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Everettj is right, plus they have symbiotic relationship with the Jedi and other force sensitive individuals. To me this means that they could not survive outside of a living organism, and thus not have their own location with in the galaxy.


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There are many "what if's" here. Mace is reported as being one of the most powerful Jedi ever, and that is how he attained a spot on the High Jedi Council at such a young age, the youngest untill Anakin came along. He was also the only master of his lightsaber form Vaapaad. This would make him quite the foe to Boba Fett even in his prime. Yet there is still hope for those who root for Boba. Through out the Star Wars Universe there has been Jedi assains and non-force sensitive individuals that have killed Jedi. Perhaps those were not those of Mace Windu's level, but Jedi nevertheless. Boba Fett is a carefull planner and pays very close attention to details. If Mace Windu and the Jedi Order had continued to be a force in the galaxy an adult Boba Fett could have talken down Windu or another Jedi of his caliber.


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Hey Its taken me somtime, but I have found you guys and you all seem really cool. I've been reading a bunch of the posts and I find it to be great fun. And I have learned some stuff too. Just a strange note, the 2nd "t" in the 2nd half of my name is silent. A bunch of people rag on me for that but, its been that name for too long to change it now. I've gone by this name since, oh 1998 and I've gotten attached. Thanks! And I'll be around.