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Hey.  Sorry I've been off for a while, preparing for deployment.  I won't be around for like seven months.



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:The bar was as busy as it could be, with the few traders that were here all the time selling their stores of ammo, cheap surplus weapons, and makeshift clothing.  There was one here he hadn't seen before, one that probably was selling here without USEMA authorization.:

"What you selling, nug?  I don't see anything here, and you don't look like you have anything to barter."

"I'm selling you your salvation, my friend, in the form of weapons.  Follow me."

:Josh followed the strange man to his trailer, where the man had stored to M2 browning machine guns, eight M240G Medium machine guns, ammo enough to supply the town indefinitely, and one sub-kiloton taactical nuke.:


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"Well, that was a waste of perfectly good armor."

:Raj'el called the ship, ordering it to prepare for their return.:

"It's back to talos for any who wish to be part of something bigger than the hunt.  Mand'alor is back, and recruiting.  We can use every medic, bounty hunter, and vibro-blade weilding phsycopath we can get our hands on.

"What d'ya say?  Conquer the galaxy?"


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(Bumping to make active)


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The year is 2038, and the morld has been mostly destroyed by a rash of super disasters followed by a nuclear war.  The sky is black, the remaining safezones still secured fast in a Nuclear Winter.  Those humans that survive live in small cities, plagued by pirates and the Armies of the Northa American Union, the conjoined remnants of the US, Canadian, and Mexican governments.  Those that aren't par tof this society travel the frozen wastes, scavenging a salvaging all they can from the ruins of post-apocalyptic America.  The story starts in Humbolt, Iowa, former Headquarters of USEMA, the post Katrina Replacement for FEMA, and the town is help together by the efforts of the descendants of Blackwater operatives training at the USEMA HQ and the NRA members that evacuated to the site when the nukes were launched.:

Character sheet:

Weapons: (Max of three to start)
Background training: (Nothing incredible, please.)
Residence: (Either Humbolt or a Vehicle of your choice, if your one of those who wanders the wastes)

Keep in mind the post apocalyptic world runs on a barter system.  Food and ammunition are improtant.  Feul is Ethenol, the US having converted to an Agricultural economy in 2024.

Name:  Joshua Borelli
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Primary: Lietner-Wise Piston operated AR30, chambered in 6.8NATO
Secondary: Steyer MA2, chambered in 6.6 Borelli
Backup/Hunting/Blowup your head: .600 Nitro Express Revolver
Background Training:  United States Marines Corps infantry, Blackwater security agent.
Residence: Hum-vee with rubber tracks, custom armored to stop .50bg rounds.  Attached on and off to the USEMA remnant at Humbolt, Iowa.

:Josh rolled into humbolt in his Hum-vee, the rubber tracks catching easily on the fresh fallen snow around the town.  He presented his USEMA ID, and the gate swung open for him.  The walls would stop everything short of nukes, and had been built to withstand even the smallest of those.  He parked his hummer in the USEMA garage, strapped the .600NTE to his back, holstered the Steyr, and carried the AR30, headed to the post to see what he could barter for.  He needed ammo for the .700, and it's not like replacement parts for the Hummer were easy to come by.:


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:Nick took aim on one of the enemies below him, the one that had just thrown the grenade about to explode under the car.  He shot one of the WP grenades still strapped to the enemy soldiers chest, his target and the five Charlies around him going down in a wash of burning White Phosphorous.:


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(If he dies, he dies.  I'll come up with something else for them to do.  Jodo can live with the consequences of his inactivity.)

:Raj'el pulled a thermal detonator, activated, and checked it.:



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EH.  Nobody beats ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" or "Nobody" by Skindred.

And that's the truth.


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:Nick tracked all of this through his scope.  He heard another shot from the enemy sniper go by, his enemy apparently unaware of his exact location.  He would have to eliminate the counter sniper before protecting the infantry below him.  He lined up on his enemy, clearly aiming at him, his crosshairs bisecting the mans face perfectly.  He waited until his enemy saw him, and fired.:

:Shinomori saw teh muzzle flash, and momentarily felt victorious.  He now knew where his enemy was.  Then he noticed where his enmies rifle was aimed.  Towards him.  He had no where to go as SSgt Borelli's bullet finished it's 1500m 8 second flight time, makinf pulp of the countersniper.:


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(Sorry guys, but I'm outy for a while.  The internets gonna get cut to the barracks, until the first.  I'll have a surprise when I come back.)


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(I don't know either.  Probably some anime somewhere. \
Who cares?  We have an enemy now!)

:Shinomori watched his scope shatter, felt the hot shards spray over him, could feel the blood flowing on his face.  He brought out his secondary scope, attached it quickly, and took a shot at t


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(Time to mix it up a bit)
Name: Matsumoto Shinomori
Allegince: Unkown
Occupation: Counter-Sniper, SpecOps
Rank: Master Chief Petty Oficer
Weapons: Drogunov 7.62mm Sniper Rifle, SKS 7.62mm silenced assault rifle,  Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol

:Shinomori took aim at the M2 .50cal that had just been manned by an american soldier, his sworn enemy.  He fired, and the round missed it's target by only a few inches, ricocheting off the weapon itself.  He lined up for another shot.:

:Nick saw the massive muzzle flash from the Drogunov, a weapon he was all to familiar with.  He split his crosshairs against the scope of his enemy's weapon, fired, destoryed the optics.  HE couldn't tell if his enemy was dead, though:


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:Raj'el stepped out onto the tundra, the servos in his mechanical parts protesting against the sudden change in temperature.  His helmet on, the red glow of his droid eye was visible through his visor.:

"There's a cave about 100 meters straight ahead.  We can't see it because of the snow."

