I've heard these! The Ex sent them to me i believe in an attempt to... well who the Flip knows why.... but I laughed pretty hard.


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It really wasnt the BEST movie, but I have suffered through worse. Much worse. The editing could have been much better, and the characters developed deeper, but It was  still better than X3.

It was entertaining and enjoyable, which is all that I ask for when i go to the movies. I went through that indie, art movie phase, and ugh I pity that former self. No fun there.

I also didn't notice the "bad" CG. Maybe that's because I'm old school, before we had stuff like that.


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When I was younger I BEGGED to be homed schooled. BEGGED. I knew quite a few of kids who were home schooled as well and was SO jealous. But when I was growing up, it wasn't "quality education". Even still in my area its looked down on, and the kids made fun of for being stupid. But having taught in school and suffered as a student, I have become a great supporter of home education. You can cover more material, in more depth that way, and learn more about the real world. Schools can be isolating from reality. And there are so many programs that make it easier than ever, AND help keep those learning more focused. ( I was certainly never a self motivator, so that would help some kids.)


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Sorry to hear that Vod. But Don't forget about us and come back soon ok.

Ok I know i'm going to sound stupid.... What's an emulator? And is it possible to find SotE with out getting anN64? I've actually been looking for one... but my game stops/ local garage sales have yet to turn one up for me.

I am a person of favorites. And they all evolve. I once was a huge Vader fan. But they evolved as I fell more and more into the EU. I LOVE loved the Idea of Mandalorians and the Armor and what Boba Is.  Although I also love Shaak Ti and Wedge Antililes. Its different though.

I don't remember myself shouting and clamoring for a Star Wars TV show. I knew the moment it was going to be this cartoon that those creating would find more than ample ways to make a mess of things. And lo and behold they have.

This Dave Filoni is pitiful. He claims to be a fan. He proves with every word that he does not actually care because he has so many contradictions and fallacies. If he took TWO seconds to just have his assistant even check stuff in the simplest of ways, such as consulting Starwars.com, then pathetic things like this with Grevious.


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I prefer to be my own walking wookieepedia:P


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Fett_II wrote:

Titanic was a boring topic, never got into it. Boring movie too. Too long and fruity.

Ha well to each their own. I think the same about a lot of things...


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Damn. I wish! Alas i will not be attending SDCC until 2010.


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I know no one here remotely knows this, but I am a huge Titanic historian. Have been WAY before the movie came out. It was something I used to do with  my grandpa and he got me into it. I have the collection to prove this.  I've been less active in the community and in general with the whole Titanic stuff, but then again I have a lot in life I like. I do not know who ran this particular show. But one organizations basically salvages these pieces from the wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc. The are the ones that lifted a large section (nicknamed "the big piece" ) from the wreck, amongst hundreds of other artifacts over the years. i went to a show/ museum when it was in Atlantic City at one point, and I was impressed. I thought it was respectful and it had lots to offer. It was more then just a pair of cuff links.  Maybe Im biased. I wanted to go. Perhaps thats why it seemed so bad, that you didn;t have a choice but to go to it. Its a bit special interest in my opinion.  And well if your MOMS wanted to go.... well... thats scary cause I guess I'm closer to being middle aged and stogy. 

What makes you bring this up? I


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Miba wrote:

Everyone needs to "warm up" after they sleep. It's a part of the waking up process. You can't expect to jump out of bed and be instantly at top working condition. About the only way to do that is if there's something wrong and you're able to do it cause of adrenaline. But on a normal day you do have to wait a bit before you're "awake".

For the whole day/night thing, get a job overnight somewhere. There's plenty of places that are open all night, or need people overnight. Like stores have nightcrew and some fastfood have overnight drivethrough or something. There's overnight security jobs, if you're into that. I'm not sure where all else might need overnight people.

