I would like one that was Pink and Black, or lime green and Black. But that would defeat teh purpose of trying to hide somewhere. lol


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OMG That RobotChicken episode was so funny.

But back on topic; I really didn't like Jara Jar at all, he was annoying. I think they only way that got him to cam downa dn be a senator was Drugs...or somekind of surgery lol

Ive been here since 2002 or so. My old account got zapped so i had to create a new one, plus i left for along time and jsut now came back. hehe


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Boba is pretty rare here. I always find the weird little known charecter toys at my Walmart. One time they had a Dengar on sale but i was low on chash asn was saving for a boba one. tongue

Antique stores and flea markets are a great place to find SW stuff.



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lol Or maybe Coruscunt