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I like a lot of bands...
Dead Kennedys, the Doors, Alice Cooper, REM, The Who,..

Basicly anything except country and rap

I'd have two lightsabers. They'd be orange and green


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If anikin did make the jump and kill obi-wan he would either...
A: Kill Padme for betraying him.
B: Luke and Leia are born, Padme dies, and Anikin Raises them to be evil
C: Padme commits suicide so the kids aren't born.
D: obi-wan unarms anikin ( literally ) pulles of anikin's mask to reveal that its not anikin, its old man jenkin's the amusment park owner! ( who would've gotten away whith it too, if it weren't for that dog and those meddilling kids! )

That's funny.
Hate to be him, but at it turned out o.k. in the end I guess

it needs work


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perhaps they got caught in the explosion?


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Carry on Wayward Son isn't on Guitar Hero 3 it's on Guitar Hero 2.


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I heard that most of the crude oil America produces is sold to Canada to be refined and then we buy it back.
we barely get any of it from the middle east.
but it still goes up because of supply and demand


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About $3 In Minnesota

Mabey a little blood spatter from closer kills


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Think of how jango fights Obi-Wan in Episode II.
Boba Probably has a similar style

Kung-Fu Fighting! That's funny


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I play Bass Guitar and drums

Do you mean on Concord Dawn When he was a Journyman Protector?
he probably would since that was Jango home planet.


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I think he'd just eat millitary rations. somting to give him what he needs to continue hunting.


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Clint Eastwood

Hi I'm Uber-Mando