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Jesse Fett wrote:

I dont feel like reading all this, and hah I actualy know the owners of wendys in western canada good people they are I go to school with their son. Wendys pwns mcdonalds all the way. I gotta admit this has been fun arguing with the newbies.

its all beginning to make sense.  What depths will Wendys sink to in order to besmirch McDonalds?


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Im sorry Mel but Im passionate about 2 things,  McDonalds and Boba Fett.


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JesseFett I am over 22 years of age and have ate McDonalds near daily all my life.  I am 6ft 2in 204 lbs and less than 10 percent bodyfat.  Dont blame your gluttonous ways on the great food that is McDonalds.  You can eat too much of anything and become obese.

Also stop trolling me and this thread.  This is about Boba and McDonalds not your obvious Wendys connections.


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FettKKM I like your style!


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The McDonalds GoActive menu is just what he would eat.  When hunting bounties he doesnt have time to cook up some fancy pants supper.  He would be in and out within 5 minutes with a healthy and delicous meal.


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"they"  = 1/5th of the worlds population  and yes THEY like McDonalds.  So your butt grease comment was just classless and ignorant.


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Fet2 must be joking.


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Jesse Fett please dont troll this thread.  McDonalds have served 1billion people, I guess people must like butt grease huh? LOL @ you


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The answer:  YES

He is clearly a man on the go and not a fool with his money.   The quick service and low prices at McDonalds would be just what he needs after a long day of bounty hunting.  Im even willing to bet he would be a dollar menuaire!


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Try and and show her why you love Fett so much, adding a little McDonalds in the mix wont hurt!