Production errors and mis-packs are certainly rare, and to a completist collector it would certainly be an oddity that they may pay a little more for it. Just keep in mind that just because it is rare, it doesn't necessarily make it massively sought after. The Funko bobble heads are cool, but since they are not a limited edition item a rare variant isn't going to set the market on fire for quite some time.

Wow, I can't believe I missed this upcoming 2-pack! Admittedly, I was quickly skimming through the slide presentation when it came out while I was on vacation... I must say though, that Dark Trooper looks pretty cool smile

Sorry, to bring up an old post, but I'm just catching up after my long absense... smile

I don't find much value in any of these products from the zazzle website... putting random images onto random products in no way makes it a "collectable". You might as well start your own cafepress store and import whatever picture you want onto whatever item you want...

I've got mine on order... I wonder if there will be a black & white or even "holiday special" colour varient just like the 2007 animated maquette... hmmm...

All the $$ definately goes to the Nike/Star Wars brand... and it's far from what I would call the signature Fett colour scheme. If I saw the picture without any supporting text, there would be no way I would link them to Star Wars let alone Fett...

Now, if the shoe box itself had great Fett artwork, THEN I might be interested... wink

Dark Knight wasn't too bad, but I'd say Ironman or Tropic Thunder myself...

That's pretty cool... I'll have to keep my eyes open for a couple of them smile

What's that? My ears are burning! smile

The collection that was displayed behind me during my past Round Up's has only been a very small portion of my overall collection. Believe me, I've got boxes and boxes and boxes full of assorted Boba Fett collectables and knick knacks. Sadly, space has always been an issue and I've never been able to set them all up for a proper display. "It belongs in a museum" I say, and hopefully one day I'll have the space to get the entire collection out of packing and make a video tour of the entire lot... even if it has to spread through the entire house! (I can hear my girlfriend moaning in despair already!)

Fett_II wrote:

does sharyp compare to this guy? … hichpage=6

I saw a lot of familiar items in his collection. Some I haven't gone to the same extent as him such as getting a mexican AND japanese AND chinese AND european version of the one pack. At the end of the day, it's not a competition to see who has the most, or the best or the most expensive stuff. This can be an extremely expensive hobby, and you should only seek out the pieces that you truly want, not just every piece of plastic with a Fett logo on it.

As for being the most famous or biggest Boba collector, it's obvious that I'm not. Naturally Jeremy Bulloch would have a sizeable collection since he was the actual man behind the mask, but lets also not forget the king of Star Wars collecters: Steve Sansweet.

I'm glad that there is interest in my Boba Fett Roundup, and now that I've finished moving my stuff and am back online in a more permanent way again, I hope to present more shows. Who knows... one day the entire collection will see the light of day smile

- Sharpy

Alas, even I had to pass up owning this piece of beauty.... it's a sad, sad day indeed....


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Damn, that makes me want to get a motorbike!! smile

Masterchief wrote:

So is it like a cardboard cutout of boba fett with other fett star wars stickers. yikes

No cardboard at all... it's actually a big decal that comes on two sheets. One sheet has the lower half of Fett and a few of the other logos, and the other sheet has the top half of Fett and the remaining logos. All you do is tear the decals off the master sheet and stick them to your wall.

No matter where you buy it from, the Boba Fett Fathead includes both Fett and all the other logos you see in the pictures.

The January edition of "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" is now up, including a quick review of the Signature Edition Boba Fett helmet from Master Replicas.


- Sharpy

Another Boba Fett miniature?? He's been released in almost every wave now... (not that its a bad thing of course...) smile

There are 2 red LED's and they blink back and forth and look great. They are activated when the stalk is lowered, and turn off when the stalk is raised. On its pedestal it measures 19.5" from the tip of the stalk to the base of the pedestal. On my next Roundup I'll do a quick review on it smile

- Sharpy

My helmet arrived today, and let me tell you it looks great!! smile


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I want to know how these people find all the inclosed cases.  That, in itself, must cost quite a bit. … amp;page=0

I would imagine, if you had all those orginal carded Kenner figures like he does (if they are actually originals and not re-cards) that you would want to protect them in a heavy plastic case! smile

Miba wrote:

I went back today and found a Boba. big_smile

btw, for anyone who's taken theirs out of the packaging, what are they made of? Plastic? Or is it a beanbag type thing?

