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Well the dice leave it to chance. And is fair and equal to all. You can't get some of the sillier people joining in with super invincibility and having all the weapons. It makes for more balanced play.

I'm not sure about Bly. Its possible as he wouldn't be the first clone to be attracted to a twi'lek.

As to WHY i love Shaak Ti, she's very distinctive looking, and I love her fierceness and strength.  I love Juno Eclipse, simply because she's a Blonde Imperial. ( I am a Blonde Imperial) Its hard for woman in the Star Wars galaxy to NOT be strong and independent, by nature of the galaxy. It is a hard place. Only the strong survive.

Ah Comic Con's are SOOO much fun. You don't have to just focus on SDCC. I went to NYCC and that was amazing. Even slightly smaller ones like the one in Baltimore can be great. Join the 501st and you can get to  many places for free. And when you're in costume, no one questions anything you do. (Well really important costumes... Star Wars costumes... if you're going as some anime whatever... well i can't save you...) Don't wait next time then because I think y'all be pleasantly surprised.


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Hey drinking can be nice an fun when done right. I don't mean drunk or an alcoholic ok. Those things arent great.

You guys still all young!

I'm like a few months from crossing that line from... still young and ok to in school and single... to old fart/ spinster.


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Pets are bittersweet things. You love them, care for them, and often they love you. But you still end up saying good-bye, and it can be worse than with people. I used to have a guinea pig named Emerson ( ala Emerson Fitapalidi sorry if i spelled that wrong...) who up and passed a sunday morning a few weeks ago in June. I used to have a black and white Mini lop bunny:
Her name was Kiki short for Kirana Ti ( Oh yes we know what I was reading when I adopted her) I Loved her, but allergies kept us apart. She passed 3 sundays after Emerson.

So All that I have left is my Sydney. Hes a Pacific Parolett.  He says all sorts of things. Jedi being one of them... hes about 6 years old. This isn't MY Sydney... but what he looks like mostly. ( Although Syd'ika is CUTER and probably crazier... we call him psycho birdie and  now he says it too....) http://mysterypicklesparrots.com/Parrotlet%20-%20Baby%20Green%20Male.jpg


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I don't have a favorite right now! I'm so bored with like everything im hearing. Nothing excites me. Whats new and great? ( or old and great that I just don't know??)


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Yeah mel, and these are the ones ive been waiting to see!

http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo … amp;ref=nf

http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo … amp;ref=nf

Just some silly stuff at the beach today!


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See i have full and beyond respect for creating a full Mandalorian culture. Oddly enough it speaks to me in a way that my RL "culture". I haven't got to the Legacy series yet. I read so much SW and they just keep coming out with more its so hard to catch up. ( i found my love of the books late into my fandom.... only about 2004/5 maybe..... )


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I think that to qualify as a mod or elite you need to be active with the site no?


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Its nice that we have conscientious admins here to take care of that garbage and care enough to do so. Thanks. It makes it so much better to be here when we don't have to put up with that sort of waste.


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I want to know how you get to see so many movies so quickly. I have such a hard time of it!

I'll let you know what i think if i get to go. I doubt i'll get to, since i doubt there'll be anyone to go to this movie either.


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Oooh I'd get my very own clone wink Good times good time. Honestly I'm all for letting him choose his name. If  not maybe Kelvin.

When I first saw these I couldn't help but laugh. I already have a marble collection... (seriously... yeah ok i have a collecting problem ...)

Been looking for a Boba, haven't found anyone other than the Han Solo one really... and that just doesn't fit with the rest of my stuff.


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Dang. So many good ideas.... personally I'd just love to see Christian Bale... but thats just my personal Fantasy... having Bale be all Mando.... ooh . big_smile


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Well there were some things that just frustrated me to no end. Some things we're just impossible for me to do. And that *expletive deleted* star destroyer drove me to insanity. Personally I was expecting some thing different. Maybe I should play it again with a fresh mind? But i can see how some people would be disappointing.


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Very good 'ika! like the first stanza best.


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Terra wrote:
Sharra Fett wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:

If its the nicest guy they know the tend to make more positive remarks

I think I see a correlation there.

lol, indeed. Although they say bad boys attract women too, so...

It depends on the TYPE of bad boy. ( Oh yes they can be yummy) But girls really will go after the nice one. Just make sure if you like her that its not just friends like. Once you get too close as friends it then becomes weird to cross the line. And we talk for the benefit of all. I wish there was more talk about my ex before we started dating.


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Welcome one and all. Don't be shy!


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Hmmm if we're going for straight faves.... Definitely Shaak Ti. Juno Eclipse too. ( come on blonde imperial... have to love her wink ) I must admit this is hard because there are just so many ladies in the SW galaxy that appeal to my sensibilities. Rav Bralor is another one of mine. (Even named my car after her smile )


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Regimas wrote:

i have been with my girl for 2 and a half years now big_smile

Wow thats impressive. Kudos.


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Its different and that takes getting used to for me. ( I am too  much a creature of habit these days...) But i happen to agree with Miba's comments.


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It depends on where I'm shot. Shot in the shoulder, is a bit different from say getting shot in the chest or stomach. Plus if i am a Mandalorian, it matters because my Beskar'gam would protect many a vital location. A non fatal shot means do what you can, then try to get to relative safety. A fatal shot  would mean take as many with you as you can.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:
Everettj wrote:

Public school elementary school is good but once you get to high school the teachers just don't give a ****.

When you get to HIGH SCHOOL?! They're like that the moment you walk in the door on your very first day of school EVER.

Teachers don't start off jaded and careless. The system and experience make them that way.


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I know... this July will make it 2 years for me... its so funny how everything seems to have been yesterday, but now really wasn't.

I've heard these! The Ex sent them to me i believe in an attempt to... well who the Flip knows why.... but I laughed pretty hard.