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Gavren Zyloss- Sith Solider. Pilot of the Vendetta

Male Human, Born on Onderon, Trained on Korriban

Early thirties. Short shorn dark hair, Green eyes. Muscular-ish frame. Standard Sith Pilot's Uniform. Dark gray/green- tailored fitting. Carries pistol off right hip.

Gavren, thought that this current Sith Lord he was piloting, this....Darth Tibullus... was a fool. He did not enlist with the Sith to be a party to petty internal squabbling amongst the force users. He wanted to be a part of the grand ascension of the Sith Empire, to serve those that had the will to succeed and do what was necessary. He had heard too many stories of how his past family had served the Queen, and in turn the Jedi, only to their detriment. He was tired of blind loyalty to the Royals and the Jedi, who always served their interests first and not that of the people who bore the weight of their decision.  His family had suffered for so long under their weight. So to placed piloting this particular Sith Lord, was irritating to say the least. He showed too many qualities that reminded him of those he disdained to serve. Gavren also picked up that Tibullus felt the same way about him. It was amusing to say the least.  And now he had the chance to prove himself the better man by leading a successful expedition to find out what had happened at this particular academy outpost.

Gavren was surprised to hear that a different Sith Lord would also be joining the party. He was unaware of another Sith being on board the Vendetta. He hoped that this Lord would worthy of his respect and honor.

Gavren left the bridge and went to prepare the rest of the crew, gather a few supplies and set forth to explore. As much as he may have hated Darth Tibullus, he still knew better than incur the wrath of a Sith Lord.

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Unrest on Planet Belkest

Name: Deluin
Species: Kubaz Male
Appearance/description etc.: Cloak and goggles when on surface. Basic garb of the Kubaz. A regular miner in the hive.
Weapons: Mining tools.

Deluin was returning from the miner’s supply, where the Kubaz routinely purchased the things that needed to be brought in from off world. It would have been heresy and imprudent for the off-worlders and their ships to be allowed to dock with in the hive and its mine proper, but they were necessary in these times if they were going to survive. So the Kubaz had let in a few outsiders to do business with the colony. 

He was about half way back to his quarters in the hive with the rest of the miners when Deluin heard the shouts of a Kubaz youngling.  Three ruffians were literally dragging it from the main street. Some official looking guy, who and what, Deluin wasn’t sure, was walking away from the scene. He caught the eye of the official who was sneering with glee. 

It was too much.

Deluin grabbed his vibro-pick, dropping the other few supplies to the ground. He ran after the youngling, following the poor things cries for help. Deluin slammed right into the group of humans, and they fell to the ground. Shocked they let go of the Kubaz Youngling.

“Stay away from US!” He shouted at the men. “ Don’t come any closer!” But, to no avail, as  this was all in Kubazian. The humans let out a roar of contemptuous laughter as they got up from the dirt. The youngling scrambled behind Deluin, still on the ground, terrified and whimpering.

“This beast thinks he can better us!” More laughter. And the one in the middle took the two steps closer to Deluin, and shoved him backwards. “Ha you’re no match, filthy digger.”

While he might not have been able to speak the human’s words, he sure understood them.

“The only use you have,” the man continued, “is to….die.” His companions high fived behind him.

Deluin swung. As he removed his vibro-pick from the skull of the human, he let loose a loud noise. There was brain on Deluin’s goggles, and blood splattered all over the human’s companions. The was a dark pool staining the ground. Deluin swung again, and this time lodged the tool deep into the chest. Blood spurted up from the wound, all over Deluin.

Horrified the  two men, stood there, expressions of shock on their faces.  Finally it connected, and they turned and ran.

Deluin stood there a long moment, his chest heaving in anger and violence. Blood dripped off his face and goggles, only to land back on the body, dead, laying on the ground.  Finally he used his sleeve to wipe some of it off his face and goggles and turned to the youngling behind him.

