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I TOTALY agree and couldnt have said it better......well done.    and yes  i get the same feeling when i read them.......they are a very unique type of books and very enjoyable!!!

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Thanks Admin...........i have a question.  How do i ever get more stars and lose the name of new member?   

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I think Boba was a little dissapointed that he waz unable to carry out any revenge upon mace........i think it would have made a good scene though.....so   yes    i think that should have happened. (although that scene was that critical point where anakin had to make the choice, ya know)

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I dont know about you guys.....but i could never see too much mandalorian armor.  Different mandalorian clans would have different vehicles, insignia, and weapons.    Jet Warriors, Heavy Weapon Speacialists, Mando-Scouts, Swoop Squads, Stealth Warriors.............just throw some idea's out there. Ya never know.......our voices might eventually be heard!  big_smile
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Hello Everyone,    I was thinking about how much fun it would be......if someone created
a game that was all about mandalorians and how different clans fight!!!!!!  it would be totally awesome....what do you guys think??????

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Hello all,   i must say.....I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE THE BOOKS TRIPLE ZERO AND HARD CONTACT.........and whats even cooler ya'll.......in the back of the book     there is an index where you can find alot of AWESOME***** mandalorian words......everyone should get this book.....its in my top 3!!!!!!         
                                                Ke Nu'Jurkadir Sha Mando'ade!!!!!!!!
                                              (Don't mess with the mandalorians)   in mandalorian...lol

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draco fett wrote:

Finally, a sensible n00b smile .

Thanks.......i may be a noob on here    but im no stranger to real life and plain fact (also video-games)


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Hello all,    im going to cast my vote with the "Greatest Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy"......BOBA FETT*****    after all, boba has a waaaay better reputation and has alot of people in fear of him and wanting him dead. This MEAN GREEN FIGHTING MACHINE has easily risen above his fathers tallents and abilities. He also made some critical upgrades to the Slave 1.

                          vote: BOBA FETT***              by, MandalorianSpy9