Personally i like his original portrayal in ESB with the great body language and emotionless voice, and also the bouny huner wars books show him well.

Listen to music play guitar go out etc.


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My hairs longer than that by quite alot big_smile.


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I have a new bird who has been my mate for a while shes awesome we're very alike and she has a great music taste big_smile.

All my music but in particularly stuff like Helloween and Gamma Ray which is super happy metal with great muscionship big_smile.


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Yeah, it was decent not as good as the last one.

I'd probably say Dengar IG-88 or Aurra Sing.

He had a higher midi-clorian count, he did not masterthe dark side of the force nearly as much.

I'm pretty sure Bane mastered the force much much more than Vader.

I think Bane would win fairly comfortably.


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Tatto althought piercings can be cool too smile.


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Dragonforce are just terribly overrated in my oppinion.


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Metal lol.
Iron Maiden
Bullet For My Valentine
Gamma Ray
Judas Priest
Children Of Bodom
etc etc

They're good but not great too many bad things in them.


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British English! Not just because i'm biased lol but also because its the original English.


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Thats ok smile. My freind knows a website where they are available for next to nothing.


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Lord Revan wrote:
IG-88 wrote:

Not neccecerally  Ak-47's are cheap as p***. You may not have a criminal record... Yet.

Lord Revan wrote:

Summary - High Caliber Weapons -


You said "automatic firearms are expensive". Dont talk like that to me man i'm not interested in childishness.


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Lord Revan wrote:

I'm gonna have to ride shotgun with Ralin here, I agree with almost everything he's said. First off, Automatic Firearms are expensive, and I mean EXPENSIVE, same goes with large bore weapons such as the Barrett .50BMG Rifles/other or .50AE Desert Eagle/equivalent handguns.

Summary - High Caliber Weapons -

1. They are large and almost unwielding -

2. Small ammunition capacity

3. Expensive

4. Have to have special permits to own in most areas


Barrett Model 99 .50BMG bolt action, weighs 23 lbs, no magazine (means one shot then you have to manually reload) costs over $4,000 U.S dollars with taxes. The ammunition it requires is the 12.7x99mm NATO cartridge, (For you poeple who don't know what I'm talking about, it's known as the .50cal bullet that everyone is sooooo afraid of) commercially available, it costs between $1.75 and $2.25 EACH.

Even though I know all of you have/know how to purchase a firearm (har har), I'm just going to go over it again for ya just in case. ALL 50 STATES before you buy a gun of ANY kind, the gun shop, store Wal-Mart or wherever, run a Federal background check on you. If you have any criminal record whatsoever, you will be turned down and will not be allowed to purchase the firearm. ALSO the weapon must be registered at some point or the other.

Seems like a pain in the *** huh?

Not neccecerally  Ak-47's are cheap as p***. You may not have a criminal record... Yet.


Hey, does anyone know if its possible to get a version on the empire strikes back on dvd with Boba's original voice?


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Even without guns, people would still kill people. Why is that so hard to understand? Why do we have to label a piece of metal as if it's the antichrist?
I own two swords, two shotguns, a set of nunchuks, a compound bow and yet I've never killed anyone in my life. My father collects shotguns and rifles, owns a revolver, he hasn't either. Sort of goes against this particular theory. Why does one crazed villian have to ruin the world for the rest of us?

Obviously, but maybe not on such a high scale i'm talking about gun crime in particular not all murders, you really think the banning of guns wouldn't affect gun crime? Maybe becuase you're not a criminal or a person with a low sense of morality.


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Yes, that is a fair point but i dont see America in any danger of somthing similar anytime soon. As far as i know the KGB was only the Russian secret service. But do you really want guns if they cause more loss of life which could easily be prevented. Whatch the film Bowling for Columbine that may change your veiws.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Governmentsa are made of people though, when you get someone or someones on their high horse it doesn't matter who they are. They'll become corrupted.
It only takes one person to decide no one but the enforcers and government need weapons, and then, after it's implementation. It isn't a long jump of logic that you have superiority. You can do whatever you desire.

What do civilians need them for? To protect themselves from those who are supposed to be protecting them.

Governments dont have weapons, military and police have weapons not politicions tongue. Why would we need to protect ourselves from police? Why should somone need a gun, noone needs somthing thats only use is killing. How is it better to have guns allowed if more people die because of it than if they wern't allowed.


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Governments need them for authority and keeping peace. What does a civilians need a guns for, cleaning their teeth?


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Gun crime higher in America than any other country. There is very little gun crime in the Uk becuase they are banned. Civilians do not need guns.