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"what i'm about to tell you, and subsequently what I'm about to do........will be our little secret, okay?"

me: "ohhhh.... boba."


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"Tall thin and.........bald....."

lol.... yeah until he left kamino, that's all he was surrounded with. And look at those slave harlots eyeing him. Women, regardless of race, species, or social standing love a guy with power. I'll bet those two would've thrown themselves at him at the same time given half the chance.

Fett is a pimp the likes of which the galaxy has never seen!


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cool idea. i'll have to check that out.

Have you guys ever done this?  There are several characters in the game that you can take with you on quests. They can't really "die" and just go unconscious for a few seconds after they run out of health. Well, you can start several of these quests at once and leave them unfinished and pretty soon you'll have a roving band of blood-crazed warriors to help you fight in the world of Oblivion. Here's my team:

My character, the two elf twins, Oreyn Modryn, another Orc from a Misc. quest from Leyawiin castle, a mage apprentice, and a dark brotherhood murderer. That's 7 stalwart warriors that will follow you anywhere, and are loyal to the death (so long as you don't hit them).


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i disagree with you there, LC. I think we're more like the Romans during their decline in certain respects than we care to admit. Boxing and your cage fighting stuff looks like it's here to stay, and bloodsports are still at an all-time high, regardless of what those PETA drones say. A lof of sports turn brutality into a spectacle and you'll be hard pressed trying to argue that we're a society that dislikes violence.

I heard about that martial arts master you were talking about, too. I think they did a documentary on him on history channel or something. I remember him saying that throwing an energy wave like that took so much out of him that he was incapaciated for a few hours even for a small one. For a repeated attack, he might lose consciousness before his opponent or even die so maybe that's the reason they forbade him to fight?

I didn't realize that knocking someone unconscious in record time would be detrimental to your success as a cage fighter. If anything, I'd be fascinated to watch a guy like that fight without actually touching another person. My tae kwon do teacher when I was a kid was a 10th dan grandmaster who was starting to explore those kinds of theories. According to him, most that reach that level are warned against having reparations with a woman or doing anything that causes them to expel their testoserone.

makes sense, as monks have known that to be the source of most of our strength, and even professional fighters refrain from having sex at least a week before a fight.


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Fett was never formally trained in any kind of hand to hand combat as far as I know. He's as tough and scrappy as they come, being Street, but his skills were geared more toward ranged combat and hunting. If he were to go up against a tae kwon do elitist or a good cage fighter, completely unarmed, he would probably get mauled.... but this doesn't mean he wouldn't go down without a fight. You'd have to finish Fett to make him stay down.


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i believe it is a lightsaber. That's her secondary weapon in Smash Bros.

I love Fett, but I think Samus's stuff is so much more advanced that it wouldn't even be a fair fight. All Fett's got over her is his jet pack really, and when they're in confined spaces, he'd get summarily pwned.


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And Crispin Glover did a great job in that Harrison Ford movie, Firewire.

I actually think the tinny, nasal quality in his voice, coupled by his british accent would do wonders in conveying his ice cold demeanor.

I'm not disagreeing from you, SF, far from it. I know it's all a work of fiction, and I'm the furthest thing from some Fett-obsessed fanboy. I was just pointing out that his mythos, compared to other characters in the SW universe is so chock full of life experiences and adventures that when viewed collectively, becomes difficult to believe.


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Rampage is a cool name. Haven't seen the fight but I'm glad he won because of his name alone.

Lamo, can you imagine the repercussions if somebody died in one of those human cockfighting events? They had senators using that stuff as ammunition for their campaigns, so I think the heads of the ufc are smart by not allowing fighters who train in death blows compete. Even if they let someone trained in a true killing art, like a ninjutsu, they'd have to put rules in place to keep him from accidentally killing somebody and i'm sure that would put him at a handicap.


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Boba never cheated, per se, but he did abandon his family at a young age because of the trouble that you're going through. According to Bloodlines, he left his girl and infant kid because she couldn't accept the lifestyle he was leading. You have to realize that when things come down to it, you're really in the game to look out first and foremost for yourself.

