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Then, the Lightspeed went flying into the Stealth Core's docking bay, startling the few Jedi who were on board.  Jodo Kast landed his ship and jumped out barking orders. "All Jedi, to your stations! We have been discovered by a Sith refugee named Darth Zero! He is headed this way and will be here in six minutes! I just barely escaped him, he's that powerful! Let's go!"

Later, to his most trusted confidante, Bonroarr the Wookiee Jedi (a friend of mine who won't join the bffc...), he related some startling information. "I don't know, Bonroarr. He just came out of lightspeed directly behind me. It was as if...someone tipped him off as to our presence. An "inside job", if you will. Keep a sharp eye to those around you. Don't let down your guard until we've found this traitor." (it's not him, don't worry...)

then, elsewhere entirely, Boba Fett tries to punch Chuck Norris, causing a rip in the space-time continuum!!!!!


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(you guys are crazy. big_smile thanks a lot for killing me. oh, well... see ya!)


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the Stealth Core is currently in orbit over Tatooine. it moves around as we do.


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(yeah...well, i'll be back on Mon! hopefully...see ya then!)

"pssh...are you kidding me? Zuckuss follows me around everywhere!" and Boba responds to Zuckuss' geekiness by...

(doing something to him! he's our resident loser! don't kill him.)


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green helmeted fett wrote:

cos he was saying " Aye! " and " 'kay! " which means och i! and wat does devevsive mean?

i wasn't making fun of you! i say "Aye!" cuz i'm a huge POTC fan! i say "'kay" cuz...well...i say that! don't take offense 'til you know the whole story!

and Dengar, the All-Knowing Master of the Neverending Boba Fett Story Game responds with a "yeah, there's a bunch of nerds toying with our lives by putting us in weird situations." and Boba says: "...


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Raj'el Vhett wrote:
Jodo Kast wrote:

(alright, i kept my helmet on the Stealth Core, but didn't take it with me on the Lightspeed. I'm in exile on Hoth. Don't kill me, but i've decided. you can kill my Rodian bounty hunter friend, Krado. DO NOT DAMAGE THE SHIP OR KILL MY OTHER FRIEND (or me.)! savvy?)

(Unless you intend to redeem yourself somehohis rp, it doesn;t matnue tw and contter if you die.  The character is still useable in other RPs.  Raj'el has died several times, in diffrent time periods, sometimes not even in a Star Wars story.  I'll do my best though.)

Raj'el dialed the comm system.:

"The YVHs have located the jedi. He's hinding on hoth.  We'll be there in a few hours, so i suggest you get ready.:

On Hoth....

:The YVH hunter-killer droids are just now landing outside Joda Kast's cave/hut/whatever he's sleeping in.:

(I assume you've been training, Joda.  They'll be tough, but for the sake of the story, I can't let them kill you.)

(Who has a problem with Joda joining the group, if he can defeat Kalak and Raj'el one-on-one in Battle Circle type matches without the use of the force?  He would have redeemed his honor, Jedi or not.)

(ummm...question: can i use my lightsaber against you guys or is that a "no weapons" battle all around? oh, and i started my own rpg. big_smile )

as the droids landed outside the cave Jodo Kast was meditating in, he sprung into action! igniting his lightsaber in midair, he slashed through one of the droids and used the Force to knock another down. "Two down, more to go." Jodo's signature catchphrase echoed throughout the cave behind them. He didn't have much time before the major snowstorms of the season hit. as he cut through the droids one by one, he realized that the four Mandalorians were coming to him. they wouldn't have much time.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Jodo Kast wrote:

then why are you even on this site?

go post on Iron Man's site, you unfaithful fan!

how bout no,
im not that much of a boba fan, BUT I REFUSE TO LEAVE *contines ranting*:)

"Curse you, Richards!" (thank you, Twisted Toyfare Theater!)

"Curse you, Richards!" for Gollum was really Dr. Doom in disguise! Boba looks down into the lava pit (in the middle of the street?...) and says: "...


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(nice...i like it. we need at least 2 more, though...)

congrats. neutral

i say Darth Maul. he was the only good part of Ep. 1. 'nuff said.

(does Aurra Sing have a stamp? no, i don't think so...)


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then why are you even on this site?

go post on Iron Man's site, you unfaithful fan!

and Gollum eats the Sarlacc and asks for Boba's autograph. Boba responds by...


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yeah, Boba would destroy Jango.

and he eats all...*ahem*...six of House's "fingers", if you catch my drift...


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(well, alright. i'll let him play...for now. he'll be a regular Jedi, not a Knight or a Master, savvy? tell a little story about him flying around in his ship like i did. i added one more thing to the list.)

"This is the weirdest delivery i've ever performed. who's the father?"

and the Sarlacc responds by...


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

*feels a strange compulsion to make a character that urns to the dark side*could that happen?

(yes, but have the patience to wait to completely turn him. oh, and i'll have my suspicions about him, don't worry...)


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:


(they're around, it's just that this is the Jedi side of the story. we spar and train and learn etc.)


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

I think he is a hero, because the only reason he was inc=volved was because of the whole Civil war thing.

no, Marvel is made up of anti-heroes (heroes who'll do things that go against a true hero's moral code.) and villains. exceptions include: Spider-Man and The Thing.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

(er.....can we be sith?)

(er.....NO. start a Sith RPG and we'll fight around Thanksgiving. this is a Jedi RPG.)


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Sharra Fett wrote:

As much as everyone loves a superhero, I have to go with the anti-hero Boba Fett on this one. The post space age metals of the Star Wars universe are far stronger than iron which coud not withstand a blaster.

ummm...Iron Man drinks a lot and was involved in Captain America's death. he's an anti-hero, kids.

so, the real question is who makes a cooler anti-hero:

Boba Fett.