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anyone going to reply


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hey im making my armor im a member of mando mercs i think i saw that on there somewhere..............................


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mine didnt post


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Hey guys i found a website online which has a ongoing mandalorian rp http://mandoaliit.proboards100.com/ its not my website and i just joined but youll have to register and post a application


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(AA you know what i said first and im in the hallway and the door locked that goes into this hallway. and im fighting darth blaze)


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(if you remember aa i said no loss of bodyparts. So im just gunna say i was able to evade the strike)

I get up. I see my lightsaber on the floor nearby and pull it into my hand with the force. I jump through the hole  in the wall and jump again attacking the one I heard be called Xan. He's fighting another Sith.  This surprises me but I dont hesitate. I still don't have it activated so I have a element of surprise. He twirles toward me but when i land I sidestep and hit him in the left shoulder with my claws. I push hard and he goes onto the ground a few feet away. I use the force to push the sith he was fighting into a wall where he goes unconscious but Xan is already getting up. Although his shoulder is bleeding. I activate my lightsaber. 
Time to get serious, I think.

Name: Darth Blaze
Specsis: human
Allegiance: sith
Weapons:  red double bladed lightsaber which can come apart
Appearance: white armor with a helmet and no fingertips (customized). Underneath that he's bald, has a scar going from each side of his forehead, yellow eyes (cause he's so  evil) and pale skin (because he's so evil), and very muscular
Powers: lightning, all the ones sith usualy have,valor,crush,,drain life, death field,detoxify poison
history:at the age of 4 he was taken to sith academy and got trained.the second his training was started he embraced the darkside fully, and without hesitation. he trained as hard as he could because he wanted to be the best. He learned as much as he could of the sith before him so he could learn more and become more powerful. after much training he did. He was even better than some of his instructors. became a sith lord
personality: cold, ruthless, thinks the jedi are a bunch of weaklings and evil
    I'm inside the main building of their camp. The battle is going on outside. I can hear it. I open the door. Isee a  Cathar jedi and Xan fighting.
"Get him Aegob sir!!!!" I hear a soldier tell the jedi.   
  Aegob slams his claws into Xan's leg. Xan visibly is surprised. He kicks Xan against a wall that uses the force to push him against the wall where he's knocked out. He didn't hit hard. He'll be up soon but for now he's unconscious. I know Aegob knows this. I activate my lightsaber and attack Aegob. He blocks and I go at him with the other side.  He dodges and I use the force to grab him and pull him into the air. I slowly increase the pressure on his neck. I want his death to be painful and soon his neck will be crushed. Our eyes meet and we stare at each other. His eyes tell me he's incredibly calm. I decide to make it fast and am about to do it instantly when he kicks me back into the hall. I have no choice but to let go. He lands on his feet, uses the force to grab his lightsaber, runs into the hall, uses the force to shut the door, lock it, then slashs from above at me. I roll out of the way and jump up. I punch him in the face, then the chest and his lightsaber falls to the ground. He jumps to the end of the hallway, at the same time calling his lightsaber to his hand. I call mine into my hand too.  It was in the hallway. I charge.

maybe he goes to: weapons-are-us


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(I'm a jedi)


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I'm walking around camp. I hear blaster fire. I run towards it. I see corpses and Sith and their soldiers charging.
  A few people are already arriving to combat the Sith. I draw my lightsaber. A sith charges at me and I block his blow.He jumps back and tries to use force lightning. I can tell he's a aprentice because of how weak his lightning is. I deflect it.
"DIE!!!!!!!!!" he yells charging at me.
I dodge and cut his head off as he charges past.
The battle had just begun.