According to the box they are made out of 100% recycled awesomeness! So perhaps they were made out of your garbage from last week! wink

You had me worried that there was another high-end Slave I out there somewhere that I didn't already have... *phew*

It's quite simply just a repack/repaint so Fett is left in there untouched otherwise it would cost more $$$ to release it with a tooling change...

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

A "Studio Scale" Slave 1? That would be interesting.   And I thought the die-cast metal one that MR did was big and heavy.  I ended up putting it on the very bottom shelf of everything because I didn't think the shelves would hold up under the weight, after time. 

I wonder why MR didn't get their license renewed with LucasFilm?  It's not like they weren't raking in the cash for them.  Makes me think they had too many irons in the pot with all the other scale products they had going on (all very nice looking, though).

There was a die-cast metal Slave I? You don't mean the one from Code 3 Collectables do you?

As for MR not getting the licence, my take is that giving the licence to eFX/Hasbro brings more creative control back to Lucas Licencing, as well as a greater share of the profits because of the Lucas/Hasbro link...

BFFC Admin wrote:

Ugh, more "high-end" aka overpriced? :-P As if they don't have enough.

Well, I guess if people weren't willing to pay $600 for a rifle and $500 for a helmet then they wouldn't sell any... but alas there are many out there with more dollars than sense (like me) tongue

- Sharpy

From the Official Star Wars Blog

Media Release: Lucas Licensing Teams with Hasbro and eFX to Bring High-End Star Wars Collectibles to Fans
New Agreements Begin This Month for Collectible Prop Replicas, Vehicles and Popular Electronic Lightsabers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Jan. 10, 2008) – Star Wars fans and collectors will find new lines of collectibles from Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) and newcomer eFX in 2008, it was announced today by Lucas Licensing, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Hasbro, Lucas Licensing’s master Star Wars toy and game licensee, will assume the design and production of the high-end, collectible electronic lightsabers line, called “Force FX” Lightsabers, which was previously made by Master Replicas.

Hasbro’s Force FX lightsaber line will debut in the spring and continues the remarkable popularity of electronic replica lightsabers among Star Wars enthusiasts. The line will feature replicas of the iconic weapons used by Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul and Yoda.

Newly formed eFX will develop, manufacture and distribute collectible, limited-edition replicas of both full-sized and scaled props; studio- and reduced-scale vehicles and ships; full-sized helmets; and high-end, die-cast vehicles and ships that encompass the entire Star Wars universe.

“Working with both Hasbro and eFX allows us to bring Star Wars fans some of the best collectibles we have ever offered,” said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. “These are incredibly creative, innovative companies with a real passion for Star Wars, and we think it’s going to show in the products they offer.”

Hasbro expects the first Force FX lightsabers to be available in the spring, while eFX plans to unveil its first products at Comic Con International in San Diego in July.


A visit to shows that they plan on releasing the exact same style of poduct that Master Replicas brought us. What excites me is that they even have a "studio scale" exactly like MR did. I would imagine that we will see many (if not all) of the rumoured MR releases such as the cancelled X-Wing and rumoured Studio Scale Slave I, and this should also mean that there is still a chance of getting a ESB style Boba Fett rifle and even sidearm to go with our RotJ rifle.

eFX is in partnership with Hasbro, Lucas has a large stake in Hasbro, and now that this huge market will be "closer to home" for Lucas, that means a much higher return for them. It's a win-win situation for Lucas and the collectors. Not so much for Master Replicas, as it would appear that they had the licence taken away so that it could be given to eFX.

This is all just conjecture on my behalf, but it's good to see light at the end of the tunnel for the high-end collectable prop market.

- Sharpy

Well, in hindsight of course he should have had much more screentime. But think about this. We are all massive fans of Boba Fett as opposed to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, The Emperor... all these characters had all the screen-time, yet here we are geeking out about a character with barely 2 minutes on the screen. If Fett was the lead character from the start would we still class him as our faviourite, or would we have found that other character, that background character that was only seen for a little bit but we wanted to know more and more about?


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If anyone wants to get their hands on BOTH the news-stand and the Previews exclusive cover and aren't a subscriber to the Insider (like me), head on over to and pick them up for 20% off while they are in pre-order...


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peter wrote:

hmmmmm........ I have to try and remember all that I have cause it is all boxed in Australia!

Do you need someone in Australia to look after all that for you? wink