He does need to pick the new Mandalore because this is after he rebuilt the mandalorians, but i think you are right. Also it seems like Boba must be about 70 now, and i dont know how he could still do the things he used to do, they just keep making the charecters older and older.

Nice that looks cool. tongue


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Hmmm interesting you mean lots of spartans (Master chief) ?


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I like rock, technoe and trance mostly. big_smile


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Lol im only joking.

Other than Boba and Jango i think the other bounty hunters Bossk, Zuckuss, 4-lom, Dengar, IG-88,. smile


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Lol Luke pee himself lol yep that probably would happen and he forgot his nappies lol. i think they should have had Boba kill someone befeore he fell into the Sarlacc sumone pointless like Lando lol.

Mine would be when the clones turn on the jedi.


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Wow those pictures are so cool. smile

Nice those are really cool.


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Yeah and i didnt know theree was a picture of kudar mub at. tongue

Boba's ship would definatly win if you have read tbhw then you will know that he can make it repair itself using a voice activation, it is covered in weapons whereas Mauls ship i think only has turbolasers and if Fett himself it would have no chance.

Yeh lol that was sooo annoying.

Yes i was thinking the same i would probably think Jaster might just about win but it would be close

I dont think they use the clones, and if they do then why would they be terrible at fighting compared to Fett, i always had this theory that all the clones for some reason were a bit worse than Fett would be otherwise why would so many die ?

I think if Jango and Jaster fought it would be a interesting battle both mandalorians both great soldiers what do you think would happen ?


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Im 14

Well obviously Boba is much better than Jango more mysterious keeps his voice unemotional so his enemys cant tell what he's thinking pretty much everything about him is cooler and better than jango. But i dont think that means Jango isnt worthy he was a mandalorian and has killed quite a few jedi and a sith. He is also respected by Jaste Mereal the leader of the mandalorians which has to mean somthing, he is still nowhere near as good as Boba but is still worhy.

Im not really sure which one i like most possobly Dengar but i like all of them.

I like Zuckuss's snare rifle.


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Lol i hate people like that who call smart people stupid when they are thick themselves its sooo annoying.


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I think probably Mandalore or Concord Dawn.

LOl strange poor Boba. sad


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France i reckon probably.

True Warrior wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

One force push,that's all.And the moment Obi-Wan was jumping,Maul had all the time to cut him in 2....But GL decided to make him look surprised...Hmph.Figures.

Dont worry DMC, Im sure he syrvived!!! lol big_smile
He coulda just took his body while he was falling, sewn it back up, and climb all the way up when everyone was gone! lol


Hahhahahahah lol is Darth Maul any good at sowing or did he use a sowing machine?  lol