and then his old girlfriend, the Sarlacc comes back the street. yeah.


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Many years ago, during the Empire's earliest years, before the first Death Star was built, there were the Jedi Elite. We were many and yet we were few. We went unnoticed by the Empire and its Stormtroopers for decades. We were each assigned to a main planet in each sector after four years of training were completed under a Master. We met each six months on my modified Old Republic Hammerhead-class Cruiser, the Stealth Core. It was our refuge in times of peril. But, we were still powerful even during those times. We are the Jedi Elite!

Name: Jodo Kast
Age: 27
Lightsaber color: Yellow
Species: half-Mandalorian/half-Corellian
Planet assignment: Tatooine
Master, species: Mano Cuman, Ithorian (dec.)
Astromech droid type (if applicable): R5-D7
Planet of exile (for emergency use only): Hoth
Name and type of ship: the Lightspeed, Delta-7 Aethersprite Jedi Starfighter
Personality: fun-loving. an adventurer by trade, this Jedi used to enjoy his bounty hunting all too well. a nice guy to talk to if you're on his side.

It was nearing the time to return to the Stealth Core, and Jedi Master Jodo Kast knew it. But, he had much on his mind especially since...she came back into his life. She had come out of nowhere in her Jedi Starfighter and saved him from the Krayt Dragon as he'd been nearly eaten by it after it caught him off guard in the Dune Sea. But, with the bi-annual meeting coming up in a few days, he would have other worries. Worries such as new recruits he'd have to assign to Masters, Imperial troubles, and losses of Jedi he'd known for years. It was always this way, ever since he'd founded the Jedi Elite back up those 6 years ago. R5 beeped from behind, trying to comfort him and Jodo laughed at the droid's attempt to cheer him up. He was nearing the ship and would need to contact Noro Cuman, the ship's mechanic and his closest friend, to let him know he was coming in a few days early. He still reminded Jodo of his uncle, the Jedi Master who'd trained him until his death. As he began to dock, he wondered to himself, "How long can we keep this hiding up?"

(just introduce yourself as i did with the list above and i'll let ya join! word of warning: I am the highest ranking Jedi. You can still be a Master as well, though.)


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(alright, i kept my helmet on the Stealth Core, but didn't take it with me on the Lightspeed. I'm in exile on Hoth. Don't kill me, but i've decided. you can kill my Rodian bounty hunter friend, Krado. DO NOT DAMAGE THE SHIP OR KILL MY OTHER FRIEND (or me.)! savvy?)


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(i noticed that. that's why i put "bounty hunting AND war" tactics. but, it doesn't matter now...unless you guys are willing to participate in a non-killing fight. since you OBVIOUSLY want to fight/and/or/kill me, that is... yeah, you guys go on with the RPG.)


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(basically, i was wanting to train under you four to learn your bounty hunting and war tactics. you're very well-known around the galaxy. i tracked you to a small cantina/arena in Mos Eisley and you know how that turned out. so, i'm in exile with no need for that sort of training in that area because my bounty hunting career is over, thanks to you. savvy?)


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(nope. not gonna happen. i really do have a reason for tracking you down, if you're willing to hear it, that is...)


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(is he you? i can't remember...well, what do you suggest, short of killing me, my crew, or damaging my ships in any way?)


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(you could find me and we could form some sort of truce so i can explain my motives for tracking you down and drawing my lightsaber.)


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

actually, "You wore mandolorian armor when you were a jedi" the lightsaber thing isnt that bad, Gehz Hokkan had one for a while.

(thank you. but, it's no problem, now. my armor is in the vacuum of space...ruining my bounty hunting career.)


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(i know...i just don't want permanant damage to my character. an arm is replacable. a face...)

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

You Wore A Lightsaber With Mandalorain Armor, That Is A Big Insult

(he gets it from his heritage. he's half Mandalorian bounty hunter, half Corellian Jedi, savvy?)


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

(your the one who insulted are characters heritage, and you drew your weapon first)

(how did i "insult your heritage"? and a Jedi always draws his lightsaber as a precaution in areas like that.)

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Jodo Kast wrote:

i don't mean to look like a jerk,


(it's my first RPG, cut me some slack! and besides, this is like the EU of our characters, they can do whatever they want...within reason, of course...)


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Thylacine wrote:

((Oh great, right when was getting good. Someone should've put a "No Mary Sue" rule up.))

(when it was getting good, eh? i'm sorry, but for the last 3 pages, all i can see is you guys deciding who you're riding with! sorry for interrupting the "good times"... and what the heck is "Mary Sue"?!? i don't mean to look like a jerk, but i walked by you guys and almost died! so, SORRY if i've offended you in any way! we wouldn't want that, now, would we?!? in case you can't tell, if i was actually talking to you, i'd be yelling and extremely sarcastic!!!!! geez...)


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(dude...i heard you because i was meditating. oh, and my armor is gone. i tossed it out of the airlock. and why don't you just move on to your fighting and drinking? i had my fun, introducing my character, go have yours. I'm going into exile for a while, to train some more. Don't kill my crew or destroy my ship, now! I cut off that dude's arm and i'll finish the job from miles away! Seriously, just leave me in peace. or, go on a wild goose chase and fight and drink in your ships, savvy? it was fun. see ya!)

and the only universe left is the DCU, which Boba Fett managed to sneak into.

as he docked his ship, Lobo attacked!!!!!!

(look him up on Wikipedia before you post!)


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Iron suit!

he's not "like Megatron"!


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yeah, Fett 2!


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the keyword there being "poor attempt"...


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draco fett wrote:

Thanks, aswell.

i was like, "who's aswell?", but, then i realized you meant "as well"...



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thanks, "Fetter". (his voice dripping with sarcasm...)


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well, semi-genius at least...

was it you?


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this is my 374th post...

i'm only away 127 from my 6th star (501st post)! yay! big_smile


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i only have a Wal-Mart gift card and maybe a Books-A-Million card as well.

whee. big_smile

i wouldn't want everything...

hate, corruption, sin, anger, frustration, etc.

but i would want a Boba Fett helmet, though!


put us on!


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it's probably been stagnant for a while, though...