:He Switched to thermal vision, and could clearly see a body ahead, stark red against a sea of blue so dark it was almost black. He drew his sith tremor sword, not wanting to make noise with a lightsaber.:

"Let's move!  Melee weapons, blasters will be just short of useless."


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Not invicible, just wel played.  They all have their weaknesses, but a planeswalker never dies.  He can be beaten, and the rewards for doing so are awesome.

Planeswalkers are a creation of Magic, the Gathering.  They can walk between the planes of the multiverse, to different locations within a plane, shapeshift, and they never sleep.  Besides that they can draw on massive amounts of mana, and they retain thier strength and skills from their mortal lives.  He's immortal only in the sense he doesn't die.  You can "Kill" him, but he'll heal slowly and be back later, most likely with congratulations and a handshake.

THe runes are easily defeated, but I'll leave you to figure it out.  The Shadowwalking is th challenge here, and you'll need domovoi's help to do it.

And there's another elf to be joining the party soon.  He'll be immediately pro-Mirrari (An orb similar to the one you described exists in MAgic, so since they're magic based, that's what they call it.
It's all good.  I was having a rough day, another in the life of a US MArine.  Hoorah.


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(Good.  Send me an e-mail when Shinomori is needed again.  Both are based on a story I like, as are everyone elses characters.  So if you dodn't like Domovoi, he's out.  You suck, but he's out.)

(there are others I can make, maybe later on, not neccesarily against you.)


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"You don't need my persmission, I'm not attached to this command.  I just like spreadin g my hate and discontent."

:He put a round through the engine block of one of the tanks, and it exploded fantastically.  He'd already taken out the air support, and it wasn't likely they'd send jets to take out one sniper.:

(Dude, you should use peanut butter bambs.  Peanut oil + gasonline in an airtight container makes a handheld fuel-air explosive.)


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"Private, this is SSgt Borelli, callsign Leadrain.  I'm a scout sniper, not an artillery sargeant.  A tank, a vehicle, anything beyond my gear and my spotter is a little beyond me.  I can bring several hundred rounds of fifty, and call in airstrikes if needed.  Call the captain if you need more than that."

:Nick took one of the rooftops near Jake's position, his spotter, LCpl Zack Frietag, calling windages and distance.  The enemy began to fall, about one per second, uner the deadly lead rain from SSgt Borelli's rifle, as the salty old NCO spread hate and discotent umong his enemies.  Those that didn't die immediately began taking cover behind vehicles and concrete jersey walls.  The ones behind the concrete were the lucky ones.  Not one of those vehicles would stand against the Barret's mighty hail of d00m.:


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(Now we wait for Joda to post.  Hopefully he does.)

(z3.invisionfree.com/Ikuzo_Youma.  Go there.  Awesomeness you can)


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"Then get to your ships, and pray he doesn't have ground-to-space cannons."

:He got into his Cloakshape and blasted out of his hangar, to land only a few meters from the cave where the YVH droids had last transmitted.:


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"Well, we'll be putting down close to where he is, so neither should be a problem."

:The ship begins to decelerate, exiting hyperspace above hoth.:

"Get ready to land.  We're here."


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"Good to go sir. Notify gate gaurd one Marine entering."

:Nick pooled his gear, and walked to the fron gate.  Shoving his way through, letting his rocker talk to the lance corporals gaurding, he strode up to Captain Lorenzo and, stifling his salute in the war zone, greeted him:

"Good Day, sir.  Staff Sagreant Nicolas Borelli reporting as ordered, sir."


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"Wampas?  I'd rather worry about Jedi, if it's all the same for you."

:He took another swing from his ale:

"You were gonna kill a Krayt with your hands?  Are you dumb?"


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(Where is he?  Was that a reply to me?)

:Nick dials up the camp again.:

"Repeat American HQ, callsign unknown, this is SB-50 callsign Leadrain, requestiing persmission to enter HQ."


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(Is this dead, or what?  This was a great idea, too.)


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(Who has a problem with Joda joining the group, if he can defeat Kalak and Raj'el one-on-one in Battle Circle type matches without the use of the force?  He would have redeemed his honor, Jedi or not.)

(ummm...question: can i use my lightsaber against you guys or is that a "no weapons" battle all around? oh, and i started my own rpg. big_smile )

as the droids landed outside the cave Jodo Kast was meditating in, he sprung into action! igniting his lightsaber in midair, he slashed through one of the droids and used the Force to knock another down. "Two down, more to go." Jodo's signature catchphrase echoed throughout the cave behind them. He didn't have much time before the major snowstorms of the season hit. as he cut through the droids one by one, he realized that the four Mandalorians were coming to him. they wouldn't have much time.

(They would be whatever you wanted, because your the challenger.  Just no Force.)

:RAj'el left the droids to run the ship to hoth, and joined the others in the med bay.  His helmet was off, as was most of his armor.  His chest piece remained, immovable. He saw the ale, and ordered one for himself from the droids.:

"Good stuff.  There's stronger out there, and when your liver is mechanical, you don't have to worry about it."

:He took a swig, studied the bottle, and saw Talos with the Verpine visor.:

"I can do everything that does with this eye.  You don't want the implant unless it's neccesary.  More hasle than it's worth."

:He took another swig.:

"We'll be there in an hour or two.  Find cold weather gear, or have the droids build enviro controls into your armor.  It's winter on hoth, and the YVHs didn't do so well."