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I like them both equally...nuff said.


Jetpack wins....no contest.



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cloneapart wrote:

Looks like we got a hardcore Boba fan, welcome to the site and happy posting big_smile


Yup, truth spoken... this guy's one of us!

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Werda Verd wrote:

yeah, i didn't notice the AT-TE right away either.....kinda felt dumb. but i had fun with it anyways. uber pwnage.

nice! lying about that would be gay, so i'll believe  you. no point in lying. hard to beleive, cus it was sooo tough at times, btw. definetly need a sequel

If anyone should be feeling dumb about that level...I should be. I beat the whole game and even when I went back later I forgot about the AT-TE until the third try...lol.

I've never used any of the cheats myself... I never found that I needed them. And yes I do that too, I'll take my time and go through a whole level with the sniper attachment just cause I like to use it that much.

Did anyone find the level where you're by yourself hard?  What was you guys favorite level?  Also, ANYBODY OUT THERE that plays RC on PC?

                                               Sev is still alive...       BB*  cool


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They're nice... the second one is my favorite. You're alot better than me, thats for sure... Post more when you get them done...



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Sev Fett wrote:

Mercedes.  Nothing to get terribly excited about...

tongue  jk.  It is retty nice.

Well if it was a Mustang or something (GT of course) then I'd be drooling.

Hey now...don't be jealous Sevy... pffft   Yeah those GTs are pretty nice. My uncle has a white stang with royal blue striped...i like it...

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I think the first three do a good job of portraying how Vader came to be...especially number 3. They did much better with the lightsaber battles than in the original trilogy. Uhhhhmmm   thats about all I can think of. There are plenty of things they did wrong with them...but I guess this isn't the thread that I should complain under. wink



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sweeeeet........ nice i must admit!


cloneapart wrote:

Most amazing game ever, only played it on PC (played it on Xbox at my friends house, but it was really hard for me to get used to the controls)  The game is extremely fun, seeing as how I love shooting games.  Have to say that the sniper is the best, although I like to get extremely close sometimes, and the wrist blades are pretty fun to use tongue  don't think Sev is dead, I'm just hoping that there will be another game that you can save him in. Hardest hostile would have to be near the end with the spider droids or the super battle droids, they can get pretty tuff at times.  Least favorite weapon would be the flash grenades, as I always managed to be in the way when they went off tongue 

Think thats it for now, I'll have to check out the multiplayer soon

The spider droids did seem to be difficult to kill throughout the game. Especially that time when it was just you and Scorch.

In my opinion I think Sev could've survived the invasion force and fought his way out of it. In the game, if you get out your sniper rifle and look to the left after getting off of the turret, you can see Sev still in his turret spinning in circles. lol.

                    COULD SEV HAVE SURVIVED?    i think yes...

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sounds good... and if you don't find what you're looking for here... there's like a million websites where you can find info about it. I wish I had time to make my own armor....one of these days (spoken like a true procrastinator)

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I drive a 95 toyota corolla... bluish green w/ tinted windows... hope to get better rims soon... an i'll try and post a pic when possible.
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I'm sure the republic elite's weapons ARE more effective. They just had to make them less so because its a game. Just like a Halo and other games of the sort, Republic Commando made the weapons weaker than real life. If you're looking for realistic...try a Tom Clancy game or something. BUT...if you're saying you just don't think they operate very well, I'd have to disagree. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have the one gun/ many attachments thing. Anyone?

Elite Beam weapon eh? I would've never guessed.... interesting.



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I think that would be under another thread...we're a bit off topic

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Hey Everyone...
                     I'm a big Republic Commando PC game fan and thought it would be nice to have a thread to discuss stuff about the game. Also I'd like to know who all on this forum plays multiplayer in the hopes that maybe we could either start a clan or just team up and play some.
Post on topics such as:

What is you favorite weapon in the game? (the one you like to use most)
What is your least favorite weapon?
Who's your favorite character in the game?
Do you think Sev really died?
What was the hardest hostile to defeat?
anything else about the game...etc. etc.

What name do you go by? (Multiplayer)
Favorite Map?  (Multiplayer)
Favorite game type? (Multiplayer)
Favorite custom armor type? (Multiplayer)
etc. etc. etc. etc.
To start us off, I'd like to express how ANNOYING AA (anti-armor) users are. Noobing has run rampant on some maps and it kills the fun of the game.

My Favorite Weapon = DC 17 Sniper Attachment      ---nothing like a good head shot! hehehe

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virulent_messiah wrote:

Dear people of the Boba Fett Fan Club beware of...

Spammers! LOL

watch those double posts man. Welcome to the club...

Yeah...lol. Welcome to the boards dude. Try to avoid double posts and we try as best as we can to stay on topic. Hope you enjoy yourself on the forum... If you're a Fett fan, you'll fit right in!

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Werda Verd wrote:

why padme or jar jar?

at the moment. Jacen Solo, by far.

explain what you mean by this?

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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

i hate starbucks, its too poplular, and im proud to say im from seattle, and have never been to one, then i moved where this only one in a 5 city radius

Starbucks being popular shouldn't give you any reason to hate it.
                                            BB* (not a coffee drinker)


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6 ft. tall...maybe slightly more, its been awhile since i've measured...



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Rate mine please...


Just givin' a holla & shout for Fettipedia!!!! Hip hip...hoooraahhhh!!!!!!!  Can't wait to get exploring...



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Welcome aboard Boba Zack... If you're a Fett fan, you'll fit right in here. See you around the board!



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Got a chuckle outa that one... Nothing like rubbing your butt on the face of your worst nightmare...rofl



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Boba Zach wrote:

What do I like best about Boba Fett?  He's like the Star Wars version of Clint Eastwood.  He dispenses justice quickly and efficiently, and doesn't waste too much time talking about it.  He's got his own grey set of morals, and he doesn't let anyone or anything compromise them.  If you look in the dictionary under badass you'll see Boba Fett's picture.

Welcome to the Fett forum, Boba Zack. Its good to see you know where to find Fett in the dictionary...I must agree that Fett would be found there...along with the link to this site.( + Aaron's name just under Fett's) Thanks for your feedback and looking forward to seeing your other posts on the forum!

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Dude...sucks for them. Perfect season then blowing it in the end. Ha ha



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Yeeeeeaaaahhhh GIANTS!!!! I still don't understand how Manning got out of that one scrape...everyone was groaning until he spun outa the tackle and threw that bomb...dude!