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ooo i hate not being able to fall asleep. But usaly what keeps me awake is a realy cool thought thats got me all exited and shaking in my bed, like what if the chinese  were to attack and me and all my freinds started an under ground resistance in kanasa *can make a realy long conversation AND it will happen!get your bunkers ready!*


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wasn't that first one used in Kotor exept it was mandalorians.

by the time the prices are marked down to reason, all the good games will be out and i'll be able to figuer which is realy the best. so  Im just gunna wait and feel sorry for any body that makes the wrongchoice for jumping the gun.


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headache pills never work for me. i think the headache somtimes is somthing your mentaly pictureing so you think your head is hurting and its just there till you stop thinking about it......or mabey the pill just don't work


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some kids at my school call me stealy Joe. its cause i never talk at school .and a couple other reasons *at boy scouts its monk,same reasons* but at home or with my friends im the sparkling conversationalist who says every that comes to his mind. mabey im skitzofrentic cause its so extreme at one place from the other. i was trying to tell my one friend who doesnt go to school with me and he thought i was lying and the consept just would not stick cause i talk alot.


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You could make it a mini series. I always thought that if they made star wars series it should be from Fetts perspective. because he's probly the person that travels the most during a life time and during his travels *bounty hunting*  he'd run into people like Me:D!!! no just kidding like Obi wan or vader er monmothma. and it would take place between episode 3 and 4. and there'd be ALOT of stormtroopers


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Han solo is pretty cool smile

I thought that when Darth Vader said "get me that ship"i thought he wanted that ship cause it was cooler than his.  And that when Oola got eatin i thought she turned into a frog and Jabba ate her


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Ha, ho man mine is Joeca of Meoca:)


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*nods head twice*


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darn it. Xanatos?Xantos?........mabey ... thats,... his .clone?


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OHHHHH! I remeber Xantos. Did any of you guys catch that he came from Telos, and so did Carth from Kotor. er..Xantos is the one that was Qui-gon old padawon.


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To day the girls beat us at a basketball game. Its weird we can beat all the other guys at basket ball but then we play against the girls and they woop us.and it was 3 agaist 5 and they still beat us tongue

Bobas is cool and better *like his armor*. In the book it say his  ship is realy clean on the inside.That'd be weird looking at ship all missing paint, dented and scratched. and then you walk in side and its all shiney and its playng jazz and a butler droid rolls up to you and says "would you like your Jawa joice shaken or stirred".and then Boba comes up and says shaken not stirred and then blasts you for tresspassing on hisship. tongue


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My favorite Jedi is.......*long silence* Revan. if he counts. Or Plo Kloon


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I think Durge would win. did any of you read the Clone Wars Comic were Durge dies. I was disapointed with his face, and he died way to easy. In my personal opion.


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the black marine spartans peoples in Halo 2. Oh and i'd get a swoop bike with a cargo hold for all my sodas.NO i'd be a scout trooper. the one with the speeder bikes.=)  and when i got old i'd get a bamboo cane and i'd put a loop of scotch tape around it as kill stripes

oh sorry boba dude i totaly forgot about this post, im so embarresed. it was the cheapest rubies hemut you could find. but just last week i repainted it. it looks pretty good


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heh, i remember once seeing him with yellow gauntlets.
Ya green is the best


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

I think that after you abuse a kid you should lose all your rights as a human being and should just be shot.



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if boba was to get married would his wife be mandalorian queen? would she have pink armor as portrayed in so many mandalorion females. And if am man holding a grenade up to you  says he's gunna blow us bolth up if you shoot, well what if you shot him sprinted in the other direction.?


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public bathrooms, traffic and the word The

think about it "the" and go look at you book collection and i bet 75% of the titles have the word The


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I dislike people that talk loud and alot. I hate guys that act like litttle girlies and whine and cry when they get trouble. i realy do not like a reality tv or sitcoms at all. Oh and i hate drama queens.OH man i hate poeple that say books are stupid and a waste and that tvs great but then say that they've read all the harry potter books twice.

probly my third oldest memorie is seeing the probe droid come out of the snow.