Spider-Fett wrote:

I don't think he's an idot or a coward, but yeah, it would have made much more sense for him to shoot Obi-wan or Anakin.  They wouldn't have seen it coming if they couldn't see it coming for Zam.


even though she would have seen it coming she couldnt do anything about it. also if she survived she could tell someone else. as well in case you didnt know, anakin and obi-wan are jedi. they cense things. to the guy above you: hireing others is smart not cowardy. more chances of getting the bounty. to everyone: jango taught boba everything boba knew.


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i like em all. zombie and bounty hunter and clone wars ones especially.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

(master's name, and their species.)

(thanks, i got it now)


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Name: Dejj Dekar
Age: 20
Lightsaber color: Blue
Species: Human
Planet assignment: Corouscant
Master, species: Eoin Fell human
Astromech droid type (if applicable): R7-D7
Planet of exile (for emergency use only): Tatooine
Name and type of ship: customized to fit a astromech droid Belbullab-22 starfighter (Grievous's starfighter) called "The Undead"
Personality: silent, exept to his best friends, very skilled in the ways of the force, and the blade. a big joker.

who is alicecooper?? i like deadpool.


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hmm. maybe make the skull biger, and put the other emblem on the back??

i like the basilisk.

good question. i think he got it in a battle. lol. i found it wookiepedia.


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hey gustavo thay sounds fun!!


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quick post. (lol i am using post reply for this)

it looks cool!!

i can't wait!!


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Fan fiction'd be fun. (Free write, chosen topic.)
Art submission: Scenario(Boba Halloween Party, Boba meets an Anime character, Boba paying for gas, etc.)
Number contest (Name the number of times Boba moves his pinky finger in ESB kinda stuff)

sounds fun!!


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PresidentJuggernaut wrote:

This is a great site. So well put together. I can't believe its fan made.

my words exactly!!


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what are templates??

Miba wrote:

0_0 *scared* That picture is.... horrid.

i know. here is a better one.



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i dont think so.


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Boba Dude wrote:

I am male and I am almost 14.
35 days tell my B-Day!

i am a male, and als almost 14. 28 days to my birthday.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Just like the rest of Harry Potter.

The day I admit Rowling is a good author is the day I eat my own hat. (not sure which one...)
Sure she's made ton of money, is admired by millions of ignorant kids, and hated by the church. But that doesn't make her worth yours or my time.

My problems with Harry Potter:
Cliches (pardon my lacking the accent)
Absurd storylines (Kills Dumbledore, then you have that Umbridge woman.)
And the Library happens to have everything you'd ever want or need
It repeats itself every so often
Harry starts liking Ron's younger sister suddenly from out of nowhere[Lolicon much(Pedophile is harder to spell)]
There's a loop hole to everything
Character change is slow and rather strange.

What I liked:
The Basilisk

Although not to say it isn't a terrible book series, there are worse. One day I hope to beat Rowling as an Author. There are plenty of people here with a better scope on writing I'd say.

i want to beat her writing also. it won't be hard.


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my parents are missionaries in mexico, so i live in mexico, and go to church sunday tuesday and thursday.

his least favorite is proably shoot boba!!

depends on what weapon you are using, but i would say average 2.