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Hey guys this is a rpg in the start of the new sith wars. Basically the sith are trying to take over the galaxy and the jedi and the replublic are trying to protect it. The dark underlord is in  control.
you guys now the rules but there are some i want to stress. no killing other characters unless there yours (no cutting bodyparts off without permission either) and no god mode.
you guys now what to jave for you character sheet and you can be either a jedi, sith, republic soldier, or a sith soldier.
Name: Aegob
affliation: jedi and republic.
Weapons: lightsaber, claws when needed
Powers: all the ones jedi usually have, heal,valor,animal friendship,deflection,reflex
Specsis: Cathar (common kind)
Appearance: think of trunks from the dragon ball z cell season but with blond hair (im not a big lion cathar) has armor on but not enough to impar his movement
history: was found on cathar, trained as a jedi  became a master and when war started he became a jedi general. never took a mate
I'm walking around camp. Not long before we fought a battle with the Sith. They retreated but I know they'll be back. I have some wounds but my regeneration will take care of that. The bleeding already stoped.


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I bring the silent killer over the hangars and in one I see a deepwater class light freighter. I land her next to it. I go outside and hide in the shadow of the wall.
R4 and I are in the lounge. We had just finished a game of dejarik. I sense a freightor land and someone come out and hide.  I sensethe person has a agressive intent but not agresive to kill me enough to attack but not to kill. I get up and move toward the direction of the landing ramp. R4 moves halfway to me.
"What is it?" he asks.
"A visitor and I sense he wants to attack. I'll handle it." I reply.
I go to the landing ramp and out it. I don't turn toward where I know the attacker is. I sense a warning through the force and lean forward. A bolt barely  misses my head.  I look at my attacker. It's a Mandalorian with two westar pistols. He fires again and keeps up a steady stream of fire. I reach out to the force and use it to deflect every bolt he fires. After a while he switchs one of his blasters to stun. He fires 5 bolt with one and fires a stun bolt right after the fifth. I jump away, he anticipates where i'm going to land and sends a stun bolt there. It hits me before i even touch the ground, and I falls the rest of the way. I hit the ground. Everything goes black.
"That all you got jedi? I expected more." I taunt his unconscious body.
I don't expect him to reply. I know he can't hear me.
I holster my blasters and move over to his body. I look at it in disgust. I flip him over and make him drink the poison that will keep him unconsious for a while. I then move to his ship and go into it. On my way to his cockpit I move into his lounge. There's a R2 droid standing there.
"Who are-" he trys to say and that surprise me that it can talk in basic.
It can't finish that sentence for I lunge at him. He tries to roll back but i'm to fast for him. I grab him and shut him off. I search the ship and after I don't find anyone I leave. I shut the hatch on my way out. I grab the jedis body and go back to the Silent Killer. I take away all his weapons and put them in a locker. I put his body on a bunk. I notice that he is thrashing around.
{i] Must be the poison [i] I think.
  I go into the cockpit and start my ship.
"Get his ship in the tractor beam. We'll haul her to Coruscant and maybe Ro will pay extra for her." I tell R8.
"Ok" he replies.
I bring her off the floor and when his ship is caught in the tractor beam, I bring us into space and as soon as I can I go into hyperspace heading for Coruscant.


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          I walk into Ro's shop. He sells weapons and poisons.  I walk up to the counter.
     "Got anything that can capture a jedi?"  I ask.
  "Well i'd advise hitting him with a stun bolt but other than that not much. I do have something that would knock him out long enough to get him where ever you want to get him to." He reaches under the counter and pulls out a vial. "I also have something to stop his force powers." he pulls out another vial."The first one would kill but it won't kill him because of his jedi poison resistance technicques. The other one will make it extremely hard to concentrate so he won't be able to use the force." he says.
"I'll take it" I pull out some credits and put them on the table. He takes them and hands me the vials. "Now where is Rom?"
"Wanna find that jedi do you? ROM RAEO WANTS SOME INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yells.
A door behind him opens up and Rom walks out. If anyone knows where this Aegob is it's Rom.
  "What do you need?" he asks.
  "I want to know where the ship The Savior is." I say, put some credits on the table, and he takes them.
He pulls out a comlink, calls someone, talks into it, and someone talks back.
"He's on Gala. It's docked in the capital city of Galu."
"Thanks." I say and go back to the Silent Killer.
R8 and I take off and jump to hyperspace, heading to Gala.


