I have seen one female in person dressed as Boba.  It was very well done, and the female had the chest armor folded slightly across the center-line to fit her chest.  The only issue was that here helmet in my opinion was way to big, she looked like a bobblehead.  Everything else was fairly spot on though.

ImpCom starts next year (2009).

Actually, Daniel Logan was our first Honorary member because we were able to catch him first.  Karen Traviss was given hers by me personally at SDCC.  Since these are given out by full chapters and not just individuals, none of our chapters had been at a con where Jeremy was at when we started giving these out.  We also wanted it to be the chapter nearest his home, which would be our UK guys. 

As for Karen Traviss getting an award before Jeremy, This is what my personal view is on it.  I've met Jeremy, had dinner with the man and his wife even.  He is a great man to be around, and his wife is simply lovely...just two great people period that I consider friends.  In the grand scheme of Mandalorian fame in Star Wars...Karen Traviss has done more *for* the fame of Mandalorians in general with her novels.  Until she wrote them, Mandalorians were an obscure group of near extinct warriors in Star Wars.  Mercs is not *Fett-Centric* as a club, and we are getting around to honoring all of the actors who portrayed a mando in the movies...cause thats how we see them, as Mandalorians.

This past weekend, the Vok'Chi clan and Hellfire squad of Mandalorian Mercs based in the UK were proud to present Jeremy Bulloch with official honorary membership as a Mandalorian Merc. 


The invasion report from Vok'Chi was as follows:

"Today the Vok'Chi clan including Hellfire Squad of the Mandalorian Mercs invaded Heroes & Legends 3 on a very special mission.

Our mission was to make Jeremy Bulloch a Honorary Member of the Mandalorian Mercs. Jeremy was very pleased and humbled to have been presented this award.

Mission successful."

Jeremy is our 3rd Honorary Member following Daniel Logan and Karen Traviss.

It will pick up after LoTF, That I know for a fact.  We spoke about it at SDCC, and it should help explain what happened to Fett and the other Fett genome mandos after the nanvirus from "Invincible".  Anyone can figure that out though, so other than this we won't know till it gets closer.  She'll be at C5, so we may know a little more then.


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Lookin good Alo!  Armor looks really nice man!!!

If your planning on going for Mercs membership at some point, here are a couple suggestions:

1.  Replace your visor.  Having a non-see through visor is a requirement, and they are really easy to replace.

2.  Thigh, knee, or shin armor.  You need 2 pieces of armor below the waist (you have 1 with the cod piece alread)

3.  Gloves

You may want to consider a girth belt at some point just to close up the open area at the bottom of your vest.

All in all it's a great start man, really impressed with the work on the metal.

I concur with Orthar, and add knees to it also.  Hard to get down in those kneeling sniper positions without some protection. smile

Looking forward to seeing it all done!


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Or mandalorianmercs.com


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Another thing you can do is use thick hard leather as a backing for the plates.  11-13oz leather is THICK!  However, it will flex and give you some extra movement and comfort.  This will make them look like once piece but not be all one piece.


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Si Titran wrote:

OH WOW! I need you. You can help! this is what i need! East coast you say... where abouts too. I need female armor. I dont know what else to do. I don;t know if i could effectively shape the sintra peices ive been finding to work with my femaleness, certainly not the fiberglass...

Give us a visit on the Mercs forums.  We have 4 clans along the east coast...so your probably close to us somewhere. smile

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club


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Lol, well...I'll have to make sure to check for that. big_smile


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Not so much that I'll be happy with it more then there's no way I'll be able to out-do it.  The next set will be as close as humanly possible to what a mando would wear, with the working bits.  I'm hoping to have it done in time to debut at SDCC next year.  100% metal, including the jetpack and helmet.


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Regimas, if your using plastic then all you need to do is find a centerline at the chest plates where it meats her bust curve and bend it outward.  This will give you a slight V in the armor which will fit a bust fairly well.  Thats how most plastic female sets are done up.

Fiberglass is much more difficult.  You have 2 ways you can do it, one is you can use the plastic piece as a base, sand it, then put bondo over it and sculpt a nice curve over the front.  Thats about the easiest way to do it with fiber without sculpting your own mold and casting it.

Metal...well thats pretty darn advanced.  Cold dishing you need to work the metal around the sides with your hammer moving inward.  Gradually you pick up the hammering in the middle till you get a nice slope down then across.  Hard to explain but takes months to become adept at. 

