autopilot while he eats.  what the hell is wrong with you?

i'm in mississippi and no one around here really digs lando, if you know what i'm saying.

he lives by his own laws when it comes to killing.

LOL!  in my mind he sounds like bjork.

not is he gay, it's does he support gay marriage. 

i still say he doesn't care since money isn't gay or straight.  just like he's not a racialist, money has no race.

FettKKM wrote:

Fett Chin, would Fett really eat a salad?  I think he would need his protein by eating steak and chicken so he could go out and brawl and possibly leg lock.

ever heard of grilled chicken salad, smart guy?

i agree with bffc-mel, he's not in the business to care.  it would hurt his income.

he wouldn't be able to fit the burgers through that opening in his helmet so he'd probably only eat the salads.  speed and health all in one.