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A little off topic here, but I have to say Jango gets daddy points for being a badass father.


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Well, I think Jango has nicer looking armor and blaster pistols, but in the end I'm sticking with Boba. Jango died by a homosexual Jedi -What? Windu has a purple lightsaber...and I haven't ever known him to have a wife- and Boba survived a Sarlacc monster.

I think we all know who's the tougher of the two.


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Ehh...Mace Windu is a pansy. Sure, he's a well esteemed Jedi Master, but we're talking about the most feared bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen.

I'm going with Fett hands down. At his peak, he would have demolished Windu. Let's face it, Windu is no Shaft, he's a girlie man with a purple lightsaber.


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I don't view Boba as a villain or "evil. To me, he's more of a neutral character. He can't be penalized as "evil" just for serving the Empire, because he would have offered his services to the Rebel Alliance had they paid him enough.

He has killed a lot of people, some innocent, but you have to understand that he did it without a stitch of emotion or feeling. He rarely if ever takes pleasure in capturing or killing his prey. He views it as a job, nothing more and nothing less.

Ultimately, he's killed good people as well as the bad. Some would say that even murdering one innocent life would make him wicked, but since I think Fett is the shiznit, I'll say that he's just trying to "make his way around the universe".


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I've had horrible luck with girlfriends. Now I'm waiting for a girl who will actually like me for me, and not because she can't live without a boyfriend

I'm visiting Chicago as well, but I went to the museum kinda spur of the moment so all of the Star Wars exhibit tickets were sold out. sad


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I can see Fett catching a quick burger at Mcdonalds. Hey, when you're on the run and are pressed for time, it's a good place to go.

Oh okay, thanks. I'm visiting chicago right now but I'll probably order it when I get back home. Do you know what version of the game I should get? Or does it matter

Hey Dose, you have like an aim account or something, so when i do get the game you can maybe walk me through joining?

Well if I ever get SWG, I'm definitely signing up with this clan big_smile


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by the way, if you all like to roleplay I've got a star wars rp forum. http://s3.invisionfree.com/anchorhead/

I doubt Fett would really care about this issue at all. He isn't paid to care about the rights of homosexuals, so I doubt he'd take much interest.


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thanks for the welcome guys big_smile

But seriously...Fett is the man indeed. I'm reading book 1 of the Bounty Hunter Wars books again


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and Boba Fett is ownage.