I'd go with plastic. smile


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Well, the key is comfort while practical.  I know some people who think the armor should be flat like a man's armor, and thats just not right or fair.  However, your not trying to create a sculpture of Venus either.  I hammer my armor out to be functional.  Both girls took some spills back stage because it was almost pitch dark, and the armor saved them from bruises and cuts on the risers.  They can move fairly quickly to because they don't have to worry about it breaking like plastic or fiberglass armor.

Here's another one:



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I've actually got my new forge on the way this week.  Gonna start cranking out forged/tempered sets for male and females, but they are not going to be cheap by any means.  I've got one set left to build for myself, then I don't have to worry about my own personal armor anymore. smile


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It's velvety feeling yes.  I told her to pick out and ship me what she wanted to use as a flight suit, and thats what she sent. It actually feels really comfortable on her, plus it's warm since she's up in Canada.


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Well, DragonCon was last weekend in Atlanta GA.  I've been working hard at the forge and stump putting together two sets of metal female mando for my girlfriend and a very good friend of mine.  They debut their armor as we escorted Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan around the convention over the weekend.  Friday, 30 members from our east coast clans came together and had dinner with Jeremy and wife who are just delightful people. smile


Both these sets are hand hammered and planished (dents smoothed out).  The red set (a take off the Rav Bralor figure) is done up in light aluminum since the wearer wasn't used to the Atlanta heat.  Her gaunts are double layered 26ga steel, pretty much indestructible.  Helmet is a modified Rubies jango helmet that I did a bit of work on to get the right shape.  The Twi'lek is wearing all steel except her gaunts which are double layered 26ga aluminum.  Both sets were made out of custom patterns that were made off casts and measurements.  I only get to see my girlfriend once a month due to her college, so both of these sets were made without the girls being present for fittings...I was just lucky they fit perfectly. smile


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Not a bad scratch build at all, especially if it's your first!  Good job.


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Cut that plastic outta the visor area and put a t-visor in there and your lookin snazzy.


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Because there are no picture references of those characters.  Now, that may chance with the upcoming Clone Wars cartoon...but I doubt it.

To be considered a "canon" character in the 501st, you have to be able to provide 3 pictures of your costume from Star Wars movie or EU (non-novel) canon.  Even then, for official LFL events I believe you an only wear movie canon costumes.

They have their reasons, and I don't think they are wrong.  Each club is different for a purpose. smile


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My little girl is about to start painting! big_smile

Got some guns about ready for ya.


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regimas wrote:

i have a full set of custom mandalorian armor.
i have been rejected by the mando mercs. because of their strict policy's.
i would be completely on board for a independent mandalorian/bounty hunter club.
i can offer tips and tricks to help build tutorials.
in other words, where do i sign?

At your service- regimas

If you were rejected, then we also offered up suggestions to help you fix whatever we found needed to be fixed.  Unlike the 501st and other organizations, Mandalorian Mercs applicants undergo a preliminary check by the Personnel Officer, then are reviewed, discussed, and voted on by 7 officers.  It's not one person's sole decision who is up to standards, but we do pride ourselves on the standards we have had to enact for Mandalorian costumers.  We also have our requirements on the website where anyone applying for membership can see them.

The reason we have had to enact standards is because customs have been the joke of the Star Wars costuming community for quite awhile.  We are trying to remedy that as best as possible, and customs are never going to be taken seriously by LFL and seen as peers by other groups unless we come together as a united front.

Our standards are in place to promote the Mandalorian costumer and Mercs as the best the world has to offer in Mandalorian armor.  We want to help you achieve this with us, not make you feel rejected or inadequate.

Novall "Beskar'lovik" Talon
Mand'alor, Mandalorian Mercs.


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Lookin very nice there Orthar!  You guys do a great job.


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Your probably not gonna find one made out of steel unless you build it yourself.  Best bet is looking for a casted Aluminum helmet, those are nice and light while still being metal.  Only ones I know of were made by a guy on TheDentedHelmet.com earlier on in the year.  Likleyness of getting more made is pretty low as there were problems with the aluminum caster.


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Here's a couple more images.

Talon Clan, which is our local Mercs chapter here in North Carolina:

Left to Right:  Legion, Novall Talon, Vendrel, Frost K'Amon


and a close-up of my kit.