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doesn't it **** you off that Traviss can write about Boba like she does? Let me explain myself:

MANY books and comics state that Jango wanted Boba to be a bounty hunter. Traviss says Jango wanted him to be a father and a Mandalore.
Boba doesn't have a soft side, although he has a respectful, intelligent side. Why does traviss state otherwise? He has no soft side. Also, for those of you who have read Bloodlines, Boba didn't kill Jacen for killing Boba's own daughter? I think he would have. And Traviss has no right to write about Boba as she does. She doesn't ask any of us fans for our say. I hate how she can just write about him and bend him into a charactar she wants him to be. It's WRONG.


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Jango wanted Boba to be a bounty hunter, not a Madalore *cough traviss cough*, so maybe he wanted to teach Boba loss, and knew it was the only way Boba could be a true bounty hunter.


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you know what i think?I think Mando'a is stupid. Travis thinks she can do all that all by herself? All of a sudden she can create a Mandolorian language and not talk to the old Fandalorians? she's full of herself. she has no right to write about Boba, no one does, but all the Boba Fett fans should. This goes for Mando'a too.