he can have a one or two lightsabers or a double-bladed!

colors are: green, blue, purple, orange, yellow and red.

also, i think i saw Bossk?

TROOPS, tonight on FOX!

yeah, the accent really made it funny...


burn down the e-mails!

(sorry...i'm a huge POTC fan...i saw the 2nd one for my birthday last year...)


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no, that's about picking who you like, not who would win in a fight.


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Iron Man is a human.

he's just as tall as any man.

he's not too strong, either...

well, who would win without armor?

i say Boba...


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why would Iron Man win?!?


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The Fetts battling each other for honor and no mercy (and "No disintegrations!" "As you wish." they both said, sounding eerily similar...)!

i believe Boba Fett would win over Jango "i-got-my-head-cut-off-by-a-Jedi" Fett.

but, i don't know Jango might have some tricks up his sleeve...

so, who would win?

polls are now open...


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it's "Iron Man" and Boba Fett would...*ahem*..."disintegrate" him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


put me on!!!!!!!

(just use my "name", though. no e-mail...)

pssh...i wish...


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farther away than before, Jodo Kast, listening in to the converstation taking place by his attackers, realizes that he must get rid of his armor, the last remnants of his father, or else he'll kill his friends. or...he could destroy the bug and take off in his customized Delta-7 Aethersprite Jedi starfighter, nicknamed the "Lightspeed" by Jodo, with R5-D7, after all, they didn't know about the cloaking device on his starfighter, or of the planet he was going to. with no way to track him and only his droid with him in the small craft, he was unstoppable. he walked up to the cockpit where his bounty hunting partner Krado was piloting and communicating via intercom with Noro Cuman, the mechanic and nephew of his former Jedi Master. it would be hard to separate from them for even a day, much less as long as it took to outrun or stop their pusuers, but he would have to. he had already found the bugs in his armor and tossed them into the empty space. he had already programmed the coordinates into his starfighter and gotten R5 and a few of his things situated. now was the hard part. saying goodbye to his 2 closest friends in the whole galaxy. he took a deep breath and walked into the cockpit...

a few hours later, after explaining the situation and his plan. he was taking off in the Lightspeed with R5 and headed to uncharted places...

(yeah, you're never gonna find me...)

HORMONAL-INDUCED ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Boba Fett decides to...

yeah, i'm not on there...

that video was freakin' hilarious!

i loved it!

Admiral Ackbar cereal! yay!


Empire on Ice!

i also love when Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon drop the lightsaber...


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what is it?

i hope so...

mine's yellow.

i actually created my Jedi character on Star Wars Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy...

he's freakin' sweet!

oh, and you can play as Boba Fett in multiplayer mode, complete with a single, double, or double-bladed lightsaber!

that's why this topic is here...

are you on...medication, Green?


never say that about Boba Fett again!

he's an assassin, born and bred (literally)!


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green helmeted fett wrote:

the greatest superhero of all time is superhero man, lol smile


dude, stop. please, stop. you're not funny.

just stop.

do you mean "Superman"?

if so, then, yeah, he roks.


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wait, how do we know it comes out by Christmas if there's no date? hmm?


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i'm gonna ask for a Boba Fett helmet for Christmas! big_smile

(along with a digital camera that can record video and a DELL laptop!)


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cool images.