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I take out my rifle and get into a prone positon. I see some soldiers in range. I make sure not to turn my fire on so nobody sees me.
"Stop!" I yell at them.
"Mutant where are you?" they yell together looking for me.
"Surrender and I won't kill you!" I yell.
I don't want to kill them.
"Kill us? We'll kill you!!!!!!!!!" one of them yells and they start shooting in my direction.
I shoot one, he screams and dies. I keep shooting


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here's something good to: Ner Vod it means brother


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R8 and I  walk into the hangar.
"I'm sorry but Skywalker isn't here right now." a officer that walks up to me says.
"We'll tell him to get here!" I say.
"I can't."
"Well then tell him the pays double if he wants to hire me!"
We walk into The Silent Killer. We go to the cockpit, I get into the pilot's chair, and R8 gets into his space. I start the Silent Killer. I bring her out of The overlords Shadow and get out of the fleet. I land her.
"Let's go for a walk." I say.
We leave and go for a walk. A little while later some thug comes out of the alley.
"My boss wants to see you." he says.
"Who?" I ask.
"Bodon the Hutt." he replies.
"Ok. Come on R8  we might get a job."
We follow this thug to some building where he brings us to a hutt.
"What do you want?" I ask.
"I want you to capture a guy named Aegob. He's a jedi and he stoped my thugs when they were trying to collect a debt from a person who didn't have money. He's flys a Deepwater-class light freighter named The Savior. So i want him captured. Remember CAPTURED." he tells me.
"Ok." I say and leave.
"Come on R8 we need to make a stop really quick. You remember Ro don't you? If he doesn't have something to take down a jedi, nobody does." I say when we are out of there.
"Ok let's go." R8 says and we walk in the direction of his shop.
Ro has a twin brother named Rom who's a information broker. Rom will be able to find out where this Aegob is.


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I move one of my peices and I win. I smile.
"I win." I say.
  "I got you last time." R4 says.
  This is our second game. He won the first.
"How long until we come outta hyperspace?"
"Right about now actually."
I get up and we start walking for the cockpit. I get into the pilots chair and he gets into his spot. I press a button and we drop out of hyperspace.
"There it is, R4." I say.
"Yeah." he replies.
I bring us into the atmosphere and the comm clicks on.
"Give us your id." a voice says.
I tell him.
"Land in hanger 15." he says and the omm clicks off.
I land The Savior in hangar 15.
"We're here R4." I say.

ok lets do some math 
45 miles per hour speeds running (would be 50 but trees would slow you down so lets go to 45) + enhanced strength+reflexes combined with natural speed of punch= crippling damage to hk in a few punches


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I wake up but don't open my eyes. I had been sleeping for part of the time it took to get to Gala. It's already been 1 day and alot of this day. It takes two days to make it there.  I reach out with the force sensing what's going on throughout the ship. R2-D4 is playing Dejarik with the machine in the lounge. He's winning. I open my eyes and get up. I get dressed in my regular cloths and go into the hall. From there I go into the lounge. As soon as I walk in he wins.
"Yes!!!!!" he says triumphantly.
"Nice job. Want to play me?" I ask.
"When are we coming out of hyperspace?"
"1 hour."
I activate the dejarik board.
"You go first." R4 says.
"Thanks. I say as I move the Monnok peice.
"You know this started as a Jedi game."  I say.
"You still won't be me." he says as he moves a peice.
  Dejarik is a game of strategy. With it you learn about your self and your opponent.
I move a peice.


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master chief because hk is great and all but master chief has more skill agigility. also MC is human Hk is a droid meaning Mc can be random and take HK by surprise


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I like both the magna and shows


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(i told you he was in the camp)


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I see the helicopters at seaworld and i decide to go find out what's going on.
I arrive


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ill be a student!!!


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(he's in camp not in the forest)