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You name it, I've probably got it and then some more. Who wants to test me with something? tongue

green helmeted fett wrote:

that looks very cool, sharpy! Do they come to britain aswell?  yikes   that would be good.

I've got mine on order with starwarsshop.com so yes, yes they would come to Britain smile

I haven't received mine yet, but apparently they are now showing up across the US. Here is a quick overview of the Boba Fett Mighty Mugg from Hasbro.


Miba wrote:

You mean you guys open your figures? tongue  I keep all of mine mint unless I have doubles.

Why have one, when you can have 2 for double the price tongue I always get 2... one to keep original and one to "play" with smile

Lord Revan wrote:

Hey draco... Those are wrist lasers in that panel, not rockets. Anyway, I don't hate him. I almost like Jango as much as Demagol, or Revan... Wait... Not that much. But still, Lucas wrote it that way and there is nothing we can do about it. So blame him, not the character.

This is a very good point... he is only as stupid/cowardly as he is written to be. Instead of hating on the character, hate on the writers.

Bama Fett wrote:

Got him! smile

Nice collection! Where do you get those black stands for the hasbro figures?

Valthonin wrote:

Where can I get a good deal on a Boba Fett RAH figure?

The best place to get the RAH WAS through Sideshow Collectables, but your best places now are from reputable online dealers and if all else fails they are readily available on ebay depending on how much $$$ you are willing to spend.

As for the metal TOMY figure, starwarsshop.com

Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Sharpy wrote:

The connections for the hands and feet are not very "tight"......
- Sharpy

Have you gotten the Jango Fett RAH figure yet?  That one looks really well done.

I agree, the Jango RAH does look very impressive, but my Fett collection is limited to just Boba... I spend enough on him without also getting Jango too! smile

- Sharpy

Lopero wrote:

Holy Cow!!!!!
How did you aquire that and how much?????

www.starwarsshop.com - $99 plus shipping

I'll be covering this figure more in my next "Roundup", but putting this figure together reminded me of how much I hated putting together the Marmit figure.

Overall, it's a nice looking figure with the exception of the legs... they just look odd (you can see in the pictures). The connections for the hands and feet are not very "tight" and the immense weight of the metal figure will normally cause the figure to fall over as the feet just give way.

As with the Marmit figure the extra items like the knee guards and rocket pack are just held in place by their own plastic shape and are prone to falling off.

If you've just got to get everything Fett related (like me) then go for it for $99 from starwarsshop.com otherwise, save your pennies for the 12" RAH Boba Fett if you can still find one.

- Sharpy

Valthonin wrote:

Where can you get that? Will it be in stores in the states? And if so, what stores? lol

I picked mine up from www.starwarsshop.com @ $99 each plus shipping. They should still be available, and is the easiest place to pick one up.

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

How much would you charge?

For rounding up ewoks? it would be a labour of love smile

Net-a-Fett wrote:

What exactly does Sharpy Roundup? Everything or certain specialities?

In a perfect world I would be rounding up ewoks to go to some sort of shooting gallery... but hey, thats just me...

BFFC Admin wrote:


I think Sharpy can help, alongside my efforts and Sadriel_Fett's. Any thoughts on this and the Roundup?

I've seen his stuff, and I think he is awesome! tongue

amsterdam wrote:

Please contact me if you are interested. This life size replica comes with a certificate of authenticity. I believe it is 1/500 in the world in production.

PM me  or write here.

Please only serious inquiries.

Shipping anywhere worldwide. Item is in Con. US

That's definately a Don Post there... I'm interested. Email me: SharpyProductions@gmail.com with the details and shipping.


Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Has anyone ever heard of this?  I heard this was a good site to find some of those Fett Kurt Adler Fabriche figurines that are hard as heck to find

Did you end up finding any of the Kurt Adlers available anywhere??

Alo Fett wrote:

lol it's "Where's Waldo" lol

You'll find that the original UK title was and still is "Where's Wally?" and thats how it is here in Australia too... but I digress... "Where's Boba?"

I think I spot a Boba Fett in the upcoming Force Unleased line of miniatures from Wizards of the Coast.

http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/news/ … p?image=38

Forget "Where's Wally?", now it's time to play "Where's Boba?"

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Yeah, I was hoping for a variant or something with the Jedi paint job, as well.

Why make a varient when you can release the same figure in a years time with the RotJ paintjob and make twice the money? (let's hope)

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

eBay is a Fett Collector's best friend.

...and a credit cards worst enemy... tongue

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Man, how do you get it in Australia quicker than we do stateside? 


WOW!!  Just watched the video.  HUGE box.  I forgot about the top part of the display case.  Somehow, I was half expecting to see you pull out a gun case from the box.  Now that would've been a nice touch.

I was warned that it was a huge box, and they weren't wrong! I'm just glad I didn't pay freight for it from the US!! Not sure about the timing... my credit card wouldn't have minded waiting longer big_smile


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Last I heard they were exclusive to the Disney Theme parks... stay tuned...


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The Marmit 12" is a great figure to pose, but not so much to play with because the helmet just floats around. The only improvement would have been to lock the helmet down on a large ball joint...

It has arrived!


green helmeted fett wrote:

wat!!??** have you got that helmet? :X

"Got" as in SECURED my pre-order. Sharpy is pretty good, but Sharpy 'aint THAT good! smile