Couldn't help but notice my avatar taking pride of place heheheheh big_smile

Mikel stood amongst the swirling sands next to his starship the VeeKayy. The confident smile on his face was there for a reason. 5 years ago he had won a data crystal in a game of Sabacc from a very old deep-space pirate who claimed that the information it contained was worth far more than the hand he had just won. Back then Mikel put it down to the ramblings of a crazy old man down on his luck and getting towards the end of his career. In fact, it wasn't until he heard about the bounty from Jabbas slimy lips that he remembered he still had the data crystal at all.

Looking back towards Jabba's Palace he waved a mock salute, certain that the next time he sees the place, he will be there to collect a handsome reward.

Settling into his overly comfortable command chair, Mikel inserted the crystal into the navicomputer. The cockpit screens came to life and displayed co-ordinates that not even he recognised. What he was certain of was that the jump point intersected with another line simply marked Promised Jewel. The computer did a bit of whirring and churning, and promptly displayed an estimated time of intercept: 12 standard days. This is going to be a long jump.. Mikel thought to himself as he gently lifted the Veekayy off the platform and into the great black beyond....

* * *

The sound of alarm klaxons abruptly woke Mikel out of the peaceful slumber that had become a regular part of the last 12 days. A glance at the monitors woke him quite smartly. It only took a moment for the CMD to display that the ID of the ship in front of him was indeed the Promised Jewel. The hull showed considerable signs of carbon scoring, but the ship was intact, albeit lifeless.

Scanning for life-forms the computer said aloud. Michael could barely hear the announcement over the alarm, but was too excited to pay any attention to it. Inconclusive the computer answered itself matter-of-factly. Communications... negative..

"This is it.." Mikel said to himself. "This will show Fett who is the greatest hunter..." A smile would have quickly appeared on Mikels face if it hadn't been for his sudden realisation of what the continued alarm was trying to warn him about. "FRAK!" he roared as he looked at the tactical display to see that his ship was currently being targeted by the weapons systems of what was a seemingly lifeless ship. "LET'S GET OU......."

The bright turbolaser blasts at such close proximity blinded Mikel temporarily, but as they ripped through the hull he knew there wouldn't be a good ending here. Mashing his big sweaty palm on a switch labelled "JETTISON" he closed his eyes and knew his hunt was over. The memory core of the Veekayy sealed itself into a blastproof container and exploded out the underside of the ships belly before the last turbolaser volley connected with the ships main power coupling causing a massive explosion which vaporised what was left of the Veekayy and engulfed the memory core which wasn't given enough time to reach a safe distance.

* * *

Hours went by. All that was left of Mikel and the Veekayy were dust fragments and the odd piece of spinning metal. Even the Promised Jewel had dissappeared as well. The only recognisable piece in that part of space was a very battered but lifeless memory core container.

* * *

Time seems to stand still in space... minutes seem like hours, hours seem life days, days like months. At some point in that time a light started blinking on a battered durasteel cannister, and a tracking signal started to make its journey through deep space.....

Miba wrote:

Actually I love TPM. big_smile Ok, now you can throw tomatos at me. tongue

*lobs a tomoto* Two words... Jar Jar.... grrrrrrr mesa so hate him...

KudarMubat15 wrote:

What is the favorite Star Wars thing that you own? Mine is probably my Boba Fett 12 inch figure.

Mine would have to be my 6ft Boba big_smile

I used to think that when they were on the skiff in ROTJ that Han was yelling out "Bomerfang? Bomerfang? Where, where?"... I didn't know the name of the cool guy with the jet-pack...

Also, can I get an age check here? TPM was out about 7 years ago, and your sounding like you were 5 or 6 when you first saw it... you're making me feel old! big_smile I thought everyone knew they were prequels set before the events of the classic trilogy, but maybe that was just us old 20 somethings scrounging aint it cool news, or jedinet for any little bit of information.... I'm 28 now BTW....

BFFC Chrys wrote:

The link was sent out to everyone on the Hunter's Journal list.

Yeah thats how I found it... I wasn't a part of the old boards, and have actually never participated in boards before... but thought I'd give it a try smile

And if all else fails, there's always eBay...

