thnx othar your the best!!!but srry for not replying i lost my password and have been bust working on my master cheif costume..


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Well night vision is a really exspenive thing isn't it?Either way that would be awesome Novall Talon!! smile .

TDMOPARGUY I had bought the plans off ebay......sadly it isn't what you really think...Its only blueprints.i don't them anymore though sorry but i will ask my freind if i can photo copy them for you alright....


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sombody needs to make a real working wrip cord...thats for sure!

blows my costume away mine was all scratch built..I beleive its funner makin it all out of cardboard and then paper macheing it with 6 layers...great costume man totally awesome!How old u have to be to join the group?

it was funny though......

only thing I could do would probably be a monitor but as i see Karson has already takin it.........

Attack of the clones was almost only about Jango. though I think Boba should of had alot more action.

and your right Bescaryc Beroya comics are awesome read one of them and you have had a Days worth of action

                                                                           smile    comics!!!!!!


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Well my friends brother just drowned this fri while I was learning how to burn games for the old xbox with the evo x mod chip.He knew how to do it but thew weekend I went to my friends place to ask his parents said he was missing.

   so in conclusion how do you burn games to work on the evolution x mod chip for the x box?   What downloads do I need???    what will I need I am geting my friends brothers modded x box so everything should be there thats needed...Hopfully somone can help me with this!!!!

                      May his soul rest in peace

                          Ryan Vanvulkangeod


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I can tell u how to just get a bmx helmet and fill in the holes or go to instructables web site and u can templates to print .when u r at the site go to search type in boba fett and you will bring up a fett helmet and a costume...


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nice that's even better than my costume chek it out its on costumes  topic

nice manji ninja and I thought I was good.also to you bobafett804 make your own topic to post your drawings because you would sort of be stealing manji's topic.I always did that but i never meant to until sombody told me!

I would only have to say its beause we are all involved with fett and can share opinions among us unlike non fett fans who don't know a thing about him!!!

I've also noticed that almost everyone likes how that no matter how much trouble he's in he can still get out of it!Just LIKE THE BADEST OF BAD @$$ HIMSELF THE ONE THE ONLY sierra 117 JOhn !!!AKA MASTer Chief!!


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yes very true its smart for people to keep them secret tongue


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FERgolicous deffinitous (LOL)!!!!yet neat LoL!!


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tats well I don't really like them they make almost everyone look like a rebel!If u get my point

hey thats the type of tint I put in my Boba helmet!I'll post up some pictures of my  armor bicep possibly tonight!

that would actually be an easy task!  well the armor anyways but the helmet umm actually yah its easy too exept the visor    smile

I used plexiglass but im not shure were i can get the right type of tint?and yes its all cardboard!


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soryy talk about in trouble i had been groundede off the computer for a while for getting in a fight at school so sorry for this.and i must say yah my rpg is practicly dead oh well it was my first...

thnx man just started on the arm a couple days ago and its turning out pretty dang good but not as good as the helmet.any ideas for the visor?

well ive always had loved the armor in halo 1,2 and,3 so i decided to make the halo 2 armor!ive only made the helmet so far but need the glass and also need to papaer mache it and then are the pics of how far i am...too bad my mom won't let me work on the armor until after christmas...............too bad......................

hope you guys like it!!


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hey sev fett did u enter your costume.could you post pics of your progress


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Well i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Am not shure if I won...


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were you able to see mine its sweeeeeet!!!