“ It’s all ok now youngling. It is safe. You are safe.” Sensing the apprehension in the child, he continued on, “I didn’t want to have to kill him. But he would have killed you. He wanted all of Us dead.”  The youngling gave a look, and simple said. “I understand.”

“Lets get you back home.”  With that Deluin offered his hand to the child and it was accepted and so they walked back to the hive with out further incident.

((BRO  LOL! Thy be a woman ... The Duchess... Goddess SI tongue)) Im reworking.

Well I had a character and a post.... I was pleased. Excited. As per usual Dravage posted while I was literally working this post. Now its all moot. *Thanks!*

yeah I've heard them before, they're not bad. I think somewhere along the lines they were released on Cd maybe?

Anthony Daniels  did his vocal parts and more if I recall what I've seen on it. I was wondering where I could find it on the web.

I can't lie and say that everything is wonderful. Life has been mean to me a bit much lately. I've never been much of a topic creator in the first place. My thoughts are.... too odd for their own topics.

Reggi, is there something wrong with the 501st??

If stuff comes up I'll more than gladly post it. Like my upcoming armor. (and if you want to be bored by my art...)

Ah, and thus have time to do everything too...

point taken.

Ah looks like fun. Hurrah for the visor!
The skulls and bones really make your beskar'gam  unique. You must be a accomplished hunter with that many trophies!

501st is awesome. Trust me  wink big_smile

And to Fett_II you don't need to be a millionaire to costume. (Unless you want every single one ever... and have it be movie quality for every last one) It is very possible to be creative in their creation and construction and keep costs lower than one might expect. You might just have to be patient to get what you want at the right price. And you probably have to do some of it yourself. But that doesn't mean it is not possible! I am proof that it can be done!


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I love how you used actual materials! So much of everything is digital anymore, but I think that nothing can substitute the look and feel of real mediums. ( Not that digital is bad.) I did notice that the one drawing was oil pastel too, and I mean that in a good way. It has a warmth and color that is inherent in the pastels. Also I'm biased as they have been a favorite of mine my whole life.

My favorites out of the bunch is the first drawing, the fourth oil pastel and the last one, (i think that used the paint?). I like the balance in color.

You have a real talent, one that I wish I had.


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I know I'm not the one you seek, but If I come across anyone who has that skill I'll direct them your way.

Ps. Just because it's not a SW/ Fett project doesn't mean I'm not interested. I like the whole Steam Punk thing, the new take on a old thing. Steam Punk .... its the new goth! tongue Show this off when its done. smile ( Please?)


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I dont know if i was really gone, but I feel like I've been missing from EVERYTHING since like August so... I'm planning on being more here.:P

I've Met Peter too, twice. The 2nd time Ray Park was supposed to be joining the party ( it was at a 501st after con party), but he didn't end up making it.  Ive also met Tom Kane, who is the voice actor for Yoda most notably on the new Clone Wars. He was a super nice guy, very fun and surprised us with some of the character's he's voiced. (Like Tony the Tiger. Yeah I thought that was killer!)


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

I need a damn job.

Yeah i get that! ( I just need MONEY!)

I hate the state of NJ and all the red tape and money it takes to sorta survive here.

I hate college too. I learned that I am too old to be on campus any longer, AND that they don't know their butts from their hands. Took nearly 3 hours today to get a few pieces of the puzzle that is me trying to get registered and maybe graduate this century.

Opal glanced at the moonlight spilling languidly in through the old windows. In the ash and pale  light, the man on the other side of the room hadn't conceived of what was about to befall him. Opal had work to be done, and she needed all the strength and power she could muster. She would allow herself to feed again.

Alex couldn't believe his luck. A beautiful woman hitting on him? Sure he had flirted with many women in his time circling the bars in town, hoping one would actually take him up on his offer to his place. But this one, oh she was different. And a blonde at that. Oh did Alex have a weakness for the blondes. He couldn't believe his luck when she lightly moved up next to him standing at the bar, glancing around the room for girls. His housemate, Pat had already found one and was talking to her over in a booth on the other side.

