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Karson Fett wrote:

New guy has a point.

thank you


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Lamo Calrissian wrote:
Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

great, now some retard assumes Im racist because I say that there are non-white racists on the planet.

Guys, can we please not attack and label each other, it can be hurtful.

I'm half retard on my dad's side.

having seen his mom, i can guarantee only a retard would touch her

Sev Fett wrote:

Hmm... I wonder what Fett_II is going to say.

adeptus what are you implying about fett II?


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"I have pwned this thread and won't be back."

I will not be posting on this thread again"

one can only hope.....


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it most certainly is not a myth. after you beat it once as regular, the suti comes off and you play as samsu with the powers of the suti absorbed




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um samus was a chick.

dont you remember beating the original metroid on nintendo and the helmet coming off and it was revealed it was a chick the whole time?

both had basically the same plotline, both with the upthrown government theme, both had definable characters.

i think if v for vendetta had come out around the time of star wars, or had ben made into a trilogy, it might be outselling star wars to this day


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do you guys even read the star wars databank? i fyou have such a passion for star wars, i would think you would go the extra mile to know your stuff.


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Adeptus has just owned FettKKM.

i would be surprised if FettKKM ever posted on the interweb again


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its pretty common knowledge around the inner circles


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FettKKM wrote:
Fett's Pet Ewok wrote:

the autopilot wouldnt be 'on the jet pack'

it would be in the navigation system.

let me guess, you only watch the star wars cartoons?

Do you understand physics?  I understand physics!  Even with a jet pack with this hypothetical 'navigation system' the wind would be too strong to eat a salad.  Boba would open the lid and all the lettuce would go flying everywhere due to the wind.  Salad + Jet Pack = FAIL. 

Fett's Pet Ewok, you have just been sent to the cargo hold!

you idiot. ever heard of a thing called hinged lids? same concept as driving a motorcycle with a windshield, dufus.

i have just broken out of the cargo hold with chewie and thermal detonated the correct


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mark wahlberg would make a perfect boba fett


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his muscly arms!



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Alo Fett wrote:

I think boba would win most if not all just because he can beat a jedi with the force and a sber while he himself has only his hands.

this is a good point. although ive always thought the jedi force was a bit overrated. all you have to do is where a mirrored suit to deflect it. but i guess the 'good' people of the jedi didnt want to let anyone in on that tip.


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lol @ joining bobafett.com , but not supporting him.

pot ,meet the kettle


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the autopilot wouldnt be 'on the jet pack'

it would be in the navigation system.

let me guess, you only watch the star wars cartoons?


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to not acknowledge the almost certain homosexuality that occured throughout the star wars era is insane.

do you know how the legend of the mermaid was born? sailors would get so lonely out on sea for a few years, they started thinking dudongs (look like uglier manattees) were beautiful women, and had sex with them. and thats jsut a few years at sea with things to do (fish, swim,etc) 

now think about the years spent in space, in a steel container with 5 other dudes. they most certainly all woke up with a bad taste in their mouth at one point or another.

im probably the biggest boba fett on here. (i have 11 pieces of ink on my body with boba on it), but im not mental enough to deny they were at the very least, bisexuals.


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i agree with the guy above me.

terkkies ruin a good time