Group Hug!! big_smile wink

I like that Leia one... its quite cute smile


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Yeah... it's certainly cost a bit of money to put together... but whenever I think about the money I look at him and say damn, he looks so cool... big_smile


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Funny you ask... As I said he doesn't have a jetpack yet and I'm waiting on his belt pouches and wookiee braids, but otherwise complete smile

Expensiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.... I'd guess somewhere between US$80 - $150. But worth it of course big_smile

The Bust Ups are around 3" high... I would imagine you would find them in specialist comic/toy stores much later in the year. They aren't your standart K-Mart / Walmart fare.... … efault.asp

For those that missed out on the Fett mini-bust from Gentle Giant, or don't want to shill out over $300 for it on eBay, it will be shrunk down for the new line of Bust Ups from Gentle Giant... these should be a little better value between $5 - $15.


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So who out there has actually got themselves a full Fett costume? How often do you wear it or is it just for display? Did you make it from scratch, or buy it all?

I might as well start the ball rolling. I have a full suit apart from jetpack. Mine isn't for wearing (wouldn't fit me anyway damn that skinny Bulloch) and is on a full size mannequin. I have to thank ebay for all the parts which I bought individually... An expensive hobby, but a life size Fett in the room just looks absolutely fantastic...


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I'm a newbie too smile

Hey everyone. In case you didn't know, New York is hosting its annual Toy Fair where retailers show off their goodies to the retail market.

Check out the new statue of Mr Fett from Gentle Giant Studios in a new "animated" style.

Go to and check out the pictures.


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Didn't anyone notice him hanging out with the ladies in ROTJ:SE in Jabbas Palace? He seemed to like the attention he got there and didn't go out of his way to stay in the shadows...

Where is Yarna tonight? Mikel thought to himself. I haven't seen her since Oola disappeared

While Mikel was not attracted to Yarna D'al Gargan at any biological or emotional level, he found himself mesmerised whenever she was dancing. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but noticed that he wasn't the only male who suddenly appeared whenever she hit the floor...

Ursula wrote:

Also, given the Emperor's penchant for wiping out races, I doubt they'd have let the Ewoks live while they built the battlestation above the planet. I could really see them wiping out all existing life if only for internal security purposes.

Maybe I'm giving George and Lawrence Kasdan a little too much writing credit, but having the Imps leave the ewoks alone showed how arrogant they really were thinking they were superior with all their weapons and technology, and in the end they were brought down with bows and arrows and sharpened sticks.

What I would have liked to see is Episode 7 starting right where Ep.6 left off... Death Star II has been blown up and huge burning chunks of radioactive metal are pounding into the planet surface below....the Ewoks who survive are turned into radioactive mutant killing machines and the new enemy of the new republic smile

Miba wrote:

Out of curiousity, what's wrong with the Vader-Noo in ROTS? I never found a problem with it...

Well, at least he didn't get down on one knee and clench his fist to the sky... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... you must admit, it was pretty cheesy....

If only ROTJ didn't have those damned Ewoks.... TESB would have to be my faviourite... Revenge of the Sith was pretty cool tho...

And just what are you gawking at? Mikel thought to himself as he observed an open mouthed Chiss surveying the room.

While it was a fact that Mikel was indeed a large man, he wasn't overly concerned by it. Years of drunken debauchery in Jabbas Palace had turned his once athletic figure into the state that it was today, but he had never lost his touch with the blaster that was always strapped to his portly thigh.

Being a human in an alien world certainly made it hard to blend into the background, but that had never been Mikels way. Hiding in plain sight was a skill that he had managed to perfect over the years, and those who were looking for him soon found the business end of his blaster. While some enemies may have gotten a glancing shot off before they were despatched he always had the protection of his re-sprayed drab-green stormtrooper armor just in case. He had only been able to scavenge the shoulder and chest armor in the Dune Sea, but one of these days he would complete the set... if only he could find the remains of an equally portly trooper.

"We're wasting valuable drinking time here..." Mikel mumbled to himself. The Chiss in the red jacket had finally stopped eying him, and both turned their attention to a disturbance just outside the audience chamber...

Considering this is practically the "first day" of operations again I'm sure it will all fall into place soon enough... But if there was a collecting, EU, comics/books indexes on the main board that would be great big_smile

oh, oh... costuming too big_smile big_smile

Not sure where ideas go, but how about a main message board for collectors to discuss upcoming Fett toys and etc?