weapon upgrades, and orfaneges.


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great idea!! but i am about to learn portuguese, so i might gt confused.

good question. i think he might become a general.

T-Shaped Visor wrote:

I posted a similar topic in the "General" category, but I wanted to ask everyone this question, "Who thinks Boba Fett would ever be careless enough to remove his mask in view of the public?"


there is one.

Daenna wrote:

First, the helmet and old worn out garb. That suggests he's seen some action out there, and he's ready for more!

That T-shaped visor behind which you're not sure if he's calculating or just... looking at you tongue

The fact that there is so little said about him in the movies (OT), giving freedom for fans to imagine anything they want about the character - which is why, btw, I prefer my vision of Fett before the prequels came out, the rumors and suspicions were INSANE!

Slave I: I always wondered about what was going on in that ship, its cargo and their stories... Also Fett's "home". If only bulkheads could talk.... Hmmmm!

Mandalorians and clones: what would I do without them? tongue Drawing Jedi and Sith, just like the gazillions of other fan artists out there. Right now I'm pretty happy about what I'm doing as a tribute to this SW subculture, bringing awesome people together to discuss and create its contents (Traviss, Kaufmann, and so on).

i agree.


i think i've seen a picture of him unmasked somewhere.


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here is a link to him.   http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jodo_Kast



remember jango taught boba everything he knew.


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

Why would he make his son go through such torture...in thinking that his dad had just died in front of his eyes...he wouldn't do that.  Even if he did, immediately after the clone wars he would reveal himself to Boba     wouldn't he?

                                                              {MW} MS9

i agree. i think it was really (unfortunately) jango.


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draco fett wrote:

Everyone is better tha Jango. I do not think that many consider themselves a better bounty hunter than Boba. Rissu Nu was not necessarily canon. Jodo was possibly one of the greatest bounty hunters. Boba acknowledged this. Jodo also came close to besting Fett. Bossk is an idiot.

not everyone is better than jano. he is (was) one of the best. i agree about the jodo thing draco.


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actually jango had been training boba all boba's life. boba doesn't grow faster than normal, unlike other clones.

dengar. he saved bobas life.


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The Yautja wrote:
Alo Fett wrote:

The Yautja wrote:
Because he had no tactical mindset, probably freaked out, (which would never happen to Boba) and got killed for it.  Case-in-point, Jango's an idiot.

NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!  Listen here is why jango died: Lucas didn't want jango in EP3 and had to get rid of him and mace didn't do much yet in EP2 so Lucas had him kill jango.
Yes jango's jet pack wasn't working you can see (if you look close) that he trys to jet but it falters and his head gets knoct off.

THe real qustion should be "Why dosn't jango jest flame mace INSTED of shooting at him!"
Which I have an answer for too: same as above + he used it once in EP3 allredy and no one likes to see something cool twice in a movie (just watch a action film and you'll see what I mean).

Case-in-point, Jango's an idiot... STOP picking on JANGO!!!!!!!
As I've said he's not all that bad and w/out Jango THERE IS NO BOBA!
(I don't cair if lucas made boba first)
oh and Boba did die a even more pathetic death I mean it's gotta hurt to be killed by a blind smugler who was just your merchandice on accident.

don't get me wrong I like boba better than jango but jango's no "Idiot" Yautja.

*Sigh*  Okay, first of all, you can't use behind the scenes explanations as an excuse.  We are supposed to talk about it as if it was real, or there's no point to it at all.  If you want to though, fine.  We'll blame Lucas.  He never should have introduced Jango in the first place.  I was fine with not knowing Boba's backstory.  No, I was more than fine.  It made his character much better.  Seeing episode II, and seeing Boba as an annoying kid, and a clone, a freaking clone!  What the hell George!  Why!?!  Why do that to your fans, who have been nothing but loyal?  Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, all the kids that went to see it and hadn't witnessed Boba's coolness in the originals, thought Jango was the man.  'Oh, look at the cool guy with the armor!  He's so  cool! We love Jango!'  What about Boba?  'Boba? You mean that dumb kid?' 
  See where I'm going with this?   
Jango completely stole the spotlight from Boba.  Now there is not one Fett to rule the bounty trade, but two.  And one of them should definitely not be there.
I'll let you figure out who.

i agree with yautja. jango is no idiot. he taught boba everything he knows about bountyhunting. "we are supposed to talk about it as if it was real" where did you get that idea??


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good question. i think mine is probably grievous.

both fetts.


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i like jango's.


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i think he saved boba from the sarlac.


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boba's rifle, and jango's pistols.

draco fett wrote:

Hiring others: That is true, but it does not show wonders for his bravery, or honor.

Wrist rockets: That was a complete waste of useful, powerful, expensive weapons.

Helmet: Most bounty hunters do not have such a useful, versetile helmet to wear.

Mandalorians: Under other leadership, the conqured planets without being nigh-obliterated.

Shot Zam: This conversation is not about weather it would make for a good movie, it is about reasons for hating Jango. Not shooting the Jedi was a very unintelligent choice.

Armor: He was beaten more than once, so he can not defeat any opponent.

When I call him an idiot coward, I am obviously exagerating, but not by much.

wrist rockets: it was his money, he can choose to waste it if he wants.

helmet: so what!

mandalorians: he is a good leader.

shot zam: the jedi cold have used their lightsabers to block hi attack, and even if h did kill them zam could tell someone else.


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i like jango better really.