Sure, the idealists will say that you need a cause to die for, or that your family/friends/etc. should come first, but let's be realistic here. She'll start telling you how much you're allowed to think, love, collect about one of our passions and pretty soon, you've relegated yourself to the backseat of the relationship.

Exactly my point.... Had he been alive on one planet, then maybe, MAYBE he can amass the fame and fortune he's gotten. He's a jet-set galaxy trottin' sumbitch and somehow he manages to have pretty much everybody in the galaxy know who he is and accumulate a bank account that rivals the Imperial War Machine's.

It's like somebody who, from age 16, manages to participate in both world wars, go to the moon, graduate with a degree from both MIT in Chemical Engineering while doing freelance jobs for the Blackwater Corp. At the same time, he plays heavily in stocks and invests in real-estate which he uses to fund his illegal arms sale deals.

It is just difficult to accept because his exploits are so far spread compared to the Jedi or the Solos.


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Yes, but none of the arsenal mentioned in the EU was especially impressive. I guess they had to keep most things toned down to keep it believable. His most impressive piece of equipment by a long shot is his self-regulating suit. It can create a miniature atmosphere inside it to keep him alive, and will take care of all of his functions if for some reason he loses consciousness or his heart stops beating. Even most of the weapons can be activated by a facial twitch which is truly bad-ass.


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Excellent game. One of the best reasons to own a 360.

What happens to the Adoring Fan when you put him in a boat filled with Skooma? Or when you put him in the Skooma Den? I shot mine in the face months ago and he hasn't come back like he usually does.


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I watch that reality show they had on a while back, but I stopped when I got rid of my cable. I don't think I've watched a ppv event for at least a year now. Randy Cotore fought Chuck the Ice Man  for the championship and lost.

is Chuck still the champ?


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Nick Cage is boring to watch, and plays the same character in every movie he's ever been in.

Horrible choice for Fett, imo.

Crispin Glover or Christian Bale would be awesome.


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I see where you're coming from AA, but when you've seen the things that Fett has, and are (according to the books) in almost constant fear of certain death, a malfunctioning jet-pack probably won't freak you out.

Not to mention that the skirmish at the Sarlacc pit was probably one of the smallest he's ever been involved in. He was a cool character whose integrity Lucas sacrificed for comic relief.

Hi all, first post as a new member:

I'm a huge fan of Boba's legacy, but after reading through Bloodlines and learning more about his past, there are a few things that don't seem to make sense. Here's what I mean.

1. Seemingly, Boba Fett was trained into a feared Bounty Hunter and spent his entire life cashing in on high-profile bounties.

2. He's amassed a huge fortune from this, and is quite possibly one of the galaxy's most wealthy individuals.

3. He's managed to involve himself deeply in almost every major galactic conflict, but his fame doesn't stop him from being hired by parties with enough money.

4. He's managed to sire a daughter and was married at one time.

Now my problem is this: how does one person fit all of this into one lifetime? I guess it can be posited that he's a clone and that he's been having regular anti-aging "recharges" from Taun We (Bloodlines), but even if that's true, then he's only been around for a few generations. That's not nearly enough time for anybody to be that well known around the galaxy, especially since he did his best to hide from the public spotlight.

Flying around from contact to bounty and back, while maintaining an old starship, filling up with fuel, paying bills, buying supplies/weapons, and not to mention just doing all other "normal" human functions just seems improbable. What do you guys think?


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When you guys consider the "lame" way in which he died in ROTJ, you need to remember that the quality of films is inversely proportionate to how much creative control Lucas had. Thankfully, they redeemed him in the books, which, according to Lucas, is canon anyway. As a fan, I'll admit that I was devastated when we he was thrown into the Sarlacc pit in such a humiliating fashion. It doesn't help that the sound editor thought it would be doubly funny to have him screaming like a little girl.

Everybody who's read up on the mythos of his people knows that real Mandalorians would never scream like that, nor would they have a plate on their jetpacks that can activate at such an inopportune time. That's part of what makes his character so interesting: He's totally untouched by the Force, but has skills that he's honed to near-Jedi level, and he is perfectly content with the legacy he's left in the Galaxy.