The blaster bolts definatly do not explode.

Stop spaming those posts are worthless.

Ehem read the topic title all purpose Boba Fett verses matches.

Well the thing about D'harhan is last time i talked to you about him it seemed that the only reason you like him is because of the huge gun instead of a head. Durge is just another one of those almost indestructible charecters that anger me, also he is from the clone wars cartoon which i have already said i didnt like. There are various over reasons that i cant be bothered to state.


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Lol i dont think so he didnt exactly expect Anakin to do that did he ? Also palpatine really beat Windu.

draco fett wrote:

I agree with Jodo Kast. I also think Durge, D'harhan, Gorm, Aurra Sing, and Kenix Kil need more spotlight.

Dude not durge seriously dont go there worst charecter ever, and i dont know what you see in D'harhan either.


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I dont think hteres much vocabulary yet so it would be hard tongue.

Boba by a mile.


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Yeah Draco probably deserves my vote or one of the mods.

Thylacine wrote:
IG-88 wrote:

That has already been said but it is not true because Boba was created before Jango so without Boba there would be no Jango.

Boba is an unadulterated clone of Jango, so how could he come first?

Dude you dont listen do you Boba Fett ws created before when the prequels didnt exist therfore he was around first and without his popularity i doubt they would've created Jango.

That has already been said but it is not true because Boba was created before Jango so without Boba there would be no Jango.


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Good luck to him smile.

Force Master R wrote:
BobaFett Fan wrote:

By the way, hello everyone! I have been spying on you for about a year and finally got the guts to join tongue
Boba Fett is fearless though!

Hello there! And fearless isn't the same as courge.  Courage is doing something inspite of your fear.

draco fett wrote:
Force Master R wrote:

In reply for the demand of courage and accuracy...

17. Courage
Fett: Well, his courge goes to the extent of making sure that he gets out alive and payed.  However, thats as far as it goes. If you ain't Fett, he won't risk anything more than what your worth.

I have yet to read the story, but in "No Disinergrations, Please," Fett takes on an entire Imperial garrison, which is more than the average mission.

It may be more than the average mission, but it's for who? Yeah, himself.  Everything revolves around him.

Actaully after he fights throguh the entire garrison he finds that his target helps orphans and he lets him go isnt that courageous? He took on the imperial death ship Azgoghk for only 100 credits.


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I forgot some aswell.
Most Bruce Lee films
Predator 1
Most Jackie Chan films espeshily Rumble in the Bronx
Indiana Jones trilogy
Saw 1 2 havnet seen 3 yet
Nightmare on Elm Street
Ring (not hollywood re make)
Blade 1
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The General

Red Dwarf
One Foot In The Grave
Peep Show
Fawlty Towers
Malcom In The Middle


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2.American History X
3.Pulp Fiction
4.The Warriors
5.Kill Bill
6.Battle Royal
8.Children Of Men
9.Starship Troopers
10.Terminator 1-2 joint 10th
11.The Return Of The Living Dead
12.The Godfather
13.Resevoir Dogs
15.Carlitos Way
17.Once Were Warriors
18.Dirty Harry
19.Sin City
20.Full Metal Jacket
23.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
24.Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
25.Dawn Of The Dead
26.Fight Club
27.Dog Day Afternoon
28.Godthather 3
29.Kill Bill Vol2
30.Godthather 2
31.Team America World Police
Etc etc

1.South Park
2.Father Ted
3.Black Adder
4.Dead Ringers

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Please , no flaming on the boards.  This is against the rules that you agreed to when you started using the message boards.

Keep it clean, or you'll be banned from the boards.  Thanks.

Who Gustavro or Innegrire and Devil girl? Bacause i dont think you should blame them.

Ehem this is just turning into a standard vs match it was sposed to be based on the point system Force Master was doing.


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draco fett wrote:

Beast once remarked that Wolverine's intelligence is greater than a championship chess player. Wolverine also has plenty experience finding trail and such.

He still dosent know the bounty hunting trade. I think Boba is alot smarter than a championship chess player. But lets get bakc on topic thsi is nothing to do with which would be the better bounty hunter. Wolverene would win obviously because he is almost invulnerable.


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I doubt it bounty hunting isnt just about being good at fighting. Boba is a genius and is probably much better at finding trails and such, Wolverine has no experiance of such things.

He? Lol i think peopkle are i a bit harsh on Traviss its not that bad.


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Yeah he did for a while.

ROFL thats great.

BobaFett243 wrote:

i read some where that he died fighting han in a droid manufacturing plant but i like cujos idea and i think that he should die fighting and pass his legacy onto another mando super commando

In EU Boba is defiantly not dead yet.


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Lol both of those were great lol.

If they slow down the timeline and stop jumping ahead 20 years or so its possible that he would'nt die. If he dies he will be given a good death i think. Then again no one is as good at escaping death as Boba tongue.