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Me! Me!


Neither. In my mind they both sucked. But at least the AotC had some clone action...I guess that puts it a little ahead.


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The internet is a tool and like any other tool it can be used for 'good' and it can be used for 'evil'. Its up to the individual on how to use it.

Back OT: If the internet didn't exist...I would have so much extra time it wouldn't be funny.


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If you ask me 'love' and 'feelings' are just as temporary and fleeting as money. They say money can't buy everything, maybe so if you dont use it right. But money is resources, and you can accomplish things with resources. Love just makes you feel good.

Having people act fake around you comes with the position you have but it's a small price to pay considering what a lot of people have underneath their mask. Use your money correctly and you'll be able to find out if she/he loves you or not. But don't regret having money just because you cant find Mr. or Misses. 'Right'. Don't sacrifice your lifestyle for someone else on the notion that they 'love' you.


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I post here: http://mercs.firespray.net/forum/index.php?action=forum

But mostly here: http://forum.clonecommandos.net/

When I'm not here of course.


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Two words: Energy Shields.

No matter which way you angle it it would take at least three to four full strength hits to get through. Snake wouldn't get to the second hit. If even the first.

The box is funny yeah. Specially in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h59k8_Hh … re=channel



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I prefer Google myself, but I also use all the other search engine when I cant find something with Google. Which is rare.


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I turned 17 several weeks ago.


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Miba wrote:

So, since this has been out a while now, what does everyone think?



I found Han to be a useless character, and he didn't really have a point to be there. Also while the book's beginning and middle were great and awesome the ending sorta lagged and he didn't seem to really know how to end it.

I agree completely. Especially about the Han thing.


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Master Fett wrote:

Master chief vs Solid Snake? I would definetly love to see that match up. Hands down Solid snake would win. Master Chief would enter the ring wonder about the box in the ring turn his back and Snake plunges the military knife under his helmet!  GAME OVER!!!!!!

Mine would be Mace Windu Vs Yoda

Duel would be awesome.  I would love to see more of Mace's fighting style VAPPAD!

Right. What about his super human strength and agility all augmented by his power armor not to mention that it comes with energy shields.

Snake is an old guy who hides in boxes.

Anyway my ultimate showdown is Delta sqaud versus Master Chief.

Its another testament of George Lucas doing what he wants without caring what the fans thinks. GL has been about the power and control over his licensed products from the beginning now its manifesting its self in unpleasant ways.


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George Lucas does not consider EU canon.


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There's always Wikipedia. They usually have good info.


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True, but LucasArts has and they have control over the canon. This worry's me.

You heard wrong.

Mass Effect was made by Bioware (the company who made KOTOR) just because they didn't copy and the paste the engine and game mechanics of KOTOR doesn't mean it wasn't made by the same company, if you were to play it you would see the similarity in the games design philosophy. Mass Effect is all about story and important choices. If your a gamer then you would seriously be missing out not playing this game. Mass Effect is by far one of the best RPG experiences out there

My rant is over now. Sorry if I exploded but Mass Effect got a lot of bad press it didn't deserve back when it came out.

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

It'd make sense to me that some of the Death Watch would still be around.  I mean, they set up the True Mandalorian army, under Mandalore Jango Fett to be wiped out by Dooku's Jedi.  Once Jango escaped from slavery, he took revenge and killed Tor Viszla and his band.  But, not all the Mandalorian warriors were killed at that battle.  Remember that Walon Vau said that he felt like he let Jango down because he wasn't there at the Battle of Galidraan (did I spell that right?).  And there were enough Mando's around to help Jango train the Commando's.  And it says that he actually chose some former Death Watch to help train the Commando's, abeit, probably not the rabid Death Watch soldiers.  Dred Priest and Isabet Rau were supposed to be former Death Watch and I get the impression there were a few more on the Kaminoans payroll, that Jango kept reigned in.  So, the Death Watch part doesn't really bother me so much as Obi-Wan's royal "girlfriend" that's in this episode, who happens to have ties to the Mandalore people.  But, like I said I'm not going to spoil it here.  I can wait for a few days until it comes out.  When you see it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and you'll be like......WHAT.......THE........FRAK?........

......really?..........really?...........I mean, really?............

P.S.--.....Darth Flannel......that's a good one, I've never heard that before.  I'll have to remember that.

It seems like your talking as if you had already seen it. That true?

No, Mandalorians who wanted to start the crusades up again were called Death Watch.

Miba wrote:
Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Miba: Is it so hard to believe that not all the Mandalorians dies in 'open seasons' ? Or that they were all even there at the time? I dont really see the big deal with that.

Yeah. It is, actually. If not all the Mandalorians died then..... then why did Jango never get back with them later on? Jango, Mandalore at the time... you'd think if any Mandalorians weren't on that mission they'd try to find him or something?

Well, the way I see it is that The Mandalorians are a loosely affiliated group of mercenary's and are never all together in one place at one time. Spread out across the galaxy passing on the tradition. While yes a very large portion of them died in open seasons, while rallying to the call of the Mandalore, not all of them felt a sense of loyalty or a need at the time and simply didn't come. Not to mention the Mando'ade that escaped or (possibly I'm just speculating now) were taken captive seeing as Jedi dont execute prisoners.

Also to put your doubts aside, the Mandalorians (the traditionally armored ones anyway) featured in the Clone Wars are Death Watch. However there are possibly going to be other 'errors' on the shows part including the capital being renamed and the planet Mandalore being located somewhere else as well as featuring different terrain I believe.

Miba: Is it so hard to believe that not all the Mandalorians dies in 'open seasons' ? Or that they were all even there at the time? I dont really see the big deal with that.

I will have to agree with Sadriel that there seems to be a lot of continuity errors in the 'Clone Wars' not regarding the Mandalorians, but as for this new episode: I will not pass final judgment on it in till it comes out next Friday.

As for this 'Sundari' place I am holding out on it being just another 'colony' world, though in the minds of these 'New Mandalorians' I can see them calling it the capital of 'Mandalore.'

Also Admin: That link doesn't work for me. It might just be my computer but yeah could you double check that for me?

I dont have a problem with these 'New Mandalorians' as long as they dont greatly step on the toes of the previous Mandalorians established by Karen Travis.

Yeah saw that when it debuted at E3 couple of months ago. Cinematic looks good, but the game looks nothing like it. Its purely to build hype. It worked in my case.


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एक आँख के बदले आँख पूरी दुनिया अंधी पत्ते

(google translate FTW)


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I'll believe it once its officially announced.


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I was holding out for a BattleFront III...Guess not though.