Well my warming up takes too long then. I don't know but for me its different. It actually causes  me pain and some days I never get back full function in my hands. I would take a job like that... but alas they don't pay like my day jobs do. As it is im unhappy with what i earn because i'm still stuck living at home and i work a full time, 40 hours a week position.


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LOL. Sleep does not often make me happy. My body does not always like it either. How often do you wake up and you feel worse than when you went to bed? Who looses the ability to do many things with their hands because they went to sleep and now their body needs to "warm up" for lack of a better phrase? So often sleep does mean things to me. And like today causes me issues because i ended up sleeping to noon. That was a fight with my family i did not need.


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See I'm jealous. I didn't know about it until meeting you guys. I wish i did.


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I guess I'm thinking of a different  Ryan Renolds. One thats.... less... of anything but a joke of himself. In that I don't seem to feel your confidence in him as an actor. I always like to see some one's work before judging them on it. He's just not my first choice. Not that I know who would be, i just dont think Ryan Renolds for anything I suppose.

How is it eh? I'm going to have to check this out before the link gets pulled.


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Ahh... i do enjoy it when i can get it. If i can catch it in the right place too. Its been easier to come by since I upgraded my bed too. I used to have one of those horrid twin mattresses with the springs. Then my parents went and got a fancy king bed. I got the fancy queen air mattress. I can usually guarantee 3 hours of sleep if im not up in pain and discomfort.  Most of the time i function on around 4 hours of sleep. I do not often get the chance to get anymore, especially on the weekends. I think a good part of the reason why i simply don't sleep more is that I naturally have a night owl pace, and I'm forced to live in a day time society. (Where are these vampire societies when ya need them???)

I've stayed up 24 hours and more I think the longest was 36. Back in the day I'd have sleep overs (with girls who now no long have anything to do with me...) that would last for days.We'd be up all night. Sleep like 2/3 hours then start all over again.  I soon will be undertaking a similar task of driving a long distance straight through. I only hope I'm up for it.:)

Yes I've heard of it. Trying to get hands on it. When i went to the bookstore they didnt have it. (Stupid barnes and noble... see if i waste money in your stores....) I'm glad it good because I need something new to read as i've finished all the books i have.


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Sharra Fett wrote:
Si Titran wrote:

HA! Thanks for thinking I'm still young. It can be hard to think that when most of the people you grow up with are married and/or with kids.  (or divorced with kids.....) Because I don't even have a BF, I don't get included because its always couples crap. Or any attention because I've chosen to not have babies. Its like i've been left behind you know?

Johan.... that sounds like messy drama.....

I have a boyfriend but I chose a long time ago not to have babies and have never been married. Although I don't get included in a lot of "couples crap" either because he lives out of town and I only get to spend quality time with him once or twice a week.

I'd take once or twice a week! That was the most i ever saw my Ex.


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Aliyah was relieved they managed to reach the inside of her ship. She was exhausted, but refused to let it show. She was better than that, she was Jedi and should be better than all this, then tiring just when she needed to keep going.

Tanis reached the cockpit with her, and went for the controls.

"I'll take care of it thank you very much Master Jedi. This is MY ship after all. I can fly us out of here just fine." She commanded as she pushed Tanis out of the way to finish the take off sequence. She was entirely too proud to let him take the helm of her precious ship. She'd spent too much time finessing the mechanics and dynamics of the ship to let some inexperienced being run rampant with her.

" I'll fly us out of here, but you stay on alert with those forward guns. Try to take out what you can." She told Tanis,  with the wookiee, Shiv, looming over her in the cabin door way. Those guns were something a little extra she'd "upgraded" on her J42 nubian.  "Shame it was never named properly", Aliyah thought as she pulled on the throttle hard and accelerated up steeply and in a hurry. She was attached to that thing like none other.

There was debris everywhere. Hunks of cold, twisted chunks that once were fighting vessels stayed in orbit. She could see the retreating  fleet  not all that far off to her right. They were too late to help the bombers. None flew in space above Mandalore.

