Class?  Class? He's an outlaw bounty hunter. LOL  He tracks down criminals and other petty criminals across the galaxy. He hangs out in seedy places and is probably in all sorts of black-market and slave trade affairs.

I know the love for Fett is strong guys.. but call a spade a spade. Boba Fett is a badass, but he's a low-life badass!

so it's official, the kiwi accent was horrible (much like the last 3 movies..)

lmao @ Sean Connery.. that would be the best..

well.. "basic combat" is a pretty vauge term. for example the standard unarmed combat out current U.S. Army grunt gets is pretty short and sweet, by no means does it give them great abilities  A soldier is supposed to do his killing with his weapon, not his fists.

Ths more I think about this, the more I think Boba doesn't have the heart to stand toe to toe with a guy. He'll just sneak up on him and shoot him in the back later.  that's the outlaw way!

Valthonin wrote:

I think he wouldn't with by brawn or strength, but by technique, agility, and karate chops to the neck that Jango does in Star Wars:Bounty Hunter.

me too. btw: sweet Lord Soth Icon.  IMHO Lucas stole "Sith" from "Soth"

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

By fighters you mean like UFC and the like right?

yeah, UFC, Pride, K-1, Olympic level judoka wrestlers & tae kwon do guys..

the elite.

How would Boba do against todays best fighters? ex. like a cage fighter? Does Boba win by technique and brawn or is he cunning and clever and just better suited to stealth and weaponry?

Amazing coincidence! I was in Madison last year and there was a huge nerdcore following there and Boba Fett was big..


I'm in DC now and it's definately The Republic around here.

so you're telling me that half the conversations are possibly totally and entirely just heresay and conjecture? that's gotta feel... impotent. :-(

that's possibly worse than the people who talk about Chewie's background.

Is there a sub forum for those that only want to talk about the character (and only factual evidence) on Boba Fett from the original trilogy?

FettKKM wrote:

I think he would say 'brah' alot and he would try to keep people off da ice


I don't think the SW books are acceptable reference materials for his character. they are afterthoughts not from Lucas himself. They don't exist IMHO.

Miba is right. Getting caught is hell. You've got to be VERY sneaky. WWFD? (What would Fett Do?)

Jesse Fett wrote:

I'd think He'd support that, I doubt he's a homophobe.

Jesse, I've read numerous posts of your and I really think that you superimpose a lot of very lofty ideals on a person who's clearly a scumbag, nasty, probably safe to say betraying, drinking, lowlife bounty hunter.

It's pretty easy to imagine that he probably has a very negative view on life and probably has built racial and sexual prejudices... (no different than today. that stuff is timeless imho)

In ROTJ He didn't have one, but in ROTS they've got a kiwi accent, which i thought kinda ruined my mental picture.

In your mind does he have a particular accent?

How sweet would it be if he talked like Samuel Jackson!

"Hutt motherf*@#er, Do you speak it?"

Mel brings up a good point. There are chics that dig Fett, so go find one and sneak around with her on the side. You get the best of both worlds!