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ok, The flood Have infested a planet, and the CIS are wanting to take the planet for its valubale ore deposits to Support the war effort. So they battle for control of the planet. Who would win?

(now remember the Flood cant infect a droid with there disease that makes them into monsters, so there goes there main weapon)


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buffy would get owed


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dude....what the hell?

lets try to stay on topic shall we?


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But he had Cortana,and other marines to help him.

If hadent had Cortana he would not have been able to have figured out what to do.

And if he didnt have the marines he wouldnt of had any human shields to use.


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What the heck does Chuck Norris hace to do with this thread?


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Jhon may be faster but whose cooler?


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Fett_II wrote:

couple of seismic charges should do the job.

Since when does Jango fett walk around with a bunch of seismic charges
on his back?

BFFC-Mel wrote:

If he used a seismic charge he'd probably end up with acid blood all over him.

If a seismic charge went off he would not get acid blood all over him. He would get disintegrated.


Steping out in to the corridor, Shadow pondered a few things: Why hadent his brothers (Alpha-2, Alpha-3 and Alpha-4) woken him up from his chill down? Why did they even leave in the first place? He punched the wall in anger. And in for the first time in his life, he could not look up and see his brothers. For the first time in his life he felt....alone


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I dont know, star wars gots good music too.

(but i like requiem for a dream too)


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Even though I like Star wars more, I think Lord of the Rings has a better meaning to it then Star Wars.

(can we get on with the RPG?)



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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

i had an idea, you cold make it like he has a voice journal in his helmet or somthing, and he records stuff during fights, and battles, and you could kinda make it just well, cut off, if it is a voice journal i mean.

What he said

Alpha-ones eyes snaped open. He was cold. But that was to be expected, he had been Cryogenically frozen to keep him from aging, as he waited for his next mission. But it seemed like somthing was different some how. He couldent put his finger on it but somthing was wrong. He pushed  the lid of the freezing tube off. Warm air flowed in, coughing he gingerly steped out and went to his locker. Strange no one was around, and the walls were not white as when he had they had been when he had first steped in they were a sickly brown with carbon scoring. When he reached his locker he found that everthing had been strewed around every where, and he coudnt find anything. Someone was going to have a bloodied nose for this, he muttered. Going back to the freeze tube he pulled out his spare suit of armor and black body suit and put it on. As he put his helmet on he said to himself "Somthing is definitely wrong"

(thanks! but this is my first RPG so tell me if I mess up or anything)

Name: Alpha-one

Nickname: Shadow

Rank: Captain

Class: Clone Assassin

Armor: Jet black, with grey streaks and dark blue visor

Group: Alpha squad

WOC: Dual three feet long Vibro-blades,rist mounted

2WOC: DC-15 Carbine, with sniper rifle attachment

Secondary weapon: Two Class-B Thermal detonators

Equipment: Stealth Field Generator(allows Shadow to become nearly
invisible for 1 hour), silencer for DC-15 Carbine.


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ok, first star wars ship go at HYPERSPACE which is faster then light,

second, if Jango had his armor (just armor no weapons) he could beat Worf, strength isnt everything.

And this is a question I have always wanted to ask: Phasers uses light to kill right? Which the Borg can adapt too. But blasters use super-charged Plasma too kill a target. How can somthing adapt too that?

(do you mind if I join?)