"I'm Opal, can I buy you a drink?" she had said in quality that was unmistakable. He'd used it before. She wanted him bad. She played the game better than he did, and soon she was floating out the door and into the night with him, heading to his house.

Now in the dark and moonlight, he wasn't sure if he saw her at all. He looked over at her, and she seemed like a wisp of air and silver. "shake out of it Alex" he thought. " that's the Jack and coke talking." He smiled as she brought her pale face towards his.

Alex's smile drained away from his face, in shock and horror. She didn't kiss him as he thought she would. The pain was acute, swift and before his sex addled brain could register what was happening, it all went dark. The light was replaced by the safety and warmth of a swift death.

Opal stood tall as the body fell, drained of all blood. She felt stronger now. Strong enough to start down the only path she knew how to tread. Oh her love would have what he needed. She could feel the power of the amulet, even at this distance. It was calling to her, pulling her towards it. She reasoned on it. If she was feeling its pull, others would have to know of its importance by now. Secrets never stay as they should.

So Opal left the emaciated and lifeless body where it landed and she headed out into the moonlight. Heading the call of her master, in his service. Towards the amulet.

Yeah I really liked District 9. I thought it was actually a fresh thought to movies. And the effects were not cheesy. Any movie that can get an emotion besides "wow this is a stupid movie" out of me, is a success!

If we mean the Live action Avatar: last airbender movie..... by M. Night Shalaman.... My friend is in it. smile I'll be seeing it hoping to see him.

Im just curious about Cameron's Avatar.... like why is it taking so long?

Name: Opal
Species: Elder Vampire ( Mage)

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown….. Born in Rome during the rule of Constantine.

Appearance: To most she appears almost like a ghost. Pale skin, pale green eyes, nearly white long blonde hair. Wearing mostly long gossamer dresses, regardless of the situations.
( Hoping to still find Image… or create one.) This is unless she is accessing the dark arts, then she swallows all light around her, and becomes a beacon of darkness.

Weapons: Small dagger, concealed in her sleeves of her dress. 


Personality: Normally Opal is on the quiet side, not speaking unless there is a true benefit or reasoning to do so.  Doesn’t usually get involved in close combat, unless absolutely necessary. She is like a wisp of air, but can change at will.  Is full of rage smoldering beneath her surface. Unstable.

Time had ceased to mean anything. Opal walked and hunted for so long, that she had no past. She barely remembered her first name, and only because she recited it to herself over and over again. The hunt, that she knew well. It was all she knew, as the blood lust consumed her very being. She hunted and fed with out remorse. During the day she hid, and longed for more blood. Time passed, but she didn’t notice. Opal forgot even how she became this creature of the night, feasting on the blood of the living.

Until he arrived.

He gave her purpose, focus, and taught her things she never thought she could do. And in return she gave him undying loyalty.

It had been a long time since they last had held each other, but she knew it was all for the purpose. And now he had awoken.

It was time for actions once again.

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** I have a confidant Idea for joining this Rpg.., but i Don't want to Post Opal  with out having Mel's approval, as I don't want to screw up her plans.... No matter what Opal will be a Blonde Vampire chick. Save a spot for me.:) THanks! **


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

I think they're rather afraid that you'd steal their man away, lol. And I guess they'd feel rude of being affectionate in front of you, they don't want to make you feel even lonelier by showing off what you can't have. Wouldn't you feel a bit envious if they kept being all over each other while you're alone in your corner?

I hope we'll be five here on sunday. Could be interesting wink
I'll have to find a way to AVOID hanging myself by the phone all day saturday, lol.

I don't think they avoid so that they aren't too affectionate around me. BELIEVE me on this one.... I've seen so much BLATANT forced affection that i'm sure it was done with the intention of rubbing in my face. "This is what you could have had... but OH NO WAIT you don't"

I know! Talk to me all day saturday. There is much PLOTTING to do wink


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I really do respect the concept of marriage, and don't believe in living together. (My family would disown me in all likely hood if I were to go that route anyway.) And there really isn't a time restriction either, but I feel like after 3 years together that He'd know. But not my ex. I thought I knew after like a month, but things always are changing.

