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Republican- I'm quite a consertive Mando livin in north west FL smile


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Sweet ship ideas! Thanks guys! I really like that ship pic you posted Alo Fett, looks perfect for my bounty hunter. (statistics and everything!) Why couldn't I have found something like  that with my google search I'll never know... smile

Now I just have to figure out whether I'm going to make it a digital ship or build a model and film it in front of a bluescreen... wink

-Mando in training


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Hi, i was wondering if i could have an avatar of Boba Fett from EpisodeII, perferably when he is laughing on the SlaveI when they are shooting at Obi-Wan smile

-Mando in training
(please pardon my spelling)


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Hi, I'm going to be making some Star Wars fanfilms in which i have a Mando Bounty hunter, the thing is, she needs a ship.

So my question is, what do you think the ideal bounty hunting ship would be? smile

-Mando in training

(thought this would be an appropriate place to post this question...)