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good question... I think if i'd try to answer I'd write a book... so I'll spare you guys...(try reading the Karen Travis books "Republic Commando", it'll shed some light on it)

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2 words...  JAR JAR...  nuff said



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Nar Shaddaa, the largest moon orbiting Nal Hutta, the largest "scum hole" in the galaxy yet a safe-haven and home for bounty hunters/pirates/mercenaries. Its one of the few places Han Solo feels at home, so I figured it would be a home to me too.



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WalonVau wrote:

Wookiee and Wiki aren't the most reliable source's of info.

Very True...for some reason I think I've seen it elsewhere though...hmmm

Oh, btw...Welcome to the forum WalonVau. Cool name, interesting character in the RC books. Sorry, back to topic...

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boba1138 wrote:

Thanks.....I think I'm gonna like it here. cool

You betcha will! Here's a big hearty "Welcome to the greatest forum in the universe"!!!!!!!! cool enjoy....



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Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

I have always liked his atittude and his manerisms, the way he acts and the wa he goes about buissness. I respect him for his moral views as they are simular to mine in many way. To be honest I see alot of myself in him as cheesy at it sounds. Just the person he is and what little we know about him that is.

Interesting CG! I don't think I've really ever thought about Fett characteristics that I might have. I think most of us try to incorporate them into how we normally think, but stuff that already exists...very interesting perspective. Seems like I'm hearing more and more new thoughts the more people join the Fett forum!

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I have to think that you can be a true jedi and rely on other weapons...even more than the lightsaber. Especially when I think of Etain in the Republic Commando book by KT... She was a jedi that carried a Conc-rifle into battle and felt like she was more effective with it than she was with her lightsaber sometimes. The jedi mostly only use lightsabers because of tradition and the belief that they are a more civilized weapon. But there's nothing that I've ever heard any jedi say that would make me think they have to ONLY use lightsabers... its just something that most of them are trained to do, in accordance with jedi tradition.

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Ralin, I'd have to give ya a 9/10. Your avatar would be the last thing a person saw after being vaped by the master. It screams..."I just blew your guts away...and there is nothing you can do about it, just know who done it."


Manji_Ninja wrote:

I think he means if Boba was a coward... if he was, then no, he wouldn't be the same person at all, not too mention a lousy bounty hunter. wink

DUDE! YOU SERIOUSLY ANSWERED THE QUESTION! AMAZING!!! (if he was a coward, he wouldn't be Boba Fett...he'd be only another hunk of disintegrated matter floating around space...especially being in the BH business) (so why answer this question again?)

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Hilary has the shifty eyes...I was watching her during a debate and she didn't focus on the person asking the question like the other candidates. Sorry but, all of my cop buddies and military friends tell me thats a sure sign that someone is lying, at least when you're interrogating someone. Am I surprised? Nope, she's a clinton...nuff said.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

More action wouldn’t ruin that.  It’s his mysterious side that shouldn’t be changed

I can see what you're saying. I agree with Sharpy though, another reason why I'm a Fett fan is because he is somewhat of a background character and I always tend to be intrigued by them often more than the main characters because you know so little about him. Thats sorta why I joined up on here...to find out more about Fett. If he had more screen time then I think that its possible that there wouldn't be as many people on here. Granted Fett is an interesting character in and of himself...so maybe there would be...idk.

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A little off subject?                                -BB*


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I'm with you Deskaryc Deroya

I have the pretty far out theory that his moral code was based on his Mandalorian upbringing.  But either, it's pretty common knowledge that he based his actions on some kind of moral/Honor code

who is "D"eskaryc "D"eroya....???                    OH NO!!!!!  A NEMESIS!!!!!!  cool

Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Maybe we'll see Boba in the T.V. series that was supposed to come out this year, and maybe we'll get our action.

Regardless, I like my movie Boba the way he is. If you want action, read a comic book. That's just me.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I realize that one reason I like Fett so much is that he's mysterious and you see him just enough to want more and wonder who the heck he is... too much action could kill that visual and an overload of action would hurt the character by letting us know too much about Fett... Anyone agree? Just a thought...

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Miba wrote:

I'm going for whoever the top democratic person is. I'd be happy if it were Clinton, but if not oh well.

...you don't sound very passionate about it... a simple "oh well" or "whatever" election could send this nation into a nose dive I think...


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Sweetness.....oooops, I think we've wandered from the subject a bit.

Here, my new years resolution this year will be......ummmmmm.....i know, GET MORE SLEEP!!!!

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Yo Werda Verd, sweet avatar!

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
cloneapart wrote:

My resolutions...hmmm...I think I'll stop procrastinating someday,



UNITE WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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cloneapart wrote:

BB- i like yours, a good 9/10, I'm hoping that my guess that it is sev is right.
Kaiza-yours is really neat too, 9/10
rate mine please big_smile

10/10 cloneapart.... I have that as my background on my laptop. Its one of the best commando pics. (yes, my avatar is sev)



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9/10 for sure... reminds me of his whole rotj scene on jabba's skiff.
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Sorry, but Fett... He would toast the jedi and eat him for lunch...its not like he hasn't taken them before.



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Fett takes them all... and comes away with only another scratch to his breastplate. Master Chief's dying words--- "Dude, I love your armor!" shzzzzank....there rolls his head. Samus rolls at Fett, Boba rolls a det. ---Samus fries after rolling over it and Fett simply remarks... "Not the first time I've smelled fried alien..." Fett just walks away...



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Unanimous... Bond get the girl... He also gets my vote... ahehehe

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I agree with the whole sit-down restaurant thing... Olive Garden maybe... one thing I do know is that he'd get a booth in the very back corner and would sit with his back against the wall where he could see everyone/everything that was going on.

They would study the picture for a couple of years and announce that Bigfoot was more advanced that earlier predicted. HE now carries a bow-like weapon and wears what appears to be an ammo strap! Run for your lives, the Bigfoot is here to destroy mankind...he's armed and dangerous!!!   (or at least it would go something like that)


The Cloner wrote:

I like the people here.

HECK YES!!!  One for the peeps...  Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!