I've seen A LOT of "young" people get married. And get married FAST into their relationships. And those are indeed the couples who end up in trouble. I know my fair share now in my age group who are on marriage number 2. (at say 25/26) I wonder why do they deserve two chances at that when i haven't even had one engagement.

Really its less about desperation, to when I honestly feel ready and know myself enough so that I am fit for what a marriage is. Im ready for that lifestyle.

Single isn't fun either when everyone you come across is married. They avoid single people like it will rub off on them. "OH NO! I've caught the single!"


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There are never too many books to "get caught up on". Just read what you want when you have time. I haven't read Legacy or all of NJO yet, but that doesn't mean i never will.

Just because you've read someones work, Like Anderson's  doesn't mean that I have to like him. He's not my favorite.


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Thanks. It took a little bit of courage to post it.


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I know i don't feel quaified to give relationship advice. But I always tell this to guys. Being nice and talking to a girl is certainly the first step into romance. That lets you get close to her, with out feeling threatened.

Cin is right about having to respect from her. i know i won't date anyone i can't respect.

My status is more of the its complicated to the extreme, but hopeful. Its funny how sometimes you arrive at this place in your life, and you just feel like you need to be married. Thats where I am. And it may not just be for ONE person. (meaning i am not fixating solely on one person, i'm playing it safe after how many times my heart has been broken within the laat yearl.)


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This one's mine wink



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One doesn't need to isolate ones self to come up with original ideas. The true artist/writer/creator takes all that is around them and interpenetrate what they hear or see and blends them with whatever on earth is going on in their heads at the time and creates something new. How about artist colonies? Or the salon's of yore? It's always about feeding off of each other, nuturing the creative energies. Not that the only way to create is when involved in a group, but its one way.

Just because you want to write RD doesn't mean you HAVE to avoid KT's work just so you can come up with your own ideas. Maybe something she said will spark an even greater idea in your head, or clarify one you already had. I was taught in art school to look at work of the past, see what people have done before. Use what you like and don't like to hone your own personal style and point of view.

Oh, and just because some one HASN'T read the Legacy series, doesn't make them less of a fan. There are a lot of SW books out there, and if you throw in working, surviving, occasionally sleeping, and costuming, it is easy to not get to reading a few books.  I would love to get to Legacy, but there are only so many hours in the day. ( AND they keep releasing NEW books for me to lust after....) Doesn't make me less of a Fett Fan, SW Fan, or even a Fan of KT.

This is why the boards are so nice. I happen to fully disagree with McCoy and RD. I really LOVE the Commando series, and her whole writing style. Yes i know i haven't ready Legacy, but i have read more than my fair share of other SW books. Some are just poorly written in my opinion. Others try WAY too hard to sound smart (reference the Coruscant Nights series [there are 3], they have pretentious vocabulary) I personally can't stand Kevin J. Anderson's style. Barbara Hambly's mediocre at best. Zahn always comes up with a solid well written work. Traviss, just is smooth and I RARELY get that emotionally involved with characters, maybe even people in real life. It's funny because I think there are  a lot of relatable situations and character's in the Republic Commando books, even though its still set in that galaxy far far away.

The thing is everyone has their own idea of what it means to be Mandalorian. Each of us brings a different part to it. And that I think is part of what KT has made it out to be. So even as we disagree, we are Mandalorian. And there are some things that will always be the same, whether one is for KT's thoughts on Mandalorians or a different view point. Obi Wan Kenobi agrees that things can be one thing and  another thing at the same time. It all depends on that "certain point of view".

Ours is the same. Fett is good, Mandalorians are killer.


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I consider it forfit any way, so as long as i have the system requirements i will play. (And as long as i don't need a mouse, i plan on playing on my laptop in bed.... hopefully. I don't want to buy a 5th computer and a desk top at that to play this game.)