in hand. He landed harshly on another Forsworn, driving his gleaming blue blade through his heart, then he jumped straight up and grabbed Nivavrel's leg, then hoisted himself up onto his back.
"Shivar nil gan Verna!" yelled Arthas, unleashing a green light striking yet another forsworn in the chest, killing him , and later his dragon.
"Enough!" He yelled."we end this now!" and with that Nivavrel began to dive towards the soldiers on the ground, burning the soldiers to cinders.


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((Ralin, only dragon riders can have dragons, not warriors.)


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Arthas sat perched on Nivavrel, his saphire wings tucked next to his sides and over arthas's legs. Arthas drew his blue sword Vir'Roc and unleashed a heavy sigh.
"will this war ever end?"

Name: Carson fen
Age: 27
Species: human
Gender: male
WOC:, also a keep sake blue lightsaber from the jedi he killed
Planet of exile: Tatooine
Astromech droid (if applicable):
StarShip: … -NEGVV.jpg (Galaxy Raxor)
Current Planet: Nar Shadda
Personality: stern, not a people person
Force abilities: N/A
Additional Info: His who family was killed when he was just a boy. He raised hiself on the streets and at the age of 18 he became a bounty hunter.


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Thank you, (also Boba is a Mandolorian.)


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The Dragon population dwindled by a thread, as a war with the elves wiped them nearly to extinction, but a blood pact was made to end the suffering and war. In the pact it was said that each Dragon was to have one elf rider and their souls would be linked to one another, Dwarves wanted nothing to do with the riders, and so gave no dwarven riders. It was like this for 4000 years until humans appeared.
Their leader, Vandar, demanded that the Humans be aloud to become riders and, with much fear, the Elves aloud it.
Humans were trained in the Arts of Magic, swordsmanship and how to work with their dragon. There were soon over 10,000 riders and Dragons, forming he Order of the Riders. The Order became the protectors of the land and were thought Invinsible, until one Rider lost his Dragon. He pleaded to the Order to give him a new Dragon. when they refused he stole a hatching and killed its rider before their bond was formed. He, along with his best fiend, formed a new Order named the Forsworn, which killed off the dragon riders who refused to join them, thus starting a war.
The War of the Riders.

no god mode
no killing of other players without their consent

Classes: You can be A Dragon Rider, A soldier (Elf, dwarf, human, etc.) a Mage, a Warlock (evil Mage) or free form (mercinary)

If you are a Dragon Rider choose an Affiliation: Order of the Riders, Forsworn, or Rouge.

Soldiers, Mages and Warlocks must choose to either serve the Forsworn, the Order of the Riders or Rouge.

Character sheets:

Weapons: you may choose your own type of weapon as long as it stays within reason. All riders (forsworn and rouge included) must have their weapons be the same color as their Dragon and have some kind of enchantment on them  (as long as it stays within reason).

Dragon (Riders and Forsworn only, also rouge riders)
--color(riders only):
--enchantment(riders only):

Here's my sheet

Name: Arthas
Age: 36
race: Human
Apperence: tall, brown hair, blue eyes, well built.
Class: Dragon Rider
Affiliation: Order of the riders
Dragon (Riders and Forsworn only, also rouge riders)
--Name: Nivavrel
--age: 700
--color: Blue
--type: sword
--color(riders only): Blue
--enchantment(riders only): Unbreakable
--Name: Vir'Roc (Shadow Breaker)
--color: black and silver
--type: Chain mail


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Plus, he has really good luck (he should haved died in a battle with anikan)


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Asharad hett would kick boba's ***! Asharad becomes darth krayt (the only sith lord since palpatine to rule the entire galaxy:)


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New Class: Freelance
Weapons: any (from star wars)
Armor: any (your choice)