I couldn't really understand the words of the song, but it sounded okay. The dancing was offensive and disrespectful and I really didn't care for the moose knuckle.

Second link of your acting did not come up for me when I tried it.


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Boba's advantage over his opponent isn't because of training or special abilities. His advantage lies in the element of surprise, ruthlessness, weapons and super cold carbonite.


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I agree, especially since some deadly arts such as ninjutsu only deal with deadly moves. I heard about a martial arts master that could knock his opponent unconcious without touching the person. He would yell and push an energy toward the person and it would render them unconcious. He has been barred from fighting in the UFC because they don't think it would sell any ppv tickets because all his matches would be over in mere seconds.

I guess that's all fine because it is a sport and not Mortal Kombat and we aren't Roman citizens in the Colliseum.


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Sintas Vel wrote:

Wow, what has this place turned into? How does Slave make him racist? Hahaha anyone can be a slave. I think it's a little ignorant to assume things like that. People are always getting offended and too sensetive...geeze. Did you ever think it was called Slave because it listened to his commands???? And why does anybody have a hobby? Why are people so passionate about the things they love and love to do? Who the hell cares!!!! It makes them happy and we don't need to explain ourselves. Trying to convince you that Boba is awesome.....It's like me trying to convince a guy how great my new shampoo is..... He still won't give a crap cuz it's not his thing.   We know your not racist Adeptus_Astartes   smile

Not only do I agree with Sintas Vel, I would like to hear about her new shampoo.


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It's too bad they have so many rules in that stuff. I'd really like to see what would happen if they'd let karate masters compete. Alas, they won't because it would be far too dangerous. I know a few guys who say they could end the fight in a few seconds, but they wouldn't compete because the moves could and probably would kill the opponent.


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Boba Fett was probably a very awkward teen because of all the trauma he had gone through in life. Plus, when he did have a male figure in his life, that male figure certainly didn't model any normal male/female interactions for Boba to learn from. If Boba learned anything from his father, he was probably attracted to test tubes and Petri dishes.


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Thanks for the link. That was an interesting discussion.

Plus, here's an interesting shot of Samus in the upcoming Smash Bros. game.



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Hopefully everyone can agree that having a jetpack on your back is awesome.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

great, now some retard assumes Im racist because I say that there are non-white racists on the planet.

Guys, can we please not attack and label each other, it can be hurtful.

I'm half retard on my dad's side.


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We all know that Boba is a modern on the go career-minded person. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't stop to enjoy a nice meal. He's not going to be eating and jetpacking somewhere at the same time.

I give you exhibit A, Bob Fett needs to remove his helmet to enjoy an decent meal, or even a fruit rollup.


I've never seen V for Vendetta, so I can't comment on that.

But it's interesting that Natalie Portman was in both franchises and Ben Stiller wasn't in either one.


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Sev Fett wrote:

This belongs in the Role Playing Form.

oops, yeah I can see that.

Mostly though, rather than what would happen if they fought topic.

I'm more interested in whether people think that Samus is a rip-off of Boba.


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I never finished any of the games yet, they're pretty hard. I did hear that Samus might be a female. I've also heard that Boba Fett might be a female too. Not the one that is the kid in the movies, but a female (perhaps his daughter) takes his identity later.


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Boba must have been the model for Samus Aran from the Metroid games. There are just far too many similarities.

They are both bounty hunters.

They both have very similar armor.

Their arms have weapons in them.

They fly a similar ship.

They both use grappling ropes.

They are both of a dubious gender which could be female.

Their names even seem similar.

The only real difference is that Boba has a jet pack on the back.

I think that Boba's outfit is better looking and I like the fact that there is a jetpack. If Samus had a jetpack I'd have to choose her over Boba.

In battle I'd have to give the advantage to Samus because of the weaponry. As far as a favorite, it's a bit of a toss up, but I'm leaning toward Boba Fett.


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I live in southeast Wisconsin and honestly, this is a very Han Solo region with a smattering of Lobot Lovers. But I'm a huge Fett Fanatic, so we do exist here.


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That creeture can go a long time before getting nutrients of any sort. During this interum of zero sustenance, a lot of the digestive organs are shutdown and put in a state of hibernation. When Boba fell into the creature's digestive tract, it triggered a process in which the digestive system began waking from its self-induced catatonia. What sounded like a belch to you was most likely a release of organ sac gas meant to trigger the flow of digestive juices. Also, this was most likely a delayed reaction from when previous victims had fallen into the creature.


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I think that Boba is most likely has a libertarian view on things. So he might not like homosexuals, but I don't think he'd support any laws against them. But, I also don't think he'd support any laws against his right to kill them either.


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I preferred the voice he had in ROTJ. I think that was at a point in his life that he was able to rid himself of the accent. Porbably because it was too distinct and hurt his ability to track down bounties and remain covert.

When I imagine him though, I imagine he has a sexy accent and singing voice like Julio Iglesias.


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Okay, I don't want to besmirch Boba in anyone's eyes, but he was raised in a non-traditional family structure, so I think this would definately be something that would matter to him. Plus, I don't recall ever seeing him with a girlfriend, so who knows what his personal lifestyle is anyway, not that his career would allow him any time to settle down with the right person.


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My brother brought up an excellent point. Boba Fett would also support stem cell research and cloning.


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I think maybe if she's intentionally coming between you and Boba Fett, then she might not be Ms. Right. You might need a mate that shares the same passion as you.

I know Boba Fett is a mercenary and all about looking out for himself and collecting bounties, but he must have political opinions.

I got in a big fight with my dad over this. I said that Boba Fett would definately have two political stances. 1) no restrictive gun laws AND 2) support for gay marriages.

My dad got pretty mad, although I did get him to admit that Boba would at least support some form of domestic partnership laws.

What say you fellow Fett fans?