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Is your caps lock brocken or somthing tongue.

I woulds have to say the Executor.


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Oh i think i forgot A Clockwork Orange.


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Are you maybe a little confused, or for some strange reason you like being bullied?


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Somtimes i just despair.


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Its not turbin its a bandage from his accident.


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All i play online is Red Alert 2 but i am planning on getting xbox live some time soon.
I have many nick names buy my main one is SLAyiNgU.


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Blue and black.


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Wow impressive i would never be able to make somthing as good as that smile.


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Nice keep up the good work.


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Happy Birthday for Saturday.

Isnt he sposed to be working for Vader? Why would he destroy a star destroyer if he was? not even Exar Kun had that kind of power so how would Vaders apprentice be that strong and what happened to the rule of two?

Wow nice.


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Happy birthday smile.


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Thylacine wrote:
Boba_Fett wrote:

Dengar was trained as an Imperial Assassin. He underwent brain surgery that replaced gis hypothalamus with circuitry, making him nearly unfeeling. he is now a bounty hunter who claimed 23 bounties and has a personal grudge against Han Solo for severe injuries he suffered racing him through the crystal swamps of Agrilat.

Now, were those 23 bounties from before or after he hooked up with Boba?

Before i dont thenk Boba and Dengar collected any bountys when they were working together.

Im certain he would take it off if he was alone and felt secure, he couldnt wear it all the time.


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Fairly recently i have been getting more into Metal.

I like
Iron Maiden
Bullet For My Valentine
Groove Coverage
etc etc

EE-3 or a Snare Rifle.

Wow its great how many new people we are getting, welcome smile.


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Sweet smile like ur Garindan.


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Stranger H. wrote:
draco fett wrote:

While I don't know what they are saying, I also like Rammstien.


If you go there, you can find all of their songs translated to English.  (And much more.  big_smile)

Nice one thanks.


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Yeah i really like Rammstien too.

Welcome to BFFC! smile

Wow nice one cujo i think without the flames it would look a bit bare though.


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Welcome back dude!