Purpose of the bad,i mean bandages id from Han Solo. It's in one the paperback books. I don't remember which one.

1 was good,2-3 had Manikin Skywalker in it. 2 was good for the fight/clone scenes. Third also the fighting sceens were good till Manikin opened his mouth. Crappy acting and whining.


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If anything dark but neutral. I have a tat of Fett's signia on one arm ans soon imperials on the other. And i don't mean republicans. To see it go to www.myspace.com/kendlestone


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Any females living in Cali looking for a bf? I'm available. e-mail me and we'll chat.


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Want to see a pic of me got to www.myspace.com/kendlestone
I've changed it to what it should be. Boba Fett.


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Hey Manji_Ninja. Your very atractive without your glasses and very cute with them. Ever thought of getting contacts?


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Yea it was. I almost pee'd my pants


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I will admit i do like star trek but my heart will ALLWAYS be with Star Wars. Besides it gives you a warm feeling to make fun of the ST geeks. smile


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This weekend in Sacramento,California there is a SW/ST/Battlestar Galactica convention. Is anyone going to bet there? If so look for the geek wearing a black madolian shirt. Don't be shy to stop and say hey. I'll be there on saturday and hopefully sunday to.


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Ewoks.They blow.

Either way sounds cool. No matter how it's spelled.. smile


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Anyone know if George is going to put the holiday special out on DVD? Regardless if it was crappy. I liked it a tad, but of course the Boba Fett cartoon a cool. Also there was the Droids cartoon series. I have the first one(like everyone else). Does any one know if the rest of the series is going to be out or how to get the rest of the series by ordering them?


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My 2 favorits is:
uteeny anD Do or do not.....


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At leas now i know what i have on my arm. If nyone cares or has that tatooed on them you sould share it. Go to Myspace/kendlestone to check out my pics/tat.


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For me mosly a BF collector. Lately anything with the mandalorian symbol on it.. I have the shirt and thanks to E-Bay, i have a nice watch,necklace,ring,wallet and hat. Next is the patch and sunglasses. That should do it for my collection. Of course i had to get a tattoo of it. Go to Myspace/Kendlestone to see my fett pics and others. Other than that i've collected all kinds of Fett stuff and Slave I to. wheres he in my life? For some reason i've gotten a lot braver since i've gotten my tat. I'm a wus when it comes to  certain things like dealing with A**holes where i live. It gives me bravery,like him. Deal with any uknown problem(s). That or just tired of peoples crap and not care. smile

When i got his autograph from E-Bay i wanted to play SW Online and be a bounty hunter. After that I now have 3 autograhs a pic with him and 3 figures in packages signed. And now a tat of his signia. Geek 4 Ever.

Since i first saw ESB for the first time,when it fist came out in the 70's. AND bought the original figure. Tells you how old i am.


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Has anyony met Jeremy Bullock? If you havn't hese a very sweet guy. If your in Califonia hese going to be up in Sacramento the last weekend of Sept. I will be there. I have a pic with him and I MUST get it autographed   smile

First of all,I can understand George used the guys voice from part 3 But if your going to use the dialog,speak the same as original Ep 5. I listend to(original)voice and it sounded mysteriously. Not hears my line,next. like just want to get this over with. Now that we know what he looks like it's stupid. He was a mystery now it runed the imagination. But again I lie ESB voice.


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As a SW geek forever. I do like ST. I grew up wathing it. but i won't get into detailes of what is better. But i do agree with Valthonin about bad actors. Like Hayden C. or A.K.A. maniken skywalker. Nuff said. There are great actors and not so great in both but very injoyable. But again SWG4E.


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Before everyone goes nuts on me, i will say the compareson  of the 2.. YES ST has better Tech than SW. BUT the one thing ST don't have is fun,colorfull characters as SW. ST has a lot of dull characters. ST might have more women but in SW the women(leia) would kick there *** in a heart beat.


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I'm 40 years old and i got my first Tatoo. The mandalorian symbol. I've met Jeremy Bullock a few years ago at the fair ,and yes hese a hell of a nice guy. If Curious what my tat looks like.goto myspace.com/kendlestone to check them out.


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I like it. It looks like a Krayt dragon