i'd kinda like it if the skull was facing forward, and i dont like the flames =/ this is a bit off topic but i just remembered this in the game star wars bounty hunter they sell a blue sweatshirt with the mando skull on it, anyone know where i can get it lucasart's phone number doesnt work anymore.....

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Then Vader (with his trusty group of storm troopers) go by (once again) the death star and then vader says: lets go to the death star!! then his storm troopers say:.....

lord vader, teach us the ways of mowing lawns!

Boba Fan wrote:

Perhaps you could play as other bounty hunters like IG-88, Bossk, Zuckass and Denger, each with their own abilties and pros/cons.

that could happen only if it has a multi player setting

Jodo Kast wrote:

i think Jango would've been killed off sooner or later...

Me 2 but he shoulda had a better death

yeah u are. by the way shouldnt we submite this to toerh fansites or something they could sign in new votes

hey since gustavo isn't here anymore can i be the new "host"? forgive me if i dont sign up, i'd rather have another batman game made. i'll keep track of the list for you guys though. its the least a new member could do smile

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which in reality hid the plans to the death star, which stops playing just as leia-

IS it possible to like be a minor character? I'm afraid I won't be very dedicated to an rpg but i still want to participate somewhat. oh and please dont "welcome" me to the boards i've been a guest here many times


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Who do you think would win?


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