Aliyah swore under her breath. "It seems like all the bombers have made it inside of Mandalore's atmosphere. See if you can raise Commander Ralin, Tanis. He should be warned about them, if he doesn't know already"

He tried to, and adjusted to all sorts of comm frequencies. As Tanis was reaching, Aliyah worked on the Navacomputer.

" I can't reach him Tanis said. Nothing. Are we done and ready to get to Coruscant? We need to get out."

"Hold on we're going for it." and she pulled back and the starts elongated. They successfully made their jump into hyperspace.

Aliyah finally collapsed in her chair, and pulled one leg under herself.

"You should meditate, young one" Tanis said. "The battle has not been easy. And it will help you regain your strength."

"Mhmm." she agreed with him. "But first tell me one thing. Why are we going to Coruscant if Skywalker is being held on Korriban? Aren't we to be RESCUING him?"


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HA! Thanks for thinking I'm still young. It can be hard to think that when most of the people you grow up with are married and/or with kids.  (or divorced with kids.....) Because I don't even have a BF, I don't get included because its always couples crap. Or any attention because I've chosen to not have babies. Its like i've been left behind you know?

Johan.... that sounds like messy drama.....


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Daenna wrote:

No offense but from pictures and random movie excerpts Edward Cullen looks sort of retarded. I don't find him attractive at all because he is not a man.

He's a douche.

Couldn't agree more. He's vomit inducing and yet hes shown off as such a good looker. *shudders* he makes Zac Effron look good hes so ugly. (Its not my fault i hate pretty boys..... Unless Christian Bale is considered a pretty boy....)

And i think i dislike muscled guys too. Has anyone tried to snuggle up and watch Star Wars with a guy thats all arms and chest and six pack abs? I can't believe that its comfortable.


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Ok I have an update. I was bored and pissy the other night and curiosity killed the cat.I broke down and watched the stupid movie of twilight. But everything I suspected was confirmed.

There are so many things wrong with it that its almost comical/kitchy. But the problem is they made it with a straight face. The story plays like moody high school outcasts fantasy story. ( If anyone if familiar with the writing style of that age group, they'd back me up on it. I used to be a real nerd and be editor of my high school's lit. magazine. I was "in" writing...) That means BAD and FULL of cliche. The acting is HORRIBLE. That chick has one expression.... mouth open like a fish. And The dude who plays Edward.... what a punk.(not in the music/fashion sort...) There is nothing logical to the plot OR the romance. Its bad even amongst romantic movies.  The best part that they had, aka the action and conflict with that other vampire guy... was rushed and added almost as an after thought.  That should have been the bulk of the movie.

So, now no one can say i speak with out trying.


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Well its easier to not rush things at 13 then at 25. I'm tired of waiting for my life to start, you know.

When i meant a chore, i meant like druggery, hating to do it. All relationships take work, that I know. But there are still some like thoughts and feelings there that push us to keep working at it. When its to the point where those feelings aren't there and its just pluggin along... well then thats what i meant. I hope any of that made sense.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

I'm an absolute Twilight hater.

This is totally me as well. Its for 'tweens. The darkness and angst... is all of the teenage variety. How can I tell, pray you,  if i have not suffered through it myself? Oh trust me. One does not need to get shot with a bullet to know that hurts.

I can't fathom how adults are fans of it either. Stephanie Myers never wrote anything before Twilight, and it came to her in a dream. Now mind you that alone doesn't make it bad. But when you see her product of sissy vampires... ones even Tom Cruise could beat up.... (heck even Kirsten Dunst could for that matter), well then you know she's just pathetic. The only problem is that a lot of people drank her kool-aid and is laughing all the way to the bank.

I second Fett_II's comment... they don't sparkle... or drink clamato juice tongue (I loved that episode smile )

Ha! Is that friend me? I loved playing that game (Too Human that is) and for some reason I haven't pick it back up in forever. I should do that.... I wonder if i could just start it over.... cause i forget almost all of it. (except Freya tongue)