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1.Tales of the Bounty Hunters
2.Boy Soldier- Written by a hightly decorated ex SAS member Andy Mcnab
3.The Bounty Hunter Wars-KW Jeter
4.Bloodlines-Karen Traviss
5.Lord Of The ings


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Sev is great but he has nothing on Fett.


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Why ? I know some personally and they are nothing like the way people judge them to be. I wouldnt say goth wanna-bes lol emos are just into a bit less screamo style metal and such.


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Sweetnice one smile


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cujo wrote:

im willing to admit to a bit of ambiguity between good and evil- so there is a large grey area,
which i would hazard to guess all of us live.

perhaps fett is a gray area sort of dweller.
but fett is employeed by gangsters and a tyranical empire which makes him...party to some very bad things.
guilty by association? he is not oblivious to the agenda of these employers.

He does not believe the empire is evil though he thinks the rebels are wrong for starting the war if you read TOTBH this is part of what he says "I am sorry for the deaths of the innocent. But that happens in a war, Leia Organa. The innocent die in wars, and your side should not have started this one."
In one book he fights through an imperial garrison to get to his bounty then he finds that the bounty help orphans so Boba lets him go. It is mentioned that he has given to several charities. All though im not sure if this is cannon or not i read on wookpedia that Boba saved some children from a burning school. There are several other good things he has done but also he has a code of honour he only takes jobs to catch people he thnks deserve it. He is definatly an anti hero.

Yeah that was classic lol.

Welcome to BFFC smile.

I would'nt call that wining Boba needed it fast so he could'nt waste time all he did was pay him and i reckon the Hounds Tooth was worth more than the amount Boba gave Bossk. Also Palpatine isnt exactly bad at dueling he defeated 3 good Jedi in a matter of seconds.

No if Mace was a better duelist he would have been able to either save his fellow jedi before Palpy killed them or killed him while he was striking the other jedi. If he hadnt let mace win Aniken wouldnt have joined him.

Boba beat Bossk on many occasions playing with him and making him look stupid.

I think your absolutley right,creating loads of sequels and spinoffs of programs and films almost always fails.

Wow that looks excellent.


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Lol randomness tongue. Even if Bossk isnt smart he is still a half decent bounty hunter.


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Thats actually 3 words obreviated.:P


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Course he does all that style of mando armour has the same stuff.


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I dont think so. It shows it inthe Star Wars visual dictionary


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Nope its just like a very powerful bomb.


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Its a multi detonator and its a high powered exposive.

Sounds interesting but i would like to see some Boba in it tongue.

I hate the idea of animated Star Wars its just not as good as the real thing.


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I think all of Boab's gadgets are really cool, but i think some of them are overlooked such as the anti security blades. I also think his multi detonator is pretty cool.

Lol nice one lol. Yeah Star Wars is nerdish but as long as you dont spend most of your time doing stuff Star Wars related its ok.


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Cool cant wait to whatch them tongue.

Gustavo_Perez wrote:
IG-88 wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

You don't know that you bias mother f-

LMFAO ur pathetic going on a discussion board and saying that just because somone is argueing there point.

How is insulting someone pathetic? Also, I doubt you would say that to my face, considering I could probably beat you up. Of course you're probably going to say what I just said is pathetic too, but really, say what you want. It's not like it matters, anyway.

draco fett wrote:

By the sounds of that Gustavo, I'm not the biased one.

Not necessarily. Besides, surely you realize some of your statements are bias.

Lol you say you would beat me up even though you dont know me, you probably would since i think you have a few years on me. Im just saying starting fights for no reason is stupid espeshily if its about somthing as trivial as this, people seeing somone seeing you saying stuff like this on a star wars forum acting like a "hard" man would probably just laugh at you like i was douing a few minutes ago.

Yay good to see you back here. Also i was wondering if you were ever going to re open your old forum.