Why would this topic bother anyone?

Brisco is a bounty hunter.

Brisco is a bad ***.

Great series Great Character...Yet another great show fox ran into the ground.


"On our humble site of Boba Fett fans who just like to talk about Star Wars and other stuff. And what are you doing here? Disrupting our lives."

I was going to write back a retort to your poorly articulated ramblings (which really is baseless fanboy whining)...But the fact that you admit your life is the Boba Fett fan club I'll give you a break.


Dude expanded universe just encompasses all the "officially" Star Wars license merchandise.  If you believe that all of that is canon then you believe that Comic Books, Video Games, Television shows, Spin-offs, and Toys are Canon, which they are not.

The cannon includes the SIX movies and the 3 Zahn (sp?) novels.  Not just any old crapmill SW product produced to steal money from the ignorant.


Sev Fett wrote:

When Vader comes up to you and tells you No Disintegrations you know you have a reputation.

I am sorry but you cannot put much faith in to Vader.  Vader is basically the most gifted Jedi ever and yet he still cannot manage to accomplish jack in the SW universe.  The fact that Fett differs to him so readily is just another example of Fett inadequacy.


Expanded Universe novels are NOT CANON!.  Lucus just gets royalties from them.


1) LOL at Boba "coming" close to taking anything out.

2) I don't really like his suit (doesn't seem that special to me) and his ship is clearly racist...Slave 1....come on now.

3) As for mysteriousness, there are a million people in star wars that we don't know sh*t about and yet her we are on the Boba Fett fan club...Not the Salacious Crumb fan club...


I don't think Boba ever beats anything in actual Canon. 


<i>Adeptus, thanks for your enthusiasm, but we're not going to ban these members until each and every one of them violates an actual rule here.

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Holy sh*t an actual sensible moderator!  Rare to see on the internet these days. 



Brisco County Jr. 

Harvard Educated Lawyer turned cowboy to avenge his fathers death.  Has a hot lady, a quick gun, a smart horse, and a good friend (sort of) in fellow bounty hunter Lord Bowler.

Now that's a bounty hunter people.


Well I am still looking for people to stick up for Boba Fett.  I assume that people come here because they see the movies and say "wow that guy is a bad ***!"

I cannot rationally see how people would have this view, hopefully you guys (well I assume there are only guys on this board) can support your man. 

Generally I think the Star Wars universe has pretty lame characters (really when examined individually none of them really cut the mustered either as effective good guys or bad guys), and as I see it Boba is pretty much the bottom of the heap with the likes of Jar Jar, Uncle Owen, Oola, and that poor bastard who cut his arm cut off by Uncle Ben in Mos Eisley....



Admittedly I do not have love for Boba Fett.  I pretty much think he is an over-rated.  However, whenever I mention Boba's inadequacies, many fan boys are pushing me aside. 

Now I get my Star Wars "Canon" from the official Star Wars Movies, the Official Novels, the Star Wars Muppet episode, and the Star Wars Holiday Special. 

I do not accept the "Expanded Universe" as star wars Canon, basically, those are the only places where Boba looks at all competent in my opinion. 

Lets take a loot a Boba's Canon performance:

Original appearance - The Star Wars Holiday Special, basically Boba doesn't do crap in this, although he is a "major" character.  If you haven't seen it he basically befriends the "good" guys, hangs out with them for a bit, then calls Papa-Vader like a whiny child asking what do do (How about some disintegration you tool).  Boba, who apparently knows nothing about basic encryption when making a g/d telephone call, is found out by non other then rolling trashcan R2-D2 when his "call" is intercepted.  The segment ends with Boba flying away.  We don't really learn much else about this "elite" bounty hunter accept that Chewy thinks he smells weird on and he has a rope gun, wtf people a "rope gun?!?!"...

Second Appearance -   Boba "floats" out with the garbage.  That's basically his only contribution in this movie.  Again, when he tracks down Han he calls his Imperial wet-nurse, Vader, to take care of things.  Boba then runs away with a frozen Han.

Third Appearance - Do I have to recount the total failure of this guy in this Movie?  WTF was this guy even hanging around after he has recieved his money (total JV move).  And how is this elite guy defeated?  With an accidental touch in the back by a vibro-axe handle.  You know if your going to own Mandelorian armor, how about you take care of it.  I doubt the fooking suit comes stock with a jet-booster on/off switch on the back...

Attack of the Clones - Again nothing special in this performance.  Just buried his "clone" father and stole all his sh*t....

I really fail to see why so many fan boys support this guy so hard?

Perhaps you guys can let me in on the secret.  As far as I can tell he is a total failure all around.