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Lol is she a good bounty hunter anyway i dont know to much about her. smile


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Yeah i dont really like it either its just not like Boba.


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Wow nice i want to find out more about those mandalorian ships i think i'v seen one or two of them before. smile


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Beskaryc Beroya wrote:

that's cool IG-88.....what possition do you play?   also   where ya from...not USA i don't think.....since you said football instead of soccer.???

                                                Beskaryc Beroya

My favorite position is central midfield and i say football instead of soccer because im from England. tongue


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In Bhw Boba works with Bossk then takes the bounty himself.


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LOl thats funny. lol


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Make homwork !!!! so you want Boba Fett to make homwork for you lol. You mean do ur homework. I think i would pay him to eat a rat. wink


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Welcome jango fett107 hope you  enjoy these boards. smile


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I'v been paint balling its soooo fun one person i hit like five times, And it can hurt when you bet hit my brother got hit about 3 times in one of his hands andit cut him lol. big_smile

I dont really know much about Star Trek but i reckon the Mandos would beat em easily. tongue


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draco fett wrote:
IG-88 wrote:


That was quite pointless. True Warrior, the word that you were looking for is decapitated.

I just thought the last message was funny i wasnt trying to spam so please dont try and start an argument but im sorry if it is considered spaming only writing one word.

Seriously wow cool big_smile smile

I dont think he is force sensitive i think he just has really fast reflexes like it says in bhw.


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Lol  wink


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LOL big_smile or is he.....


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lol tongue

Are you talking about the thing that Boba has in his helmet witch lets him control it from a distance?


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Star wars Scarface Halloween Terminator 2 Goodfellas the Godfather Kill Bill Battle Royal etc etc. big_smile

Hi's ship is really good and is modified and looks cool but i like Boba sooooooo much more than slave 1. smile


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I like everyone here. big_smile smile

I'd think Maul would win he is a pro using a lightsaber although he dosent seem to be that good a force user. tongue

Lol yea. sad


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LOL maybe they knocked him out then took his clothes off.

Yeah i think when Obi was hanging there Maul would have probably been able to use the force to knock him off.