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Ha, it was just a joke sight is fine. Man, that would have pissed me of something fierce.


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"For great Cheesiness!"

Then proceeded to...


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Good lord I haven't posted here for like two years! Time flys. I think I'm going to rip off its wings one of these days.



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((OOC: Its great to see you guys again  big_smile

Now...into the fire.))

     Casualty and damage reports were getting out of hand. So far 82% of the Storm Commando/Dark Trooper detachments had been neutralized, 12% had gone MIA, and 5% were pinned down somewhere another in the enemy ships. Only 1% of the detachment had actually completed their objective.

     Against all odds, that last fragmented sqaud, Delta sqaud, had managed to seize the Rebel flag-ship. A monolithic Mon-Calamari star-ship. 

     Delta sqaud blasted the bridge doors open, and gunned down any resistance a bridge crew could throw at a Dark Trooper and Storm Commandos. They quickly plugged into the enemy computer-mainframe rigging a signal to Auxilium's Virtual Intelligence. Not a micro-second was wasted hacking every communications frequencies giving false information of all kinds; relaying inaccurate fleet positions, bogus ship estimated numbers and strength as well as poor attack vectors. The signals were bounced off random ships, giving no indication of where the breach in security had originated.  Ship captains soon began ignoring orders and broke of from fleet formations, fighter squadrons went rogue and complete chaos ensued. The entire Rebel battle-network was in pitiful shambles.

The Imperial fleet could catch a moments breath. But the Mandalorians would squeeze it out again with a fist of beskar.

((OOC: let me know if any revisions need to be made. Its been awhile, might have stepped on someones toes.))


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((OOC: Whoooo! Always wanted to start this up again. I'll have a post up in a jiffy.

Should I focus on the space battle or move on to the ground to follow Ralin?))


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An epic trailer with a quick glimpse of Delta and showcasing some other very interesting aspects of The Clone Wars: Season 3.



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Republic Commandos invade SW: The Clone Wars!


And not just any commandos: Delta Squad!!


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After read the Darth Bane series I'm Sith all the way.

Sith FTW!


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Hello welcome back.

Maybe if they were SPARTAN-II's that would definitely make it more interesting.


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How about carpet cleaner?


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I like the RedLetterMedia ones better.


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

well weren't the Taung the original Mando's? with their leader being mandalore the first?

I believe so.


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Some pretty sweet stuff. Specially like that Old Republic one, I like how you got a lot of detail in there.


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No problem.


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bobafett1 wrote:


Post fail.


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Wookiepedia FTW!

revan07 wrote:

They have promised to retcon all this and work it out so both stories fit the canon.

I would also like to know where you head this as I am doubtful of its truthfulness.


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I'll take Karen Traviss over 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' any day.

You might be on to something there Ralin.


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I'm more concerned with the canon in the Republic Commando series. I couldn't care less about the canon in the movies.


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Gotcha covered:

*Insert rant here*



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Twitter is one of the best ways to get any kind of news the fastest way possible. Feel free to follow me I post some interesting stuff once in a great while...amongst all the other spam of course tongue: http://twitter.com/Austin_MSW


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Where? I couldn't find them.


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Firmly, and utterly against it. Pacifists Mando'ade is crap.