I find that when life presents a problem to me I think "What would Boba do?" plus if any body offers you drugs just say to yourself if Boba doenst condone the spice why should I?

It obvious that if he survived then they would make a hilarous sitcom about Boba and Jango bounty hunting together.

draco fett wrote:

I've never seen Boba with two pistols. I've seen him with a rifle and a pistol in comics, but never in an action figure. You might be thinking of Jango, who uses dual pistols.

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Its simple the G-man would show up and save Freemans butt again.

I belive he will go one of two ways. 1- He will take one last contract before giving up the life and while doing it he will be seriously injured but he will still complete it then he will die at peace alone on his ship. 2- He will simply quit bounty hunting and retire and he will just die but not before giving all his money to an orphanage.

Helmet wax and power bars.

Does anyone know if they sell a boba fett action figure that has not only his blaster rifle but his two pistols cause I cant find one any where?? All I see is the ones that have one weapon with them but he uses two pistols to.

In the book bounty hunter stories it notes twice in the book that he takes off his helmet to sleep.

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